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paṭala [ paTala ]

n. ( and rarely ī f. ) a roof, thatch Var

a veil, cover Kāv. Pur. Sāh. ( ifc. f. ā )

a basket, chest, box Bālar

a heap, mass, multitude ( esp. in comp. with a word denoting ' cloud ' ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

n. or m. an enclosing or surrounding skin or membrane ( esp. of the eyes ), a film over the eyes, cataract etc. Suśr. Kāraṇḍ

a chip, piece, portion Kād

a section or chapter of a book ( esp. of RPrāt. )

n. train, retinue L.

a ( sectarian or ornamental ) mark on the forehead or other parts of the body with sandal-wood L.

m. v.l. for paṭara ( See above )

mf. a tree or a stalk ( vṛkṣa v.l. vṛnta ) L.

paṭala-prânta [ paTalaprAnta ]

m. the edge of a roof. L.

paṭalâṃśuka [ paTalAMzuka ]

m. the cover of the veil ( of darkness ), Śāh

paṭalânta [ paTalAnta ]

m. = °la-prânta L.