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 nakulá [ nakula ]

mfn. ( in spite of cf. Pāṇ. 6-3, 75 prob. not fr. na + kula ) of a partic. colour ( perhaps that of the ichneumon ) cf. TS. cf. RPrāt.

m. the Bengal mongoose or Viverra Ichneumon ( enemy of mice and of serpents from whose venom it protects itself by a medic. plant ; nākulī ). cf. AV. cf. MBh. etc.

a son cf. L.

a partic. musical instrument cf. Lalit.

N. of Śiva cf. L.

of a son of the Aśvins and Mādrī ( twin-brother of Saha-deva and fourth of the Pāṇḍu princes ) cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. Pur.

of a Vedic poet with the patr. Vāma-deva ( °vya ) or Vaiśvāmitra ( °lasya vāmadevasya prêṅkha m. N. of a Sāman ) cf. ĀrshBr.

of a physician ( author of a wk. on horses ) cf. Cat.

( ā ), f. N. of Śiva's wife cf. L.

( ī ), f. below

n. a myst. N. of the sound h cf. L.

nakulá-tva [ nakulatva ]

n. the state of an ichneumon cf. MBh.

nakulâdyā [ nakulAdyA ]

f. the ichneumon plant cf. L.

nakulândhatā [ nakulAndhatA ]


nakulândhya [ nakulAndhya ]

n. ' ichneumon-blindness ', a kind of disease of the eyes cf. Suśr.

nakulêśa [ nakuleza ]

v.l. for °lîśa ( below )

nakulêṣṭā [ nakuleSTA ]

or f. ' liked by the ichneumon ', a kind of medic. plant ( cf. above ) cf. L.

nakulêṣṭakā [ nakuleSTakA ]

f. ' liked by the ichneumon ', a kind of medic. plant ( cf. above ) cf. L.

nakuloṣṭhī [ nakuloSThI ]

f. ( in music ) a partic. stringed instrument