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 ni-√ rūp [ nirUp ]

P. -rūpayati, to perform, represent on the stage, act, gesticulate, indicate or exhibit by gestures ( e.g. ratha- vegam, the swiftness of a carriage

vṛkṣa-secanam, the watering of a tree cf. Śak. )

to perceive, notice, find out, ascertain cf. Hariv. cf. Kāv. etc.

to investigate, examine, search, try, consider, reflect upon cf. Kāv. cf. Suśr. cf. Sarvad. etc.

to state, define cf. Pañc. cf. Pur. cf. Śaṃk

to select, choose, appoint as ( double acc. ), appoint to ( loc., lat. or inf. ) cf. Kāv. cf. Pañc. etc.

ni-rūpaka [ nirUpaka ]

mfn. observing, observer cf. Śaṃk

= next mfn. cf. TPrāt. cf. Sch.

ni-rūpaṇa [ nirUpaNa ]

mfn. stating, determining, defining ( ifc. ), ch. of cf. Sāh

( ā ), f. the act of stating etc. cf. Śaṃk

n. id. cf. Pur. cf. Śaṃk. cf. Kull

looking into, searching, investigation, examination cf. Sarvad

sight, appearance, form, shape cf. MBh.

ni-rūpaṇīya [ nirUpaNIya ]

mfn. to be looked for or discussed or investigated etc. cf. W.

ni-rūpayitavya [ nirUpayitavya ]

mfn. to be ascertained or determined cf. BhP.

ni-√ rūpita [ nirUpita ]

mfn. seen, observed, considered, weighed, discovered, ascertained, determined, defined cf. Kāv. cf. Pur. etc.

appointed, elected, chosen cf. BhP. cf. Pañc

pointed against, shot off cf. BhP.

n. the state of having been discussed or ascertained cf. Hcat

ni-rūpiti [ nirUpiti ]

f. statement, definition cf. Śaṃk. 1

ni-rūpya [ nirUpya ]

1 ind. performing, acting, gesticulating cf. Śak

having seen, considered etc. 2.

ni-rūpya [ nirUpya ]

2 mfn. to be seen or defined or ascertained cf. MBh.

not yet certain, questionable cf. Vām

-tā f. -tva n. cf. W.