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pūrṇá [ pUrNa ]

mfn. filled, full, filled with or full of ( instr. or gen. or comp. ) RV. etc.

abundant, rich Kāv

fulfilled, finished, accomplished, ended, past ŚāṅkhGṛ. MBh. R. etc.

concluded ( as a treaty ), Rajat

complete, all, entire SāṅkhBr. Mn. MBh. etc.

satisfied, contented R.

( ifc. ) perfectly familiar with Hcat

drawn, bent to the full ( as a bow ) MBh. Hariv.

( in augury ) full-sounding, sonorous and auspicious ( said of the cry of birds and beasts, opp. to dīpta, q.v. )

uttering this cry VarBṛS.

strong, capable, able L.

selfish, self-indulgent W.

m. a partic. form of the sun Cat.

a kind of tree R.

( in music ) a partic. measure

N. of a Nāga MBh.

of a Deva-gandharva ib.

of a Buddhist ascetic Lalit.

( ā ), f. N. of the 15th Kalā of the month BrahmaP.

of the 5th, 10th and : 15th Tithis Var

N. of a woman Vet

( with Śiktas ) of an authoress of Mantras Cat.

of 2 rivers VP.

ii. fulness, plenty, abundance AV. TS.

water Naigh. i, 12

the cipher or figure o Gaṇit

pūrṇá-kaṃsa [ pUrNakaMsa ]

m. a full cup L.

pūrṇá-kakud [ pUrNakakud ]

mfn. ' full-humped ' humpbacked Pāṇ. 5- 4, 146 Sch.

pūrṇá-kākud [ pUrNakAkud ]

or mfn. Pāṇ. 5-4, 149

pūrṇá-kākuda [ pUrNakAkuda ]

mfn. Pāṇ. 5-4, 149

pūrṇá-kāma [ pUrNakAma ]

mfn. one whose wishes are fulfilled, satisfied Mcar.

-tā f. MārkP.

pūrṇá-kāraṇa [ pUrNakAraNa ]

mfn. ( ifc. ) fulfilling, satisfying BrahmaP.

pūrṇá-kuṭa [ pUrNakuTa ]

m. a partic. class of birds Var

pūrṇá-kumbha [ pUrNakumbha ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) a full cup or jar, ( esp. ) a cup full of water ( also with apām ) Mn. Ragh.

a cup filled with holy water and used at the consecration of a king W.

a partic. mode of fighting MBh.

N. of a Dānava Hariv. ( v.l. kumbha-karṇa )

m. or n. a hole ( in a wall ) of the shape of a water-jar Mṛcch

mf ( ā ) n. having a full pitcher ŚāṅkhŚr.

pūrṇá-kośā [ pUrNakozA ]

f. ' having a full pod ', a species of plant Var

pūrṇá-koṣṭhā [ pUrNakoSThA ]

f. a species of Cyperus L.

pūrṇá-kha [ pUrNakha ]

mfn. ( prob. ) having its axle-hole well greased ( said of a waggon ), SaṃhitUp.

pūrṇá-gabhasti [ pUrNagabhasti ]

( pūrṇá- ), mfn. one whose arms or hands are full ( of wealth ) RV.

pūrṇá-garbha [ pUrNagarbha ]

mf ( ā ) n. one whose interior is well-filled Bhpr.

( ā ), f. pregnant, ready to bring forth MW.

pūrṇá-giri [ pUrNagiri ]

m. N. of a place Cat.

pūrṇá-candra [ pUrNacandra ]

m. the full moon MBh. R.

N. of a Bodhi-sattva Buddh.

of an author Cat.

-nibhânana mf ( ā ) n. having a face like the full moon Nal

-prâyaścitta. prakaraṇa n. N. of wk.

-prabhā f. the lustre of the full moon MW.

pūrṇá-cāttra [ pUrNacAttra ]

n. a spindle wound round with yarn Gobh

pūrṇá-tā [ pUrNatA ]

f. ( Hariv. ) and n. ( Kathās. ) fulness

pūrṇá-tva [ pUrNatva ]

n. ( Kathās. ) fulness

pūrṇá-tūṇa [ pUrNatUNa ]

mfn. full-quivered, having the quiver full MW.

pūrṇá-darvá [ pUrNadarva ]

n. a ceremony with a full ladle ŚBr. ŚāṅkhŚr. ( v.l. °vya )

pūrṇá-deva [ pUrNadeva ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

pūrṇá-dharma [ pUrNadharma ]

m. w, r. for pūrta-dh° ( below )

pūrṇá-parvêndu [ pUrNaparvendu ]

f. the day of full moon A.

pūrṇá-pātrá [ pUrNapAtra ]

m. n. a full vessel or cup, as much as will fill a vessel, a cupful ( as a measure of capacity properly 256 handfuls of rice ) ŚBr. TBr. GṛŚrS. ( also ī f. ŚaṅkhGṛ. )

n. a vessel full of rice presented at a sacrifice to the superintending and officiating priests W.

a vessel filled with valuable things to be distributed as presents ( esp. a present made to any one who brings good news ), Mālatīm. Kād. Hcar.

