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 pra-kara [ prakara ]

1 etc. See pra-√ kṛ

 pra-kara [ prakara ]

2 See pra-√ kṝ, p. 654

pra-kara [ prakara ]

1 mf ( ī ) n. ( for 2. See pra-kṝ ) doing much or well W.

m. aid, friendship ib.

usage, custom ib.

respect ib.

seduction ib.

( ī ), f. a kind of song Yājñ.

an episodical interlude inserted in a drama to explain what follows Daśar. ( also °rikā Pratāp. )

theatrical dress or disguise W.

pra-karaṇa [ prakaraNa ]

n. production, creation Hariv.

treatment, discussion, explanation

treatise, monograph, book, chapter ( esp. introduction or prologue ) GṛŚrS. MBh. Sarvad

a subject, topic, question, matter, occasion, opportunity MBh. Kāv. etc.

( asminn eva Śraṇe, ' on this occasion ' or ' in this connection ' MBh.

na ca Śraṇaṃ vetsi, ' nor do you know what is the matter ' Kathās. )

a kind of drama with a fictitious plot ( such as Mṛcch. Mālatīm. etc. ) Sāh. ( IW. 47 r )

treating with respect W.

doing much or well ib.

N. of wk. ( cf. nyāyapr° )

-tas ind. occasionally Suśr.

-tva n. Vedântas

-pañcikā f. -pāda m. -vādârtha m. N. of wks.

-śas ind. according to species or kind ( opp. to pṛthak-tvena ) Nir

-sama m. a kind of sophism, an assertion by two opponents of some argument which has the same force of argument pro and con Nyāyas. Car.

°ṇī ( or °ṇikā ), f. a drama of the same character as the Prakaraṇa but of less extent Sāh

pra-karaṇikā [ prakaraNikA ]

and See above

pra-karikā [ prakarikA ]

See above

pra-kartavya [ prakartavya ]

mfn. to be prepared MBh.

to be disclosed or brought to light Pañcat

to be appointed to ( loc. ) MBh.

pra-kartṛ [ prakartR ]

mfn. one who causes MBh.

prakara [ prakara ]

2 m. ( for 1. See pra-kṛ ) a scattered heap, heap, multitude, quantity, plenty MBh. Kāv. etc.

a nosegay W.

( ī ), f. a place where four roads meet L.

n. aloe wood, Agallochum L.

prakaritṛ' [ prakaritR ]

m. one who sprinkles ( or seasons ? ) VS.

prakiraṇa [ prakiraNa ]

n. scattering, throwing about MārkP.

prakīrṇa [ prakIrNa ]

mfn. scattered, thrown about, dispersed Nir. MBh. Kāv

squandered Dhūrtas

disordered, dishevelled MBh. R. Suśr.

waved, waving Śiś. xii, 17

mixed, containing various subjects, miscellaneous Kām

standing alone, nowhere mentioned Viṣṇ

confused, incoherent ( as speech ) Śiś. ii, 63

expanded, opened W.

spread abroad, published ib.

m. Guilandina Bonduc L.

a horse ( ? ) Gal.

n. a miscellany, any miscellaneous collection L.

a chapter or section of a book L.

extent L.

N. of a class of Jaina works MWB. 533

scattering or throwing about A.

-keśa mf ( ī ) n. having dishevelled hair MBh. Suśr.

( ī ), f. N. of Durgā L.

-pūjā f. -mantra m. pl. N. of wks.

-maithuna mfn. living in mixed ( connubial ) intercourse MBh.

-saṃgraha m. N. of wk.

°ṇâdhyâya m. a chapter containing miscellaneous subjects ( N. of VarBṛS. xxii )

°ṇâmbara-mūrdhaja mfn. with disordered garments and dishevelled hair MBh.

prakīrṇaka [ prakIrNaka ]

mfn. scattered, dispersed, occurring singly or in single instances VarBṛS.

mixed, containing various things ib. Sch.

m. a horse L.

m. ( L. n. ) a tuft of hair used as an ornament for horses MBh. R.

a chowrie ( the tail of the Bos Grunniens used as a fan or fly-flap and as an ornament for horses ) L.

n. a miscellany, any collection of heterogeneous objects Vām. i , 3, 12

a section or division of a book L.

N. of the 3rd part of the Vākyapadīya and of another wk. Cat.

( in law ) a case not provided for by the Śāstras and to be decided by the judge or king W.

extent, length L.

-dāna n. pl. N. of wk.

prakīrya [ prakIrya ]

mfn. to be scattered or strewed etc. L.

m. ( and ā f. ) N. of some medic. plant or plants Car. Suśr. ( Guilandina Bonduc and a species of Karañja L. )