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pra-deśa [ pradeza ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) pointing out, showing, indication , direction, decision, determination Nir. ŚrS.

appeal to a precedent Suśr.

an example ( in grammar, law etc. ) RPrāt. MBh. Yājñ. Sch.

a spot, region, place, country, district ( often in comp. with a part of the body, e.g. kaṇṭha-, hṛdaya- ) MBh. Kāv. etc. ( n. Pañcad. )

a short while ( See comp. below )

a wall L.

a short span ( measured from the tip of the thumb to that of the forefinger ) L.

( with Jainas ) one of the obstacles to liberation Sarvad. ( ' atomic individuality ' W. )

-kārin m. N. of a kind of ascetic L.

-bhāj mfn. of short duration Daśar

-vat mfn. possessing or occupying a place Brahmas. Sch.

-vartin mfn. = -bhāj ( °ti-tvā f. ) Hcar.

-śāstra n. a book containing examples MBh.

-stha mfn. = -bhāj Sāh

being or situated in a district MW.

pra-deśana [ pradezana ]

n. a gift, present, offering L.

( ī ), f. = °śinī L.

pra-deśita [ pradezita ]

mfn. urged, directed MBh.

pra-deśinī [ pradezinI ]

f. the forefinger ( or the corresponding toe ) ŚrS. MBh. etc.

pra-deṣṭṛ [ pradeSTR ]

m. one who pronounces judgement, chief justice Pañcat

 pra-deśa [ pradeza ]

etc. See pra-√ diś