-pratibhaṭa mfn. emulating the fullness or a full vessel i.e. overflowing, supreme ( as glory ) Rājat

-maya mf ( ī ) n. consisting of a full vessel, amounting to a full vessel or to only so much ( as a speech ) MBh. Kathās

-vṛttya ind. after the manner of a full vessel, plentifully , abundantly, Mālatīm

pūrṇá-purī [ pUrNapurI ]

m. N. of a scholar Cat.

pūrṇá-puruṣârtha-candra [ pUrNapuruSArthacandra ]

m. or n. N. of a drama

pūrṇá-prakāśa [ pUrNaprakAza ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

pūrṇá-prajña [ pUrNaprajJa ]

m. N. of Madhva ( also called Madhya- mandira ), and of his adherents Sarvad. ( cf. IW. 118 ; 119 )

-darśana n. N. of ch. of Sarvad

pūrṇá-bandhura [ pUrNabandhura ]

for -vandhura VS.

pūrṇá-bīja [ pUrNabIja ]

m. a citron L.

pūrṇá-bhadra [ pUrNabhadra ]

m. N. of a serpent-demon MBh.

of the father of the Yaksha Hari-keśa, Skandap

of several men Hariv. Daś

of a scholar ( who revised the Pañcasantra in 1514 ) Cat.

pūrṇá-bhedinī [ pUrNabhedinI ]

f. a species of plant L.

pūrṇá-maṇḍala [ pUrNamaNDala ]

n. a full circle Cat.

pūrṇá-mā [ pUrNamA ]

f. full-moon ( day ) L.

pūrṇá-mānasa [ pUrNamAnasa ]

mfn. having a satisfied mind, contented R.

pūrṇá-mās [ pUrNamAs ]

( pūrṇá- ), m. full moon ŚBr.

pūrṇá-māsa [ pUrNamAsa ]

( pūrṇá- ), m. full moon

a ceremony on the day of full moon TS. Br. MBh. etc.

full moon personified as son of Dhātṛ and Anumati BhP.

N. of a son of Kṛshṇa BhP.

( ī ), f. = pūrṇa-mā ĀpŚr. Comm.

pūrṇá-mukta [ pUrNamukta ]

mfn. shot from a bow completely bent ( as an arrow ) R.

pūrṇá-mukha [ pUrNamukha ]

n. a full mouth

instr. ( blowing ) with full cheeks MānŚr.

m. a species of bird R.

N. of a serpent-demon MBh.

pūrṇá-muṣṭi [ pUrNamuSTi ]

mf. a handful, ŚaṅkhGṛ.

pūrṇá-maitrāyaṇī-putra [ pUrNamaitrAyaNIputra ]

m. N. of a man Buddh.

pūrṇá-yoga [ pUrNayoga ]

m. a partic. mode of fighting MBh.

pūrṇá-yauvana [ pUrNayauvana ]

mfn. one whose youth is in full vigour Daś

pūrṇá-ratha [ pUrNaratha ]

m. a complete warrior Kathās

pūrṇá-lakṣmīka [ pUrNalakSmIka ]

mfn. full of magnificence or wealth Kathās

pūrṇá-vandhura [ pUrNavandhura ]

( pūrṇá- ), mfn. having the chariot-seat filled RV.

pūrṇá-vapus [ pUrNavapus ]

mfn. full-bodied ', full ( the moon ) MBh.

pūrṇá-varman [ pUrNavarman ]

m. N. of a man Buddh.

pūrṇá-viṃśativarṣa [ pUrNaviMzativarSa ]

mfn. full 20 years old Mn.

pūrṇá-víghana [ pUrNavighana ]

mfn. full but not hard ( ? ) ŚāṅkhGṛ.

pūrṇá-vaināśika [ pUrNavainAzika ]

mfn. maintaining the doctrine of absolute annihilation

m. pl. N. of Buddhists ( = sarva-vaisāśika ) Col.

pūrṇá-śakti [ pUrNazakti ]

f. ' Full energy ', N. of a partic. form of Rādhā W. ( cf. RTL. 187 )

-mat mfn. possessing that Energy ( Kṛshṇa ) ib.

pūrṇá-śrī [ pUrNazrI ]

mfn. having fullness of fortune Subh

pūrṇá-śruti [ pUrNazruti ]

mfn. having the ears filled MW.

