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 pīṭha [ pITha ]

n. ( rarely ii, f. possibly corrupted fr. pi-sad, to sit upon ) a stool, seat , chair, bench, GṛŚ. MBh. etc.

a religious student's seat ( made properly of Kuśa grass ) W.

case, pedestal ( esp. of an idol ) Rājat. Var. Sch.

royal seat, throne RāmatUp.

place, office ( cf. pīṭhâdhikāra )

N. of various temples ( erected on the 5 1 spots where the limbs of Pārvatī fell after she had been cut to pieces by the discus of Viṣṇu ) L.

a district, province Pañc

a partic. posture in sitting Cat.

( in geom. ) the complement of a segment Col.

m. a kind of fish L.

the sun Gal.

N. of an Asura MBh.

of a minister of Kaṃsa Hariv.

pīṭha-keli [ pIThakeli ]

m. a male confidant, parasite L.

pīṭha-ga [ pIThaga ]

m. moving about in a wheel-chair, lame, crippled MBh.

pīṭha-garbha [ pIThagarbha ]

m. the cavity in the pedestal of an idol Var. Sch.

pīṭha-cakra [ pIThacakra ]

n. a chariot with a seat AśvGṛ.

pīṭha-cintāmaṇi [ pIThacintAmaNi ]

m. N. of wk.

pīṭha-nāyikā [ pIThanAyikA ]

f. a girl of four at the festival of that goddess L.

pīṭha-nirūpaṇa [ pIThanirUpaNa ]

n. N. of wk.

pīṭha-nirṇaya [ pIThanirNaya ]

m. N. of wk.

pīṭha-nyāsa [ pIThanyAsa ]

m. N. of a partic. mystical ceremony Tantras

pīṭha-bhū [ pIThabhU ]

f. a basis, basement L.

pīṭha-marda [ pIThamarda ]

mfn. very impudent L.

m. a companion, parasite MBh. iv, 674 ( = rājapriya Nīlak. )

the companion of the hero of a drama in any great enterprise Daśar. Sāh

a dancing master who teaches courtesans L.

( ikā ), f. a lady who assists the heroine of a drama in securing her lover Mālav. 13/14

pīṭha-lakṣaṇa [ pIThalakSaNa ]

n. N. of wk.

pīṭha-vivara [ pIThavivara ]

m. = -garbha Var. Sch.

pīṭha-śakti-nirṇaya [ pIThazaktinirNaya ]

m. N. of wk.

pīṭha-sarpa [ pIThasarpa ]

( MBh. Nīlak. ' a boa ' ),

pīṭha-sarpín [ pIThasarpin ]

( VS. ), mfn. = -ga

pīṭha-sūtra [ pIThasUtra ]

n. N. of wk.

pīṭha-sthāna [ pIThasthAna ]

n. N. of a city ( = prati-ṣṭhāna ) Siṉhâs

pīṭhâdhikāra [ pIThAdhikAra ]

m. appointment to a place or office Rājat

pīṭhôpapāli [ pIThopapAli ]

mfn. one whose ear lobes have been entirely cut off Suśr.