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 padma [ padma ]

m. n. ( 2. or 3. pad ? ) a lotus ( esp. the flower of the lotus-plant Nelumbium Speciosum which closes towards evening

often confounded with the water-lily or Nymphaea Alba ) MBh. Kāv. etc. ( ifc. f. ā )

the form or figure of a lotus R. MārkP. ( a N. given by the Tāntrikas to the 6 divisions of the upper part of the body called Cakras, q.v. )

a partic. mark or mole on the human body R.

red or coloured marks on the face or trunk of an elephant L.

a partic. part of a column or pillar Var

a kind of temple ib.

an army arrayed in the form of a lotus Mn. MBh.

a partic. posture of the body in religious meditation, Ved^ant. ( cf. padmâsana )

a kind of coitus L.

one of the 9 treasures of Kubera ( also personified ) R.

one of the 8 treasures connected with the magical art called Padminī MBh. Hariv. etc.

a partic. high number ( 1000 millions or billions ) MBh. R. etc.

a partic. constellation Var

N. of a partic. cold hell Buddh.

a partic. fragrant substance MBh. ( v.l. °maka )

the root of Nelumbium Speciosum L.

a species of bdellium L.

lead L.

m. a species of plant L.

an elephant L.

a species of serpent Suśr.

N. of Rāma ( son of Daśa-ratha ) Śatr

of two serpent-demons MBh. R. etc.

of one of the attendants of Skanda MBh.

of a mythical Buddha MWB. 136, n. 1

( with Jainas ) N. of the 9th Cakra-vartin in Bhārata and of one of the 9 white Balas

N. of a king MBh.

of a prince of Kaśmīra ( founder of Padma-pura and of a temple

See padma-svāmin ) Rājat

of another man ib.

of a Brāhman Lalit.

of a mythical elephant R. ( cf. mahā-padma )

of a monkey R.

of a mountain Var

( ā ), f. ' the lotus-hued one ', N. of Śrī Mn. MBh. etc. ( cf. padma-śrī )

a species of plant Suśr. ( Clerodendrum Siphorantus or Hibiscus Mutabilis L. )

cloves L.

the flower of Carthamus Tinctoria L.

N. of the mother of Muni-suvrata ( the 20th Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī ) L.

of a female serpent-demon ( = the goddess Manasā, wife of the sage Jarat-kāru ; padma-priyā ). L.

of a daughter of king Bṛhadratha and wife of Kalki Pur.

mfn. lotus-hued, being of the colour of a lotus ṢaḍvBr.

padma-kandâda [ padmakandAda ]

m. a species of bird Gal.

padma-kara [ padmakara ]

m. a lotus-like hand BhP.

mf ( ā ) n. lotus in hand Prab

m. N. of the sun W.

( ā ), f. N. of Śrī BhP.

padma-karkaṭī [ padmakarkaTI ]

f. lotus-seed L.

padma-karṇika [ padmakarNika ]

m. or n. ( ? ) and f. the pericarp of a lotus or the central part of an army arrayed in that form MBh.

padma-karṇikā [ padmakarNikA ]

f. the pericarp of a lotus or the central part of an army arrayed in that form MBh.

( ā ), f. N. of a Sur^aṅganā Siṉhâs

padma-kalikā [ padmakalikA ]

f. an unblown lotus MW.

padma-kalyāṇa-khaṇḍa [ padmakalyANakhaNDa ]

n. N. of ch. of a Pur.

padma-kāṣṭha [ padmakASTha ]

n. the wood of Cerasus Puddum L.

padma-kīṭa [ padmakITa ]

m. a species of venomous insect Suśr.

padma-kuṇḍa [ padmakuNDa ]

n. a partic. mystical figure Cat.

padma-kuṭa [ padmakuTa ]

m. N. of a prince of the Vidyā-dharas Kathās

n. N. of the palace of Su-bhīmā Hariv.

padma-ketana [ padmaketana ]

m. N. of a son of Garuḍa MBh.

padma-ketu [ padmaketu ]

m. a partic. comet Var

padma-kesara [ padmakesara ]

n. the filament of a lotus L.

padma-kośa [ padmakoza ]

m. the calyx of a lotus R. BhP. ( °śāya Nom. Ā. °yate, to resemble the calyx of a lotus Bālar

°śi-√ kṛ, to make into the calyx of a lotus HPariś. )

a partic. position of the fingers resembling the calyx of a lotus Cat.

