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 prati-ṣṭhā [ pratiSThA ]

( √ sthā ), P. Ā. -tiṣṭhati, °te, to stand, stay, abide, dwell RV. etc.

to stand still, set ( as the sun ), cease MBh. BhP.

to stand firm, be based or rest on ( loc. ), be established, thrive, prosper RV. etc.

to depend or rely on ( loc. ) Vajracch.

to withstand, resist ( acc. ) MBh. Hariv.

to spread or extend over ( acc. ) MBh. : Caus. ṣṭhāpayati, to put down, place upon, introduce into ( loc. ) Br. GṛŚrS.

to set up, erect ( as an image ), Ratnav

to bring or lead into ( loc. ) MBh.

to establish in, appoint to ( loc. ) ib. R. etc.

to transfer or offer or present to, bestow or confer upon ( dat. or loc. ) ĀśvGṛ. Mn. MBh. etc.

to fix, found, prop, support, maintain TS. Br. MBh. Hariv.

to hold against or opposite R.

prati-ṣṭhá [ pratiSTha ]

mf ( ā ) n. standing firmly, steadfast ŚBr. MBh.

resisting Kauś

( ifc. ) ending with, leading to Jātakam

famous W.

m. N. of the father of Su-pārśva ( who was 7th Arhat of present Avasarpiṇi ) L.

( ā ), f. See next

n. point of support, centre or base of anything RV. x, 73, 6 ( pratiṣṭhā'hṛdyā jaghantha, ' thou hast stricken to the quick

pratiṣṭhā may also be acc. pl. of next )

prati-ṣṭhā' [ pratiSThA ]

f. ( ifc. f. ā ) standing still, resting, remaining, steadfastness, stability, perseverance in ( comp. ) VS. etc.

a standpoint, resting-place, ground, base, foundation, prop , stay, support RV. etc.

a receptacle, homestead, dwelling, house AV. etc. ( ifc. abiding or dwelling in Ragh. Pur. )

a pedestal, the foot ( of men or animals ) AV. Br. ŚāṅkhŚr.

limit, boundary W.

state of rest, quiet, tranquillity, comfort, ease MBh. Kāv

setting up ( as of an idol etc. RTL. 70 )

pre-eminence, superiority, high rank or position, fame, celebrity Kāv. Kathās. Rājat

establishment on or accession to ( the throne etc. ) Hariv. Śak. Var. Rājat

the performance of any ceremony or of any solemn act, consecration or dedication ( of a monument or of an idol or of a temple etc. ; prâṇa-pr° )., settling or endowment of a daughter, completion of a vow, any ceremony for obtaining supernatural and magical powers Var. Kathās. Rājat. Pur.

a mystical N. of the letter ā L.

N. of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda MBh.

of sev. metres RPrāt.

( with prajā-pateḥ ) N. of a Sāman ĀrshBr.

= hrasva Naigh. iii, 2

= yoga-siddhi or -niṣpatti L.

-kamalâkara m. -kalpalatā f. -kalpâdi, m. pl. N. of wks.

-kāma ( °ṣṭhā'- ), mfn. desirous of a firm basis or a fixed abode or a high position TS. TāṇḍBr. GṛŚrS. BhP.

-kaumudī f. -kaustubha m. or n. -cintāmaṇi m. -tattva n. -tantra n. -tilaka n. N. of wks.

-tva n. the being a basis or foundation Śaṃk

-darpaṇa m. -darśa m. -dīdhiti f. -dyota m. -nirṇaya m. N. of wks.

-nvita ( °ṣṭhânv° ), mfn. possessed of fame, celebrated MW.

-paddhati f. -mayūkha m. -ratna n. -rahasya n. -lakṣaṇa n. N. of wks.

-vat mfn. having a foundation or support TUp.

-vidhi m. -viveka m. -saṃgraha m. -samuccaya m. -sāra m. -sāra-saṃgraha m. -hemâdri m. °ṣṭhôddyota, -m. N. of wks.

prati-ṣṭhātṛ [ pratiSThAtR ]

m. N. of a partic. priest ( = prati- prasthātṛ ) Hariv.

prati-ṣṭhā'na [ pratiSThAna ]

n. a firm standing-place, ground, foundation PārGṛ. MBh. etc.

a pedestal, foot TBr. MBh. R.

the foundation ( others ' consecration ' ) of a city SkandaP.

N. of a town at the confluence of the Gaṅgā and Yamunā ( on the left bank of the Gaṅgā opposite to Allāhābad, the capital of the early kings of the lunar dynasty ) MBh. Hariv. Kathās. etc. ( IW. 511, n. 1 )

m. N. of a locality on the Go-dāvari Kathās

( du. ) of the constellation Proshṭha-pada L.

prati-ṣṭhāpana [ pratiSThApana ]

n. fixing, placing, locating

( esp. ) the erection or consecration of the image of a deity Var. ( - paddhati f. N. of wk. )

establishment, corroboration Sarvad

( ā ), f. counter-assertion, statement of an antithesis Car.

prati-ṣṭhā'pam [ pratiSThApam ]

ind. p. ( of Caus. ) placing, locating ŚBr.

( as inf. ) for founding or establishing TāṇḍBr.

prati-ṣṭhāpayitavya [ pratiSThApayitavya ]

mfn. to be placed or fixed or established Kāraṇḍ. ( w.r. °sthAp° )

prati-ṣṭhāpayitṛ [ pratiSThApayitR ]

m. a founder, establisher VPrāt.

prati-ṣṭhāpita [ pratiSThApita ]

mfn. set up, fixed, erected Kathās

prati-ṣṭhā'pya [ pratiSThApya ]

mfn. to be placed or located or fixed TS. AitBr.

to be consigned or transferred or entrusted to ( loc. ) MBh.

prati-ṣṭhí [ pratiSThi ]

f. resistance RV. vi, 18, 12 ( Sāy. ' āśraya ' )

prati-ṣṭhikā [ pratiSThikA ]

f. a basis, foundation Hcat

prati-ṣṭhita [ pratiSThita ]

( práti. ), mfn. standing, stationed, placed , situated in or on ( loc. or comp. ) MBh. R. etc.

abiding or contained in ( loc. ) ŚBr. etc.

fixed, firm, rooted, founded, resting or dependent on ( loc. or comp. ) AV. etc.

established, proved Mn. viii, 164

ordained for, applicable to ( loc. ) ib., 226

secure, thriving, well off ChUp. Hariv. etc.

familiar or conversant with ( loc. ) MBh.

transferred to ( loc. ) Hariv.

undertaken Pañcat. ( B. anu-ṣṭhita )

ascended into, having reached ( comp. ) Śak. vii, 4/5 ( v.l. )

complete, finished W.

consecrated ib.

endowed, portioned ib.

established in life, married ib.

prized, valued ib.

famous, celebrated ib.

m. N. of Viṣṇu A.

-pada mfn. containing verses of a fixed or constant number of syllables AitBr.

-mātra mfn. having just got a firm footing Mṛcch

-yaśas mfn. one whose renown is well founded Ratnâv. ( su-pr° )

-saṃtāna mfn. one who has progeny or offspring secured MW.

prati-ṣṭhiti [ pratiSThiti ]

( práti- ), f. standing firmly, a firm stand or footing VS. Br.