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 prati-ṣidh [ pratiSidh ]

( √ 2. sidh ), P. -ṣedhati ( ep. also Ā. °te ), to drive away RV.

to keep back, ward off, prevent, restrain from ( abl. ) Mn. MBh. etc.

to forbid, prohibit, disallow Nir. MBh. R. etc. : Caus. -ṣedhayati, to keep back, prevent, restrain ĀśvGṛ. MBh. etc.

to prohibit, interdict Āpast. MBh. Hariv.

to deny Sarvad

prati-ṣiddha [ pratiSiddha ]

mfn. driven back, kept off, prevented, omitted MBh. Kāv. etc.

forbidden, prohibited, disallowed, refused, denied Mn. MBh. etc.

-vat mfn. one who has forbidden or interdicted something Rājat

-vāma mfn. refractory when driven back Śak. vi, 18/19 ( v.l. )

-sevana n. doing what is prohibited W.

-sevin mfn. following or doing what is forbidden ib.

prati-ṣeddhavya [ pratiSeddhavya ]

mfn. to be warded off or kept back or prohibited or forbidden MBh. R.

to be denied Nyāyas

prati-ṣeddhṛ [ pratiSeddhR ]

mfn. one who wards off or keeps back etc. MBh. R.

resisting ( with acc. ) BhP.

prati-ṣedha [ pratiSedha ]

m. keeping back, warding off, prevention, repulsion ( of a disease ) Mn. MBh. Suśr.

prohibition, refusal, denial ŚrS. Nir. Kālid

contradiction, exception W.

( in gram. ) negation, a negative particle VPrāt. Pāṇ. Vām

( in rhet. ) enforcing or reminding of a prohibition Kuval

( in dram. ) an obstacle to obtaining the desired object Sāh

°dhâkṣara n. ' words of denial ', a negative answer Śak. iii, 22 ( v.l. )

°dhâtmaka mfn. having a negative form or character Yājñ. Sch.

°dhâpavāda m. annulment of a prohibition Kāś. on Pāṇ. 2-3, 68

°dhârthīya mfn. having the meaning of a negation Nir

°dhôkti f. expression of denial or refusal Kāvyâd

°dhômā f. a comparison expressed in a negative form ib.

prati-ṣedhaka [ pratiSedhaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. keeping off, prohibiting, preventive MBh.

denying negative TPrāt.

prati-ṣedhana [ pratiSedhana ]

mfn. keeping or, warding off MBh.

n. the act of keeping or warding off, restraining from ( abl. ) , prevention, repulsion ( of a disease ) Mn. MBh. Suśr.

rejection, refutation Suśr.

prati-ṣedhanīya [ pratiSedhanIya ]

mfn. to be kept back or restrained or prevented Ragh. Pañcat

prati-ṣedhayitṛ [ pratiSedhayitR ]

mfn. denying, negative Śaṃk

prati-ṣedhya [ pratiSedhya ]

mfn. to be prevented or rejected or prohibited Pat.

to be denied or negatived Nyāyas. Sch.