N. of wk. ( also -jātaka n. )

padma-kṣetra [ padmakSetra ]

n. N. of one of 4 districts in Orissa held especially sacred L.

padma-khaṇḍa [ padmakhaNDa ]

n. a quantity of lotuses Mṛcch.

N. of ch. of the Brahm^aṇḍa P.

-nagara n. N. of a city Siṉhâs

padma-gandha [ padmagandha ]

mf ( ā ) n. smelling like a lotus L.

padma-gandhi [ padmagandhi ]

mfn. id. R.

n. Cerasus Puddum Bhpr.

padma-garbha [ padmagarbha ]

m. the interior or calyx of a lotus Kāvyâd. ii, 41

' sprung from a lotus or containing lotuses ', N. of Brahmā RPrāt. ( Introd. )

of Viṣṇu Hariv.

of Śiva Śivag

of the sun L.

of a lake Hit.

of a Buddha Lalit.

of a Bodhisattva L.

of a Brāhman who was changed into a swan Hariv.

padma-giri-purāṇa [ padmagiripurANa ]

n. N. of a legend

padma-gupta [ padmagupta ]

m. N. of a poet ( called also Pari-mala ) Cat.

padma-gṛhā [ padmagRhA ]

f. ' lotus-housed ', N. of Lakshmi MBh.

padma-caraṇa [ padmacaraNa ]

m. ' lotus-foot ', N. of a disciple of Śaṃkar^acārya Cat.

padma-cāriṇī [ padmacAriNI ]

f. Hibiscus Mutabilis Bhpr.

a partic. personification MānGṛ.

padma-ja [ padmaja ]

m. ' lotus-born ', N. of Brahmā BhP.

padma-jātaka [ padmajAtaka ]

n. N. of wk.

padma-jāti [ padmajAti ]

f. = -bandha Kāv

padma-tantu [ padmatantu ]

m. the fibre of a lotus-stalk L.

padma-tā [ padmatA ]

f. the state or condition of a lotus Kāvyâd

padma-darśana [ padmadarzana ]

m. ' looking like a lotus ', the resin of the Pinus Longifolia L.

N. of a man Kathās

padma-dalêkṣaṇa [ padmadalekSaNa ]

mfn. lotus-(leaf- ) eyed Mṛcch

padma-dhara [ padmadhara ]

m. ' lotus-bearer ', N. of a prince Bhadrab

padma-nandi [ padmanandi ]

or m. N. of an author Sarvad. Cat.

padma-nandin [ padmanandin ]

m. N. of an author Sarvad. Cat.

padma-nābha [ padmanAbha ]

m. ' lotus-naveled ', N. of Viṣṇu ( from whose navel sprang the lotus which contained Brahmā, the future creator ) MBh. Hariv. R.

N. of the 11th month ( reckoned from Mārgaśīrsha ) Var

a magical formula spoken over weapons R.

N. of a serpent-demon MBh.

of a son of Dhṛta-rāshṭra ib.

of the first Arhat of the future Ut-sarpiṇī L.

of sev. authors ( also -tīrtha, -datta, -dīkṣita, -purī, -bhaṭṭa, -yājñika ) and other men Cat. Inscr.

-dvadaśī f. N. of the 12th day in the light half of the month Āśvayuja Cat.

-bija n. the algebra of Padma-nābha Col.

padma-nābhi [ padmanAbhi ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu L. ( cf. -nābhu )

padma-nāla [ padmanAla ]

m. a lotus stalk L.

padma-nidhi [ padmanidhi ]

m. N. of one of the 9 treasures of Kubera ( also personified ) Pañc

padma-nibhêkṣaṇa [ padmanibhekSaNa ]

mfn. having eyes like lotus-leaves MW.

padma-nimīlana [ padmanimIlana ]

n. the closing of a lotus Śak

padma-netra [ padmanetra ]

m. ' lotus-eyed ', a species of bird Gal.

