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 pra-√ pā [ prapA ]

√ 1. P. -píbati, ( ind. p. -pāya Pāṇ. 6-4, 69 ) , to begin to drink, drink RV. etc.

to imbibe ( cakṣuṣā, with the eye i.e. feast the eyes upon ) MBh.

pra-pā' [ prapA ]

f. a place for supplying water, a place for watering cattle or a shed on the road-side containing a reservoir of water for travellers, fountain, cistern, well AV. etc. ( cf. Pāṇ. 3-3, 58 Vārtt. 4 Pat. )

a supply of water, affluent ( of a tank etc. ) L.

-pālikā or °lī f. a woman who distributes water to travellers Vcar.

-pūraṇa n. filling a cistern with water

°ṇīya mfn. serving to fill a cistern with with Pāṇ. 5-1, 111 Vārtt. 1 Pat.

-maṇḍapa m. a shed with water for travellers Vcar.

-vana n. ' fountain-grove ', a cool grove L.

pra-pāṇa [ prapANa ]

n. drinking, a drink or beverage ( in a-prap° and su-prap° cf. also pra-pāna )

pra-pāṇīya [ prapANIya ]

mfn. to be drunk, drinkable W.

pra-pāna [ prapAna ]

n. drinking, sipping R.

the under part of a horse's upper lip ( which he uses in drinking ) Var. ( v.l. °pāṇa )

pra-pānaka [ prapAnaka ]

n. sherbet Bhpr. Sāh

pra-pāyin [ prapAyin ]

mfn. drinking, one who drinks W.

pra-pīti [ prapIti ]

f. the act of drinking Kauś. Sch.

 pra-√ pā [ prapA ]

√ 3. P. -pāti, to protect, defend from ( abl. ) BhP.

pra-pāyin [ prapAyin ]

mfn. who or what protects W.

pra-pālaka [ prapAlaka ]

m. ( cf. √ pāl ) a guardian, protector Kāv

pra-pālana [ prapAlana ]

n. guarding, protecting, protection Cat.

pra-pālin [ prapAlin ]

m. ' protector ', N. of Baladeva L.