pūrṇá-samaya [ pUrNasamaya ]

m. N. of a Kshapaṇaka Cat.

pūrṇá-sena [ pUrNasena ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

pūrṇá-saugandha [ pUrNasaugandha ]

m. N. of a man L.

pūrṇá-sruva [ pUrNasruva ]

m. a full ladle called sruva MānŚr.

pūrṇá-homa [ pUrNahoma ]

m. = pūrṇâhuti Gobh. Kaut. Vait

pūrṇâkṣa [ pUrNAkSa ]

and m. N. of a Maudgalya Car.

pūrṇâkṣya [ pUrNAkSya ]

( l ), m. N. of a Maudgalya Car.

pūrṇâṅka [ pUrNAGka ]

m. ' a full figure or number ', an integer MW.

-gaṇita n. arithmetic of integers MW.

pūrṇâṅgada [ pUrNAGgada ]

m. N. of a serpent-demon MBh.

pūrṇâñjali [ pUrNAJjali ]

m. ' full Añjali ' two handfuls, Kauś '

pūrṇânaka [ pUrNAnaka ]

n. ' full drum ', a partic. drum L.

the sound of a drum L.

clothes and garlands presented to friends at a feast ( v.l. pūrṇālaka ; pūrṇa-pātra ). L.

a vessel L.

a moon-beam L.

pūrṇā-nadī [ pUrNAnadI ]

f. N. of a sacred river MW.

pūrṇânanda [ pUrNAnanda ]

m. full delight, RamatUp.

N. of the Supreme Being A.

of sev. authors ( also -tīrtha, -nātha, -sarasvatī etc. ) Cat.

-prabaudha m. N. of wk.

pūrṇâpūrṇa [ pUrNApUrNa ]

mfn. full and not full Pañcat

pūrṇâbhilāṣa [ pUrNAbhilASa ]

mfn. one whose wishes are fulfilled, satisfied, contented MW.

pūrṇâbhiṣikta [ pUrNAbhiSikta ]

m. pl. a partic. sect of the Śāktas W.

pūrṇâbhiṣeka [ pUrNAbhiSeka ]

m. a partic. ceremony among the Śāktas W.

-paddhati f. N. of wk.

pūrṇâbhra-rasa [ pUrNAbhrarasa ]

m. a partic. medicament, Rasendrac

pūrṇâmṛta [ pUrNAmRta ]

mfn. full of nectar

( ā ), f. N. of the 16th Kala of the moon BrahmaP.

°tâṃśu-vadana mfn. having a face like the full moon Kathās

pūrnâyata [ pUrnAyata ]

n. a completely bent bow Hariv.

pūrṇâyus [ pUrNAyus ]

m. N. of a Gandharva MBh. Hariv. ( v.l. ūrṇāyu )

pūrṇârtha [ pUrNArtha ]

mfn. one who has attained his object, whose wishes have been realized BhP.

pūrṇâvatāra [ pUrNAvatAra ]

m. N. of the 4th, 7th and 8th incarnations of Viṣṇu A.

pūrṇâśā [ pUrNAzA ]

f. N. of a river MBh. ( v.l. parṇâśā )

pūrṇâśrama [ pUrNAzrama ]

m. N. of an author, °mīya n. his wk.

pūrṇâhutí [ pUrNAhuti ]

f. ' complete oblation ', an offering made with a full ladle Br. GṛŚrS. MBh. Rājat. ( °tika mfn. relating to it KātyŚr. Sch. )

-prayoga m. -mantra m. pl. N. of wks.

pūrṇêccha [ pUrNeccha ]

mfn. one whose wishes have been realized Kathās

pūrṇêndu [ pUrNendu ]

m. the full moon Kāv. Kathās. etc.

-bimbânana mfn. having a face like a full moon MW.

-rasa m. a partic. medicament Rasar

-vadana mfn. having a face like a full moon MW.

pūrṇêśa [ pUrNeza ]

m. N. of an author ( °ī f. of an authoress ) of Mantras among Śāktas Cat.

pūrṇôtkaṭa [ pUrNotkaTa ]

m. N. of a mountain MārkP.

purṇôtsaṅga [ purNotsaGga ]

mf ( ā ) n. far advanced in pregnancy MBh. ( v.l. putrôtsaṅgā )

m. N. of a prince VP.

pūrṇôda [ pUrNoda ]

nif ( ā ) n. having a full bed ( as a river ) R.

pūrṇôdarā [ pUrNodarA ]

f. N. of a deity Cat.

pūrṇôpamā [ pUrNopamA ]

f. a complete comparison ( containing the four requisites upamāna, upameya. sādhāraṇa-dharma, and upamā-vācaka or sādṛśya-pratipādaka

opp. to luptâpamā ) Kpr. Kuval. Pratāp