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 nimitta [ nimitta ]

n. ( possibly connected with ni-√ mā above ) a butt, mark, target cf. MBh.

sign, omen cf. Mn. cf. Yājñ. cf. MBh. etc. ( cf. dur-n° )

cause, motive, ground, reason cf. Up. cf. Kap. cf. Var. cf. Mn. cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc. ( in all oblique cases = because of, on account of, cf. Pāṇ. 2-3, 23 cf. Pat.

mfn. ifc. caused or occasioned by

°ttaṃ√ yā, to be the cause of anything cf. Kād. )

( in phil. ) instrumental or efficient cause ( opp. to upâdāna, the operative or material cause ) cf. Vedântas. cf. Bhāshāp

= āgantu



parvan cf. L.

nimitta-kāraṇa [ nimittakAraNa ]

n. instrumental or efficient cause ( esp. the Deity as the agent in creation ) cf. W.

-tā f. cf. MW.

nimitta-kāla [ nimittakAla ]

m. the period or moment of time which may be regarded as causing any event

-tā f. KāṭyŚr. cf. Sch.

nimitta-kṛt [ nimittakRt ]

m. ' omen-maker ', a crow, raven cf. L.

nimitta-jña [ nimittajJa ]

mfn. acquainted with omens cf. MW.

nimitta-jñāna [ nimittajJAna ]

n. ' knowledge of omens or signs ', N. of ch. of the Kāma-sūtra by Vātsyāyana

cf. RTL. 397

nimitta-tā [ nimittatA ]

f. ( in phil. ) the state of being a cause, causality, instrumentality

nimitta-tva [ nimittatva ]

n. ( in phil. ) the state of being a cause, causality, instrumentality

nimitta-dharma [ nimittadharma ]

m. expiation, any occasional or special penance or rite or obligation cf. W.

nimitta-nidāna [ nimittanidAna ]

n. N. of wk.

nimitta-nimittin [ nimittanimittin ]

mfn. operating and operated upon cf. Sch. on P. viii, 3, 9

nimitta-naimittika [ nimittanaimittika ]

n. du. cause and effect cf. Śak. vii, 30

nimitta-bhūta [ nimittabhUta ]

mfn. become or being a cause or reason or means cf. MW.

nimitta-mātra [ nimittamAtra ]

n. the mere efficient cause or instrument cf. Bhag. cf. Veṇis

nimitta-vid [ nimittavid ]

m. ' omen-knower ', an astrologer cf. L.

nimitta-vedhin [ nimittavedhin ]

mfn. hitting a mark cf. MBh.

nimitta-saptamī [ nimittasaptamI ]

f. a seventh case ( locative ) indicating the cause or motive cf. Kāś. on cf. Pāṇ. 1-1, 57

nimitta-hetu [ nimittahetu ]

m. the efficient cause

-tva n. cf. Bhāshāp

nimittâyus [ nimittAyus ]

mfn. one whose age is dependent on some cause cf. MBh.

nimittârtha [ nimittArtha ]

m. ( in gram. ) the infinitive mood cf. MW.

nimittâvṛ'tti [ nimittAvRtti ]

f. dependence upon a special cause or occasion cf. W.

nimittâvêkṣa [ nimittAvekSa ]

mfn. considering the cause, ĀPGṛ.