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pra-sthāna [ prasthAna ]

n. setting out, departure, procession, march ( esp. of an army or assailant ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

walking, moving, journey, advent ib.

sending away, dispatching Yājñ.

departing this life, dying ( cf. mahā-pr° )

religious mendicancy MBh.

a way to attain ( any object ), course, method, system Madhus. KātyŚr. Sch.

a sect Sarvad

an inferior kind of drama ( the character of which are slaves and outcasts ) Sāh

starting-point, place of origin, source, cause ( in jñāna-pr°, N. of wk. )

-trayabhāṣya n. N. of wk.

-dundubhi m. a drum giving the signal for marching Kād

-bheda m. ratnâkara m. N. of wks.

-vat ind. as in setting forth, as on a departure Var

-viklava-gati mfn. one whose step falters in walking Śak

-vighna m. an obstacle to proceeding or to sending anything ( -kṛt mfn. causing an obstacle etc. ) Yājñ.

non-attendance at a festival, impeding its taking place W.

°naka n. setting out, departure Nalac

°nâvalī f. N. of wk.

°nika mfn. See cátuṣ-pr°

also w.r. for prāsthānika

°nīya mfn. belonging or relating to a departure Lāṭy

pra-sthāpana [ prasthApana ]

n. ( fr. Caus. ) causing to depart, sending away, dismissing, dispatching MBh. ( also ā f. ) Kāv. etc. ( with diśaḥ, ' sending into all quarters of the world ' R. )

dhvanipr° ', giving currency to an expression ' Sāh

pra-sthāpanīya [ prasthApanIya ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) to be sent or dispatched W.

to be carried or driven off ib.

pra-sthāpita [ prasthApita ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) sent away, dismissed, dispatched Kum

held, celebrated ( as a feast ) Divyâv

pra-sthāpya [ prasthApya ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) to be sent away or dispatched MBh.

pra-sthāyin [ prasthAyin ]

mfn. setting forth, departing, marching, going Kathās. ( cf. g. gaimy-ādi )

pra-sthāyīya [ prasthAyIya ]

and in sākaṃ-sth°, q.v.

pra-sthāna-sthāyya [ prasthAnasthAyya ]

in sākaṃ-sth°, q.v.

pra-sthāna-sthā'vat [ prasthAnasthAvat ]

See above under pra-stha

pra-sthāna-sthāvan [ prasthAnasthAvan ]

mfn. swift, rapid RV.