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pra-stāva [ prastAva ]

m. introductory eulogy, the introduction or prelude of a Sāman ( sung by the Pra-stotṛ ) Br. Lāṭy. ChUp.

the prologue of a drama ( = prasstāvanā ) Hariv.

introducing a topic, preliminary mention, allusion, reference Kāv. Pañcat

the occasion or subject of a conversation, topic ib.

occasion, opportunity, time, season, turn, convenience ib. Kathās. Hit. ( e or eṣu, on a suitable occasion, opportunity

ena, incidentally, occasionally, suitably

with tava, at your convenience )

beginning, commencement Pañcat. Hit.

spoit, ease ( = helā ) L.

N. of a prince ( son of Udgītha). BhP.

-krameṇa ind. by way of introduction Hit.

-cintamaṇi m. -taraṃgiṇī f. N. of wks.

-tas ind. on the occasion of ( kathā-pr°, in course of conversation ) Kathās

-pāṭhaka m. = vaitālika, the herald or bard of a king Nalac

-muktâvatī f. N. of wk.

-yajña m. a topic of conversation to which each person present offers a contribution ( as at a sacrifice ) MW.

-ratnâkara m. -śloka m. pl. N. of wks.

-sadṛśa mf ( ī ) n. suited to the occasion, appropriate , seasonable Hit.

-sūtra n. N. of wk.

°vânugatarn ind. on a suitable occasion Pañcat

°vântara-gata mfn. occupied with something else, jātakam

pra-stāvanā [ prastAvanA ]

f. sounding forth, blazing abroad Daś

introduction, commencement, beginning, preface, exordium MBh. Mālav. Mcar.

a dramatic prologue, an introductory dialogue spoken by the manager and one of the actors ( of which several varieties are enumerated, viz. the Udghāṭyaka, Kaṭh^odghāṭa, Prayog^atiśaya, Pravartaka, and Avalagita ) Kālid. Ratnâv. Sāh. Pratāp. etc.

pra-stāvita [ prastAvita ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) caused to be told or related, mentioned Mālatīm

pra-stāvya [ prastAvya ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) to be preluded or introduced with a Prastāva ( as a Sāman ) Lāṭy