N. of a future Buddha L.

padma-paṇḍita [ padmapaNDita ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

padma-pattra [ padmapattra ]

n. a lotus-leaf MBh. ( -nibhêkṣaṇa mfn. lotus-lotus-eyed. MW. )

= -parṇa Bhpr.

padma-pada [ padmapada ]

m. = -pāda Cat.

padma-parṇa [ padmaparNa ]

n. Costus Speciosus or Arabicus L.

padma-pāṇi [ padmapANi ]

m. ' lotus-handed ' or ' holding a lotus in the hand ' , N. of Brahmā L.

of Viṣṇu Cat.

of the Bodhi-sattva Avalokit^eśvara MWB. 195 etc.

the sun L.

padma-pāda [ padmapAda ]

m. = -caraṇa Cat. ( cf. pāda-padma )

-rahasya n. N. of wk.

°dâcārya m. N. of a teacher Cat.

padma-pura [ padmapura ]

n. N. of a city Rājat

padma-purāṇa [ padmapurANa ]

n. N. of sev. Purāṇas

padma-puṣpa [ padmapuSpa ]

m. Pterospermum Acerifolium L.

a species of bird L.

°ṣpâñjali-stotra n. N. of a Stotra

padma-prabha [ padmaprabha ]

m. N. of a future Buddha

of a Deva-putra Lalit.

of 6th Arhat of present Avasarpiṇī L.

( with sūri ) of an author Cat.

( ā ), f. N. of a daughter of Mahā-daṃshṭra Kathās

padma-prabhu [ padmaprabhu ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

padma-priyā [ padmapriyA ]

f. N. of the goddess Manasā ( wife of Jarat-kāru ) L.

padma-bandha [ padmabandha ]

m. an artificial arrangement of the words of a verse in a figure representing a lotus-flower Kpr.

padma-bandhu [ padmabandhu ]

m. ' friend of the lotus ', N. of the sun L.

a bee L.

-kula n. N. of a family Cat.

padma-bīja [ padmabIja ]

n. lotus-seed L.

°jâbha mfn. ' resembling the lotus-seed ', the seed of Euryala Ferox L.

padma-bhava [ padmabhava ]

m. = -ja Hariv. BhP.

padma-bhāśa [ padmabhAza ]

m. ' brilliant with ( or like ) a lotus ', N. of Viṣṇu Hariv. ( v.l. -nābha ; -hāsa ).

padma-bhū [ padmabhU ]

m. = -ja Dhūrtan

padma-maya [ padmamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. made or consisting of lotus-flowers Hariv. BhP.

padma-mālin [ padmamAlin ]

mfn. lotus-garlanded

m. N. of a Rakshas R.

( ), f. N. of Śrī MBh.

padma-mihira [ padmamihira ]

m. ' lotus-sun ', N. of a writer of the history of Kaśmīra Rājat

padma-mukhī [ padmamukhI ]

f. Alhagi Maurorum L.

padma-mūla [ padmamUla ]

n. lotus-root L.

padma-yoni [ padmayoni ]

m. ' lotus-born ', N. of Brahmā Gṛhyās. MBh. etc. ( also °nin Hariv. )

of a Buddha Lalit.

of sev. men, APariś. Lalit.

padma-rati [ padmarati ]

f. N. of 2 princesses Kathās

padma-ratna [ padmaratna ]

m. N. of the 23rd Buddh. patriarch L.

padma-ratha [ padmaratha ]

m. N. of sev. princes Rājat. HPariś

padma-rāga [ padmarAga ]

m. ' lotus-hued ', a ruby L. ( also -ka Hcat

°ga-maya mf[ ī ] n. made or consisting of rubies, Kāraṇḍ )

( ī ), f. N. of one of the tongues of Agni Gṛhyās

padma-rāja [ padmarAja ]

m. ' lotus-king ', N. of sev. men Rājat

of a poet Cat.

padma-rūpa [ padmarUpa ]

mf ( ā ) n. lotus-hued

( ā ), f. N. of Śri MBh.

padma-rekhā [ padmarekhA ]

f. ' lotus-line ', a line in the palm of the hand indicating the acquisition of great wealth L.

padma-lāñchana [ padmalAJchana ]

m. ( L. ) ' lotus-marked ', a king

N. of Brahmā

of Kubera, the sun

( ā ), f. N. of Śrī

of Sarasvatī

of Tārā

padma-līlā-vilāsinī [ padmalIlAvilAsinI ]

f. N. of an astron. wk.

padma-lekhā [ padmalekhA ]

f. N. of a woman Rājat

padma-locana [ padmalocana ]

mfn. lotus-eyed MBh.

padma-vat [ padmavat ]

mfn. full of lotus-flowers Hariv.

