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 prati-√ vac [ prativac ]

P. -vakti, to announce, indicate, recommend RV. i, 41, 4 ( Ā. Subj. aor. -voce )

to speak back, answer, reply ( also with 2 acc. ) VS. etc.

to refute Śaṃk

prati-vaktavya [ prativaktavya ]

mfn. to be answered or replied to, to be given ( as an answer ) R.

to be opposed or contradicted ib.

to be contested or disputed Śaṃk

prati-vaktṛ [ prativaktR ]

mfn. answering to ( gen. ), explaining ( the law ) Baudh.

prati-vacana [ prativacana ]

m. a verse or formula serving as an answer ĀpŚr.

n. a dependent or final clause in a sentence Nir

an answer Mṛcch. Prab. etc.

an echo W.

°nī-kṛta mfn. answered Śak

prati-vacas [ prativacas ]

n. ( also with uttara ) an answer, reply MBh. Kathās

an echo W.

prati-vākya [ prativAkya ]

n. an answer Nal

mfn. answerable W.

prati-vāc [ prativAc ]

f. an answer Śiś.

( pl. ) yelling at ( acc. ) MBh.

prati-vācika [ prativAcika ]

n. an answer Naish

prati-vācya [ prativAcya ]

mfn. to be contradicted ( a-prativ° ) GobhGṛ.

práty-ukta [ pratyukta ]

mfn. answered ( pers. and thing ) Br. MBh. etc.

n. = next Megh

praty-ukti [ pratyukti ]

f. an answer, Satr