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 ni-√ dhā [ nidhA ]

√ 1. P. Ā. -dadhāti, -dhatte, to put or lay down , deposit, lay up, preserve ( Ā. for one's self )

to intrust, commit, present to ( dat. or loc. )

put into, fix in ( loc., or loc. with antár, or antar ifc. ) cf. RV. etc.

put or lay before a person ( dat. ) cf. KenUp.

( with bhūmau [ cf. Hit. ] or avaṭe [ cf. R. ] ) to bury

with śirasi, rarely °sā ) to esteem highly cf. R. cf. Kālid. cf. Pañc

( with dṛśam ) to fix the eyes upon ( loc. ) cf. Kathās

( with manas ) to fix or direct the thoughts upon or towards i.e. resolve, determine to ( dat. ) cf. Hariv.

( with manasi, °sā, or hṛdaye ) to keep in mind, bear in mind, remember, lay to heart cf. Kāv. cf. Pur.

( with hṛdayam ) to give one's heart to ( loc. )

( with ātmānam ) to intrust one's self to ( loc. ) cf. Kathās

( with kriyām ) to take pains with ( loc. ) cf. Hit.

( with karmaṇi ) to appoint a person to a work cf. Rājat

to keep down, restrain cf. Kāv. cf. Pur.

to end, close cf. ŚBr. : Pass. -dhīyate, to be put or laid down etc.

to be contained or situated or absorbed in, to rest in ( loc. ) cf. RV. cf. AV. etc. : Caus. -dhāpayati, to cause to be put or laid down etc. cf. Vait. cf. R. cf. Hcat.

to cause to be deposited or preserved cf. Mn. viii, 30

to lay up, preserve cf. Car.

to appoint cf. BhP. : Desid. -dhitsate, to intend to put down etc. cf. Naish. : Intens. nídedhyat ( ? ), to settle down cf. VS. cf. MaitrS.

ni-dhána [ nidhana ]

( for 1. col. 2 ), n. ( m. only cf. Hariv. 4846

g. ardharcâdi ) settling down, residence or place of residence, domicile, receptacle cf. AV. cf. Suśr. cf. BhP.

conclusion, end, death, destruction, loss, annihilation cf. Mn. cf. Var. cf. MBh. etc.

( in music ) the concluding passage of a Sāman which is sung in chorus

any finile cf. AV. cf. TS. cf. Br. etc.

N. of the 8th mansion cf. Var

race, family cf. L.

m. the head of a family cf. W.

( ā ), f. pl. N. of partic. verses or formulas cf. Kauś

-kāma n. N. of sev. Sāmans cf. TāṇḍBr. cf. Lāṭy

-kārin mfn. causing death, destroying cf. W.

-kriyā f. a funeral ceremony cf. Hariv.

-pati m. lord of the end or of destruction cf. TĀr.

-bhūta mfn. ( in music ) forming a finale cf. Lāṭy

-vat ( °dhána- ), mfn. having a finale cf. VS. cf. TāṇḍBr. etc.

-sūtra n. -sūtra-vṛtti f. N. of wks.

°nôttama m. N. of Śiva cf. R. 2

ni-dhā' [ nidhA ]

f. a net or snare cf. RV.

-pati ( °dhā'- ), m. possessor or bearer of snares cf. ib.

ni-dhātavya [ nidhAtavya ]

mfn. to be put down or deposited or concealed or delivered or directed towards cf. Mn. cf. MBh. etc.

ni-dhātṛ' [ nidhAtR ]

m. one who lays down i.e. imprints or leaves ( a footmark ) cf. RV. v, 30, 2

ni-dhātos [ nidhAtos ]

( ní- ), abl. inf. ( with ā ) to the end, until death cf. RV.

ni-dhā'na [ nidhAna ]

n. putting or laying down, depositing, keeping, preserving cf. KātyŚr. cf. MBh. etc.

laying aside ( cf. daṇḍa-n° )

placing ( the sacrificial fire ) cf. KātyŚr.

place for depositing anything, receptacle ( rarely m. ; ifc. f. ī ; garbha-n° ). cf. RV. etc.

a place of cessation or rest cf. W.

anything laid up, a store, hoard, treasure ( esp. the treasure or Kubera ) cf. Mn. cf. Mṛcch. cf. Ragh. etc. ( -tā f. cf. Jātakam. )

( ī ), f. N. of a formula cf. TBr. cf. ĀpŚr.

mfn. containing anything ( gen. ) in itself cf. TĀr.