( ī ), f. N. of a wife of Aśoka ( cf. padmā-vatī )

of a town BhP.

padma-vanabāndhava [ padmavanabAndhava ]

m. the sun ( cf. padma- bandhu )

-vaṃśa m. the race of kings descended from the sun ( cf. sūrya-v° ) Prasannar

padma-varcas [ padmavarcas ]

mfn. lotus-hued MBh. R.

padma-varṇa [ padmavarNa ]

mfn. id. Hariv.

m. N. of a son of Yadu ib.

padma-varṇaka [ padmavarNaka ]

n. Costus Speciosus or Arabicus L.

padma-vāsā [ padmavAsA ]

f. = -gṛhā L.

padma-vāhinī [ padmavAhinI ]

f. N. of wk.

padma-viṣaya [ padmaviSaya ]

m. N. of a country Kathās

padma-vṛkṣa [ padmavRkSa ]

m. Cerasus Puddum L.

padma-vṛṣabha-vikrāmin [ padmavRSabhavikrAmin ]

m. N. of a future Buddha L.

padma-veṣa [ padmaveSa ]

m. N. of a king of the Vidyādharas Kathās

padma-vyākośa [ padmavyAkoza ]

n. a crevice shaped like a lotus-bud ( made by a thief in a wall ) Mṛcch. iii, 13

padma-vyūha [ padmavyUha ]

m. N. of a Samādhi L.

padma-śas [ padmazas ]

ind. by thousands of billions MBh.

padma-śāyinī [ padmazAyinI ]

f. a species of bird Gal.

padma-śekhara [ padmazekhara ]

m. N. of a king of the Gandharvas Kathās

padma-śrī [ padmazrI ]

' beautiful as a lotus flower ', N. of Avalokit^eśvara Kāraṇḍ

of a Bodhi-sattva

f. N. of sev. women Rājat. HPariś

of a lady who wrote on Kāma-śāstra Cat.

-garbha m. N. of a Bodhi-sattva

padma-ṣaṇḍa [ padmaSaNDa ]

n. a multitude of lotuses MBh. ( cf. - khaṇḍa )

padma-saṃhitā [ padmasaMhitA ]

f. N. of wk.

padma-saṃkāśa [ padmasaMkAza ]

mfn. resembling a lotus MW.

padma-sadman [ padmasadman ]

m. ' lotus-dweller ', N. of Brahmā Bālar

padma-samāsana [ padmasamAsana ]

m. id. VP.

padma-sambhava [ padmasambhava ]

m. = -ja Hariv.

N. of a Buddhist teacher who founded the Red sect in Tibet MWB. 272 etc.

padma-saras [ padmasaras ]

n. lotus-lake, N. of sev. lakes MBh. Rājat. Pañc

padma-sundara [ padmasundara ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

padma-sūtra [ padmasUtra ]

n. a lotus-garland Hariv.

padma-sena [ padmasena ]

m. N. of sev. men Kathās

( ā ), f. N. of a woman HPariś

padma-saugandhika [ padmasaugandhika ]

n. pl. the flowers Nelumbium Speciosum and Nymphaea Alba R.

mfn. ( a pond ) abounding in these flowers MBh. R. etc.

-vat mfn. id. MBh.

padma-snuṣā [ padmasnuSA ]

f. ( L. ) N. of Gaṅgā

of Śrī

of Durgā

padma-svastika [ padmasvastika ]

n. a Svastika mark consisting of lotus-flowers MW.

padma-svāmin [ padmasvAmin ]

m. N. of a sacred edifice built by Padma Rājat

padma-hasta [ padmahasta ]

m. a partic. measure of length AgP.

padma-hāsa [ padmahAsa ]

m. ' smiling like or with a lotus ', N. of Viṣṇu L. ( cf. -bhāsa )

padma-hema-maṇi [ padmahemamaNi ]

m. N. of a teacher Cat.

padmâkara [ padmAkara ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) a lotus-pool or an assemblage of lotuses Bhartṛ. Kathās

-deva and -bhaṭṭa m. N. of authors Cat.

