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 prati-√ pad [ pratipad ]

Ā. -padyate ( ep. fut. also - patsyati ), to set foot upon, enter, go or resort to, arrive at, resch, attain VS. etc.

to walk, wander, roam ChUp.

to come back to ( acc. ), return MBh.

to happen, occur, take place PārGṛ. MBh.

to get into ( acc. ), meet, with, find, obtain, receive, take in or upon one's self. ŚBr. etc.

to receive back, recover AitBr. Śak

to restore to favour Ragh

to undertake, begin ( acc., dat. or inf. ), practise, perform , accomplish Nir. MBh. Kāv. etc.

to do anything to any person, act or proceed or behave towards or against ( loc., gen. or acc. ) MBh. Hariv. R.

to make, render MBh.

to fall to a person's ( acc. ) lot or share, PārGr

to let a person ( dat. ) have anything Āpast

to give back, restore Mn. viii, 183

to perceive, find out, discover, become aware of or acquainted with, understand, learn MBh. R. etc.

to deem, consider, regard Śaṃk. Sāh

to answer affirmatively say yes ( with or scil. tathā, or tathêti ), acknowledge, assent, agree, promise MBh. Kāv. etc.

to begin to speak, commence ( with acc. or instr. ) RV. Br.

to answer ChUp. ( also with uttaram R. ) : Caus. -pādayati, to convey or lead to, procure, cause to partake of ( 2 acc. ). give a present to, bestow on ( loc., dat. or gen. ) Kauś. Mn. MBh. etc.

to give in marriage Āpast

to spend. ib.

to present with ( instr. ) Kāraṇḍ

to put in, appoint to ( loc. ) R.

to produce, cause, effect MBh. R. etc.

to establish, substantiate, prove, set forth, explain, teach , impart MBh. R. etc.

to deem, consider, regard as ( 2 acc. ) Pañcat. ( v.l. vadasi - for -pādayasi ) : Desid. -pitsate ( Pāṇ. 7-4, 54 ), to -wish to attain Śaṃk

to wish to know Bhām. : Desid. of Caus. -pipādayiṣati, to wish or intend to explain or analyse Śaṃk

prati-pattavya [ pratipattavya ]

mfn. to be obtained or received MBh.

to be given ( as an answer ) R.

to be conceived or understood Car. Śaṃk

to be done or begun MBh.

n. ( impers. ) it is to be assumed or stated Śaṃk

one should act or proceed or behave MBh. Daś. Pañcat

prati-patti [ pratipatti ]

f. gaining, obtaining, acquiring Gaut. Śaṃk

perception, observation, ascertainment, knowledge, intellect MBh. Kāv. etc.

supposition, assertion, statement Bhartṛ. Tattvas

admission, acknowledgement Yājñ.

giving, granting, bestowing on ( loc. or comp. ) MBh. Kām

causing, effecting Kām

beginning, action, procedure in or with ( loc., gen. or comp. ) MBh. Kāv. etc. ( tatra kā pratipattiḥ syāt, what is to be done there ? MBh.

kā tasya pratipattiḥ. what is to be done with it ? Kull. )

respectful reception or behaviour, homage, welcome ib. ( °ttiṃ-√ dā, to show honour Śak. )

confidence, assurance, determination R. ( cf. a-pratp° )

resource, means for ( loc. ), expedient against ( gen. ) Jaim

high rank or dignity, rule, reign Cat.

conclusion ĀśvŚr.

-karman n. a concluding rite or ceremony ĀpŚr. Sch.

-dakṣa mfn. knowing how to act or what is to be done Pañcat

-darśin mfn. showing what ought to be done SaddhP.

-niṣṭhura mfn. difficult to be understood Ragh

-paṭaha m. a kind of kettle-drum ( allowed only to chiefs of a certain rank ) L.

-parāṅmukha mf ( ī ) n. averse from compliance, obstinate, unyielding Bhaṭṭ.

-pradāna n. the giving of preferment, conferring promotion Hit.

-bheda m. diversity of views, difference of opinions RPrāt.

