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pratyaya [ pratyaya ]  

m. belief firm conviction, trust, faith, assurance or certainty of ( gen., loc. or comp. )

proof, ascertainment Mn. MBh. etc. ( pratyayaṃ-√ gam, to acquire confidence, repose confidence in MBh.

asty atra pratyayo mama, that is my conviction Kathās

kah pratyayo 'tra, what assurance is there of that ? ib. )

conception, assumption, notion, idea KātyŚr. Nir. Śaṃk. etc.

( with Buddhists and Jainas ) fundamental notion or idea ( -tva n. ) Sarvad

consciousness, understanding, intelligence, intellect ( in Sāṃkhya = buddhi )

analysis, solution, explanation, definition L.

ground, basis, motive or cause of anything MBh. Kāv. etc. ( in med. ) = nimitta, hetu etc. Cat.

( with Buddhists ) a co-operating cause

the concurrent occasion of an event as distinguished from its approximate cause

an ordeal Kāty

want, need Kāraṇḍ

fame, notoriety Pāṇ. 8-2, 58

a subsequent sound or letter Prāt.

an affix or suffix to roots ( forming verbs, substantives, adjectives and all derivatives ) Prāt. Pāṇ.

an oath L.

usage, custom L.

religious meditation L.

a dependant or subject L.

a householder who keeps a sacred fire L.

-kara ( R. ), -kāraka ( Pañcat. ), kāraṇa ( Śak. ) , mfn. one who awakens confidence, trustworthy

-kārin mfn. id. L.

( iṇī ), f. a seal, signet L.

-tattva-prakāśikā f. N. of wk.

-tva n. ( cf. above ) the being a cause, causality Sarvad

-dhātu m. the stem of a nominal verb Pat.

-prativacana n. a certain or distinct answer, Sak

-mauktika-mālā f. N. of wk.

-lopa m. ( in gram. ) elision of an affix

-sarga m. ( in Sāṃkhya ) the creation which proceeds from Buddha

-svara m. ( in gram. ) an accent on an affix

°ayâtma mfn. causing confidence R. ( v.l. pratyag-ātma )

°ayâdhi m. a pledge which causes confidence in regard to a debt L.

-ayânta-śabda-kṛd-anta-vyūha m. N. of wk.

pratyayāya [ pratyayAya ]  

Nom. P. °yati, to convince HPariś. ( prob. w.r. for Caus. praty-āyayati )

pratyayika [ pratyayika ]  

mfn. ( in ātma-pr° ) that of which everybody can convince himself. MBh.

pratyayita [ pratyayita ]  

mfn. proved, trustworthy ( compar. -tara ) Jaim

w.r. for °tyāyita Pañcat

pratyayitavya [ pratyayitavya ]  

mfn. credible Śaṃk

pratyayin [ pratyayin ]  

mfn. deserving confidence, trustworthy R.

trusting, believing W.

 pratyaya [ pratyaya ]  

etc. See p. 673, col. 3