padmâkāra [ padmAkAra ]

mfn. lotus-shaped MW.

padmâkṣa [ padmAkSa ]

mf ( ī ) n. lotus-eyed, id.

n. lotus-seed W.

padmâṅka-mudrā [ padmAGkamudrA ]

f. a partic. Mudrā Kāraṇḍ

padmâṅghri [ padmAGghri ]

m. = °dma-pāda Cat.

padmâcala [ padmAcala ]

m. N. of a mountain R.

padmâcārya [ padmAcArya ]

m. N. of a teacher Cat.

padmâṭa [ padmATa ]

m. Cassia Tora Bhpr.

padmâdi [ padmAdi ]

a lotus-flower etc.

-tva n. Kāvyâd. ii, 95

padmâdhîśa [ padmAdhIza ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu, Dhūrtain

padmânanda [ padmAnanda ]

m. N. of a poet

-śataka n. his wk.

padmântara [ padmAntara ]

m. a lotus-leaf MW.

padmâlaṃkārā [ padmAlaMkArA ]

f. N. of a Gandharvī Kāraṇḍ

padmâlayá [ padmAlaya ]

m. ' dwelling in a lotus ', N. of Brahmā MBh.

( ā ), f. N. of Śrī ib. Hariv.

n. N. of a city Siṉhâs

padmā-vatī [ padmAvatI ]

f. ( cf. °dma-v° and Pāṇ. 6-3, 119 etc. ) Hibiscus Mutabilis L.

a kind of Prākṛt metre Col.

N. of Lakshmī Gīt.

of the goddess Manasā L.

of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda MBh.

of a Sur^aṅganā Siṉhâs

of a Jaina deity L.

of a wife of king Śṛgāla Hariv.

of a wife of Yudhi-shṭhira ( king of Kaśmīra ) Rājat

of the wife of Jaya-deva Gīt.

of a wife of king Vīra-bāhu Vet

of a wife of king Naya-pāla ib.

of a poetess Cat.

of the city of Ujjayinī in the Kṛta-yuga Kathās

of another city. VP.

of a river L.

of Kathās. xvii

-kalpa m. -pañcâṅga n. -stotra n. N. of wks.

-priya m. ' husband of Padmavatī ( = Manasā ) ', N. of Jarat-kāru L.

padmâvabhāsa [ padmAvabhAsa ]

m. N. of a kind of philosopher's stone Kāraṇḍ

padmâvali [ padmAvali ]

f. N. of wk.

padmâsana [ padmAsana ]

n. a lotus as seat ( esp. of an idol ) Hariv. Kum

a partic. posture in religious meditation Bhartṛ. ( cf. MWB. 240 )

a kind of coitus L.

mf ( ā ) n. sitting in a lotus or in the position called Padm^asaṇa ( -tā f. Cat. )

m. N. of Brahmā VP.

of Śiva Śivag

the sun L.

( ā ), f. N. of the goddess Manasā L.

padmâhvay9a [ padmAhvaya ]

m. Cerasus Puddum Bhpr.

padmâhvā [ padmAhvA ]

f. Hibiscus Mutabilis L.

padme-śaya [ padmezaya ]

m. ' sleeping in a lotus ', N. of Viṣṇu MBh. Hariv.

padmôttama [ padmottama ]

m. N. of a Samādhi Kāraṇḍ

of a partic. world ib.

of a Buddha living in Padm^ottama and of a future Buddha ib.

padmôttara [ padmottara ]

m. Carthamus Tinctorius L.

N. of a Buddha MWB. 136, n. 1

of the father of Padma L.

°râtmaja m. patr. of the 9th Cakra-vartin in Bhārata Jain.

°rikā-śāka n. a species of pot-herb Car.

padmôtpala-kumudvat [ padmotpalakumudvat ]

mfn. furnished with the lotus flowers called Padma, Utpala and Kumuda BhP.

padmôdbhava [ padmodbhava ]

mf ( ā ) n. sprung from a lotus MBh.

m. N. of Brahmā ib.

of a man Daś

( ā ), f. N. of the goddess Manasā L.

-prādur-bhāva m. N. of ch. of KūrmaP.

padmôpaniṣad [ padmopaniSad ]

f. N. of an Up.

-dīpikā f. N. of Comm. on it