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paro [ paro ]

in comp. for °ras

paro-'ṃhu [ paroMhu ]

( °ró- ), mf ( ) n. narrow on the outside or at the top ŚBr.

paro-'kṣa [ parokSa ]

( °ró- ), mf ( ā ) n. beyond the range of sight, invisible, absent, unknown, unintelligible AV. etc.

past, completed ( in a partic. sense, cf. below and Kāś. on Pāṇ. 3- 2, 115 )

( ibc. ) in an invisible or imperceptible manner ( cf. below )

( am ), ind. out of sight, behind one's back, in the absence or without the knowledge of ( instr.

later gen. or comp. ) ŚBr. etc.

( eṇa ), ind. out of sight, secretly, mysteriously Br. Up.

( āt ), ind. secretly, without the knowledge of ( instr. ) Br.

( e ), ind. behind the back of ( gen. ) Mṛcch. Pañc. etc.

one's self not being present Pāṇ. 3-2, 115

m. an ascetic L.

N. of a son of Anu BhP.

( ā ), f. ( sc. vṛtti ) a past or completed action APrāt.

( sc. vibhakti ) a termination of the perfect tense Kāt

N. of a river VP.

-kāma ( °kṣá- ), mfn. liking what is secret or mysterious ŚBr.

-kṛta mfn. ( a hymn ) in which a deity is not addressed but only spoken of in the 3rd person Nir. vii, 1

-jit mfn. victorious in an imperceptible manner BhP.

-tā f. ( MBh. ), -tva n. ( Vedântas. ) invisibility, imperceptibility

-pṛṣṭha m. a partic. Pṛshṭhya ŚrS.

-priya mfn. = -kāma AitBr.

-bandhu ( parôkṣa- ), mfn. not clear in its relation MaitrS.

-buddhi mfn. regarding as something distant, indifferent to , Jātakam

-bhoga m. enjoyment or possession of anything in the proprietor's absence W.

-manmatha mfn. inexperienced in love Śak

-vṛtti mfn. living out of sight Kām

formed in an obscure or indistinct manner Nir. Sch.

°kṣârtha mfn. having a secret or recondite meaning

n. an absent or invisible object Hit.

paro-gavyūtí [ parogavyUti ]

ind. beyond the area of pasture-land RV.

mfn. further than a Gavyūti ( q.v. ) Kāṭh

paro-goṣṭhâm [ parogoSThAm ]

ind. beyond the cow-house MaitrS.

paro-bāhú [ parobAhu ]

mfn. beyond the arm or reach ŚBr.

paro-mātra [ paromAtra ]

( °ró- ), mfn. immense, huge, vast RV.

paro-rajas [ parorajas ]

( °ró- ), mfn. being beyond the dust or above the world ŚBr.

untouched by passion MW.

paro-lakṣa [ parolakSa ]

mfn. ( pl. ) more than 100, 000 L.

paro-'varám [ parovaram ]

ind. from top to bottom, from hand to hand, in succession, one after another ŚBr. ŚāṅkhŚr.

°rīṇa mfn. ( fr. prec. ) having both superior and inferior, prior and subsequent etc. Pāṇ. 5-2, 10 Sch.

paro-varīyas [ parovarIyas ]

( °ró- ), mfn. broader on the outside or at the top TS. AitBr. Kāṭh

better than good, most excellent of all ChUp. ( -tva n. Bālar. )

n. the highest happiness ib.

paro-viṃśá [ paroviMza ]

mfn. pl. more than 20 ŚBr.

paro-'śītá [ parozIta ]

mfn. pl. more than 80 ib.

paro-havis [ parohavis ]

n. more than an oblation Āpast

paro-'hu [ parohu ]

w.r. for 'ṃhu above