-mat mfn. possessing appropriate knowledge, knowing what is to be done, active, prompt R. Kām. Suśr.

celebrated, high in rank W.

-viśārada mfn. = -dakṣa MBh.

prati-pattṛ [ pratipattR ]

mfn. one who perceives or hears Sāh

one who comprehends or understands Śaṃk.

one who maintains or asserts ĀpŚr. Sch.

prati-pád [ pratipad ]

f. access, ingress. entrance VS. ŚBr.

the path to be walked, the right path L.

beginning, commencement TS. TBr.

an introductory verse or stanza Br. ŚrS.

( also °padā or °padī ) the first day of a lunar fortnight ( esp. of the moon's wane ) AgP. L.

understanding, intelligence L.

taste for anything Jātakam

rank, consequence W.

a kettle-drum ib.

°paccandra m. the moon on the first day, the new moon ( esp. revered and saluted ) Ragh

°pat-tūrya n. a kind of kettle-drum ( cf. °patti-paṭaha ) L.

°pan-maya mfn. obedient, willing Jātakam

prati-padā [ pratipadA ]

or f. See under °pad

prati-padī [ pratipadI ]

f. See under °pad

prati-panna [ pratipanna ]

mfn. come up or resorted to, got into ( acc. ), approached, arrived MBh. Kālid

met with, obtained, found, gained, won Kād

overcome, conquered, subdued W.

undertaken, begun, done ib.

ascertained, known, understood Kum

familiar with ( loc. ) MBh.

convinced, sure of anything Śaṃk

one who has consented or agreed to or promised Kathās. ( also -vat ) Pañcat

agreed upon, promised, consented to, to R. Pañcat. ( -tva Śukas. )

avowed, acknowledged ( as a brother ), admitted ( as a debt ) Yājñ. Pañcat

answered, replied Kathās

offered, given, presented to ( loc. ) Āpast

acting or behaving towards ( loc. ) MBh.

-prayojana mfn. one who has attained his object R.

prati-pannaka [ pratipannaka ]

m. ' arrived at an aim ', ( with Buddh. ) N. of the 4 orders of Āryas ( viz. the Śrota-āpanna, Sakṛd- āgāmin, An-āgāmin, and Arhat ) L.

prati-pādaka [ pratipAdaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. causing to obtain, giving, presenting to ( loc. ) MBh. ( a-pratip° )

stating, demonstrating, explaining, teaching ( -tva n. ) MBh. Kāś. Vedântas

effective, accomplishing, promoting MW.

m. or n. ( ? ) a receptacle for hair L.

prati-pādana [ pratipAdana ]

n. causing to attain, giving, granting, bestowing on, presenting to ( loc. or comp. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

giving back, restoring, returning MBh. ( a-pratip° Kull. )

bringing back R.

putting in, appointing to ( loc. ), inauguration ib.

producing, causing, effecting, accomplishing W.

stating, setting forth, explaining, teaching, pro. pounding, illustrating Var. Śaṃk. Sāh

beginning, commencement MBh.

action, worldly conduct W.

prati-pādanīya [ pratipAdanIya ]

mfn. to be given, to be married Śak

to be propounded or discussed or treated of Kap. Sch.

to be accomplished MW.

prati-pādayitavya [ pratipAdayitavya ]

mfn. to be offered or given, Kā

prati-pādayitṛ [ pratipAdayitR ]

m. a giver, bestower on ( loc. ) Āpast

a teacher, propounder, instructor Kāś

prati-pādita [ pratipAdita ]

mfn. caused to attain, given ( also in marriage ), delivered, presented MBh. Hariv. R.

stated, proved, set forth, explained, taught MBh. Kathās. BhP.

( -tva n. ) Sāh

caused, effected, produced MBh. R.

prati-pāduka [ pratipAduka ]

mf ( ī ) n. recovering Śiś.

determining, ascertaining W.

causing, effecting ib.

prati-pādya [ pratipAdya ]

mfn. to be treated of or discussed, to be explained or propounded ( -tva. n. ) Śaṃk. Vedântas. Kāś