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 nir-√ gam [ nirgam ]

P. -gacchati ( Subj. -gamāṇi pf. p. - jaganvān cf. RV.

ind. p. -gatya cf. MBh. etc., -gamya cf. MārkP. ), to go out, come forth ( often with bahis ), depart from ( abl. ), set out, start cf. RV. etc.

to come out or appear ( as a bud ) cf. Śak

to go away, disappear cf. Rājat. cf. Pañc

to enter into any state, undergo ( acc. ) cf. MBh.

( with nidrām ) to fall asleep cf. Kathās. : Caus. gamayati -, to cause or order to set out cf. BhP. : Desid. jigamiṣate, -to wish to set out cf. ib.

nir-ga [ nirga ]

m. a country, region, district, province cf. L. ( cf. Pāṇ. 3-2, 48 cf. Vārtt. 4 cf. Pat. )

nir-gata [ nirgata ]

mfn. gone out, come forth ( with abl. or ifc. ; Pāṇ. 2-1, 37 cf. Pat. )., appeared, become visible cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

disappeared, extinct cf. Rājat. cf. Vedântas

freed from ( abl. ) cf. L.

-nikhila-kalmaṣa-tā f. the state of being entirely freed from sin cf. Vedântas

-viśaṅka mfn. freed from fear, fearless cf. Pañc.

nir-gama [ nirgama ]

m. going forth, setting out, departure cf. Var. cf. R. etc.

escaping from ( abl. ) cf. Vedântas

disappearing, vanishing, cessation, end cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. cf. Suśr. etc.

exit, issue, outlet cf. R. cf. Pañc

a door cf. L.

export-place ( of goods ) cf. Mn. viii, 401 ( opp. ā-gama )

nir-gamana [ nirgamana ]

n. going out, coming forth from ( comp. ) cf. MBh. cf. Var

issue, outlet, a door cf. L.