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 pra-ṇi-√ dhā [ praNidhA ]

( Pāṇ. 8-4, 17 ), P. Ā. -dadhāti, -dhatte , to place in front, cause to precede MBh.

to put down, deposit ib.

to place in, bring into ( loc. ) ib.

to set ( a gem ) in ( loc. ) Hit.

to put on, apply Suśr.

to touch MBh.

to turn or direct ( the eyes or thoughts ) upon ( loc. ) MBh. Hariv. etc. ( with manas and inf. ' to resolve upon ' Bhaṭṭ.

scil. manas, ' to give the whole attention to, reflect, consider ' MBh.

ātma praṇidhīyatām, ' one must think ' ib. )

to send out or employ ( a spy or emissary ), to spy MBh. R.

to find out or ascertain anything ( acc. ) to be ( acc. ) MBh.

pra-ṇidhātavya [ praNidhAtavya ]

mfn. to be turned upon ( loc. ) Car.

pra-ṇidhāna [ praNidhAna ]

n. laying on, fixing, applying ( also pl. ) Car. Suśr.

access, entrance L.

exertion, endeavour SaddhP.

respectful conduct, attention, paid to ( loc. ) MBh.

profound religious meditation, abstract contemplation of ( comp. ) Ragh. Kathās. Vedântas

vehement desire Lalit.

vow ib.

prayer ( threefold ) Dharmas. 112

pra-ṇidhāyin [ praNidhAyin ]

mfn. employing, sending out ( spies ) Prasannar

pra-ṇidhi [ praNidhi ]

m. watching, observing, spying MBh.

sending out ( spies or emissaries ) R.

a spy, secret agent, emissary Mn. MBh. etc. ( °dhī-√ bhū, to become a spy Pañcat. )

an attendant, follower L.

care, attention L.

asking, solicitation, request SaddhP.

prayer Divyâv

N. of a son of Bṛhad-ratha MBh.

pra-ṇidheya [ praNidheya ]

mfn. to be applied or injected ( as a clyster ) Suśr.

to be sent out ( as a spy ) MBh.

n. employing, sending out ( of emissaries ) MW.

pra-ṇihita [ praNihita ]

mfn. laid on, imposed, applied Suśr.

put down, deposited Bālar. BhP.

outstretched, stretched forth Megh. Sāh

directed towards, fixed upon ( loc. ) Hariv. Bhartṛ. BhP.

delivered, committed, entrusted to ( dat. ) Bālar

contained in ( comp. ) BhP.

sent out ( as a spy ) MBh.

found out, discovered ib.

ascertained or stated Mn. vii, 54

one who has his thoughts concentrated on one point, intent upon ( loc. ) R. Bhaṭṭ.

obtained, acquired W.

prudent, cautious, wary ib.

resolved, determined ib.

agreed to or admitted ib.

-dhī ( Bhartṛ. ), °tâtman ( Āpast. ), mfn. having the mind fixed upon ( loc. or comp. )

°têṣaṇa mfn. having the eyes directed towards or fixed upon ( comp. ) Hariv.