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prīti [ prIti ]

f. any pleasurable sensation, pleasure, joy, gladness, satisfaction ( with loc. or ifc.

with ind. p., ' joy at having done anything ' ) GṛŚrS. etc.

friendly disposition, kindness, favour, grace, amity ( with samam or ifc. ), affection, love ( with gen., loc., or ifc. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

joy or gratification personified ( esp. as a daughter of Daksha or as one of the two wives of Kāma-deva ) Hariv. Pur. Kathās

N. of a Śruti Saṃgīt

the 2nd of the 27 astrological Yogas. L.

N. of the 13th Kalā of the moon Cat.

a symbolical expression for the sound dh RāmatUp.

( ), ind. in a state of joyful excitement, gladly, with joy MBh. R. Ragh. Kathās

in a friendly way, amicably Mn. Ragh. etc.

prīti-kara [ prItikara ]

mfn. causing pleasure to ( comp. ) MārkP. Pāṇ. 6-2, 15 Sch. ( cf. a-p° )

inspiring love or affection MW.

m. N. of two authors Cat.

prīti-karaṇa [ prItikaraNa ]

n. the act of causing pleasure, gratifying MW.

prīti-karman [ prItikarman ]

n. an act of friendship or love, kind action Mn.

prīti-kūṭa [ prItikUTa ]

N. of a village, Vāsav., introd

prīti-candra [ prIticandra ]

m. N. of a preceptor MW.

prīti-ccheda [ prIticcheda ]

m. destruction of joy Mṛcch

prīti-juṣā [ prItijuSA ]

f. N. of the wife of A-niruddha L.

prīti-tṛṣ [ prItitRS ]

m. N. of the god of love L.

prīti-da [ prItida ]

mfn. giving pleasure L.

inspiring love or regard, affectionate W.

m. a jester or buffoon in a play L.

prīti-datta [ prItidatta ]

mfn. given through love or affection L.

n. ( ? ) property or valuables presented to a female by her relations and friends at the time of her marriage, and constituting part of her peculiar property MW.

prīti-dāna [ prItidAna ]

n. ( Ragh. ) or ( MBh. R. Rājat. ) ' gift of love ', a present made from love or affection

prīti-dāya [ prItidAya ]

m. ( MBh. R. Rājat. ) ' gift of love ', a present made from love or affection

prīti-dhana [ prItidhana ]

n. money given from love or friendship. R.

prīti-pātra [ prItipAtra ]

n. an object of affection, a beloved person or thing MW.

prīti-puroga [ prItipuroga ]

mfn. preceded by affection, affectionate, loving MBh.

prīti-pūrvakam [ prItipUrvakam ]

( Mn. Bhag. ) or ( MBh. ), ind. with the accompaniment of kindness, kindly, affectionately.

prīti-pūrvam [ prItipUrvam ]

( MBh. ), ind. with the accompaniment of kindness, kindly, affectionately.

prīti-pramukha [ prItipramukha ]

mfn. preceded by kindness, kind, friendly

-vacana n. a speech preceded by kindness, kind speech, affectionate words Megh

prīti-bhāj [ prItibhAj ]

mfn. enjoying friendship, receiving friendly offices Kathās

prīti-bhojya [ prItibhojya ]

mfn. to be eaten joyfully or cheerfully MW.

prīti-mat [ prItimat ]

mfn. having pleasurable sensations, pleased, gratified, glad, satisfied MBh. Kāv. MārkP.

having love or affection for ( loc., gen. or acc. ), affectionate, favourable, loving MBh. R. Hariv. MārkP.

kind ( as words ) R.

( atī ), f. a kind of metre Col.

prīti-manas [ prItimanas ]

mfn. joyous-minded, pleased in mind, content

kind W.

prīti-maya [ prItimaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. made up of joy, arisen from joy ( as tears ) R.

prīti-yuj [ prItiyuj ]

mfn. beloved, dear Kir

prīti-rasâyana [ prItirasAyana ]

n. ' an elixir of joy ', any nectar-like beverage causing joy Hit.

prīti-vacana [ prItivacana ]

( A. ) or ( Hit. ), n. kind or friendly words

prīti-vacas [ prItivacas ]

( Hit. ), n. kind or friendly words

prīti-vardhana [ prItivardhana ]

mfn. increasing love or joy. A.

m. the 4th month Sūryapr.

N. of Viṣṇu A.

prīti-vāda [ prItivAda ]

m. a friendly discussion MW.

prīti-vivāha [ prItivivAha ]

m. a love-marriage, love-match ib.

prīti-viśrambha-bhājana [ prItivizrambhabhAjana ]

n. a repository of affection and confidence ib.

prīti-śrāddha [ prItizrAddha ]

n. a funeral offering to the Pitṛs of both parents ( performed by some one in place of the eldest surviving son, and to be re-performed at some other period by this son in person ) ib.

prīti-saṃyoga [ prItisaMyoga ]

m. relation of friendship R.

prīti-saṃgati [ prItisaMgati ]

f. a covenant of friendship, friendly alliance with ( instr. ) ŚārṅgP.

prīti-saṃdarbha [ prItisaMdarbha ]

m. N. of wk.

prīti-sambodhy-aṅga [ prItisambodhyaGga ]

n. ( with Buddhists ) joyfulness ( one of the 7 requisites for attaining supreme knowledge ) Dharmas. 49

prīti-snigdha [ prItisnigdha ]

mfn. moist through love or charming through affection ( said of the eyes ) Megh