-kumbha m. a pot or jar containing a treasure cf. Sāh

°nī-√ kṛ, to pile up cf. Hcar.

°nêśa m. ' lord of treasure ', a Yaksha cf. Śatr

ni-dhānaka [ nidhAnaka ]

mfn. g. ṛśyâdi

ni-dhānyá [ nidhAnya ]

mfn. fit for being laid or put down cf. RV.

ni-dhāpaka [ nidhApaka ]

m. ( fr. Caus. ) one who causes a weapon to be put down ( ? )

burnt timber


the castor oil plant cf. W.

ni-dhāpya [ nidhApya ]

ind. ( fr. Caus. ) having caused to be placed or fixed in, having installed or appointed cf. MW.

ni-dhāya [ nidhAya ]

ind. having fixed or placed in or on

with manasi, fixing or laying up in the mind

reflecting cf. Hit.

ni-dhāyam [ nidhAyam ]

See ghṛta-n°

ni-dhí [ nidhi ]

iu. setting down or serving up ( food, etc. ) cf. RV. i. 183, 4 etc.

the bottom of the Ukhā cf. ŚBr.

a place for deposits or storing up, a receptacle ( esp. apāṃ nidhi, of waters, the ocean, sea, also N. of a Sāman

kalānāṃ n°, the full moon ) cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

a store, hoard, treasure cf. RV. etc. ( in later language esp. the divine treasures belonging to Kubera, nine of which are enumerated, viz. Padma, Mahāpadma, Śaṅkha, Makara, Kacchapa, Mukunda, Nanda, Nīla and Kharva, they are also personified as attendants either of Kubera or of Lakshmī ; nidhi-datta and -pālita below ).

the sea cf. L.

( with daiva ) the science of chronology cf. ChUp. vii, 1, 2 ( Saṃk. )

N. of a partic. medic. plant ( = jīvikā ) cf. L.

a kind of perfume ( = nalikā ) cf. L.

-guhyakâdhipa m. ' lord of the treasures and Guhyakas ', Kubera cf. Kir. v, 20

-gopá m. guardian of treasure cf. ŚBr.

-datta m. N. of a merchant cf. Kathās

-dīpikā f. N. of wk.

-nātha m. ' lord of treasure ', N. of Kubera cf. L.

of an author cf. Cat.

-pa m. = -gopa cf. Mn. cf. MBh.

any guardian or protector ( as yajñasya, vedasya ) cf. ĀśvGṛ. i, 22, 21

-pati ( °dhí- ), m. lord of treasure cf. AV. cf. VS.

N. of Kubera cf. Hariv.

of a rich merchant cf. Vet

-pati-datta m. N. of a merchant cf. Daś

-pā' ( cf. AV. cf. TBr. ), -pāla ( cf. MBh. ), m. guardian of treasure

-pālita m. N. of a merchant cf. Daś

-prabhu m. lord of treasures, N. of Kubera cf. MW.

-bhṛt m. bearer of treasure, id. cf. Dharmaśarm

-mát mfn. containing treasure or forming a store, abundant cf. RV.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. consisting of treasure cf. Hcar.

-rāma m. N. of an author cf. Cat.

-vāda m. the art of finding treasure cf. Kād

-vāsa m. ' place of treasure ', N. of a town cf. L.

°dhîśa ( -tva n. cf. R. ), °dhîśvara ( cf. Dharmaśarm. ), m. ' lord of treasure ', N. of Kubera

°dhy-arthin mfn. seeking treasure cf. MW.

ni-dheya [ nidheya ]

mfn. to be placed in or on, to be deposited or kept or preserved cf. Hariv. cf. Car. etc.

nihita [ nihita ]

s.v. p. 564