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 pra-√ vṛt [ pravRt ]

Ā. -vartate, ( ep. also P. °ti ), to roll or go onwards ( as a carriage ), be set in motion or going ChUp. MBh. etc.

to set out, depart, betake one's self MBh. R. etc.

to proceed ( vartmanā, or °ni, on a path

apathena, on a wrong path ) Kāv. Kathās

to come forth, issue, originate, arise, be produced, result , occur, happen, take place VS. Br. MBh. etc.

to commence, begin to ( inf. ), set about, engage in, be intent upon or occupied with ( dat., loc., or artham ifc. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

to proceed against, do injury to ( loc. ) MBh. R. Ragh.

to debauch ( anyo 'nyam, ' one another ' ) MBh.

to act or proceed according to or with ( instr. or abl. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

to behave or conduct one's self towards, deal with ( loc. ) ib.

to hold good, prevail ib.

to continue, keep on ( pr. p. ) Hariv. Sarvad

to be, exist MārkP.

to serve for, conduce to ( dat., or artham ifc. ) Sarvad

to mean, be used in the sense of ( loc. ) ib.

to let any one ( gen. ) have anything ( acc. ) MBh. : Caus. -vartayati, to cause to turn or roll, set in motion RV. etc.

to throw, hurl, Pour forth RV. MaitrS.

to send Prab

to set on foot, circulate, diffuse, divulge MBh. Kāv. etc.

to introduce, appoint, install ib.

to produce, create, accomplish, devise, invent, perform, do , make ib. ( with setum to erect a dam

with vyayakarma, to effect expenditure

with loka-yātrām, to transact the business of life

with kathām, to relate a story )

to exhibit, show, display R. BhP.

to undertake, begin KātyŚr. MBh. etc.

to use, employ Bhaṭṭ.

to induce any one to do anything, betray into ( loc. ) Kathās

to proceed against ( loc. ) MBh.

pra-vṛ't [ pravRt ]

f. ( ? ) VS. xv, 9

pra-vṛtta [ pravRtta ]

mfn. rotund, globular ŚāṅkhBr.

driven up ( as a carriage ) ChUp.

circulated ( as a book ) Pañcat

set out from ( -tas ), going to, bound for ( acc., loc., inf., or artham ifc.

dakṣiṇena, ' southwards '

with pathā ', proceeding on a path ' ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

issued from ( abl. ), come forth, resulted, arisen, produced , brought about, happened, occurred VS. etc.

come back, returned MBh.

commenced, begun MBh. Kāv. etc.

( also -vat mfn. ) having set about or commenced to ( inf. ) Kathās

purposing or going to, bent upon ( dat., loc., or comp. ) Kāv. Kathās. Rājat

engaged in, occupied with, devoted to ( loc. or comp. ) Mn. MBh. etc.

hurting, injuring, offending MBh.

acting, proceeding, dealing with ( loc. ) Mn. MBh. etc.

existing Āpast

who or what has become ( with nom. ) R.

( with karman n. action ) causing a continuation of mundane existence Mn. xii, 88

w.r. for pra-cṛtta and pra-nṛtta

( °vṛttá ), m. = °varta, a round ornament ŚBr.

( ā f. N. of a female demon MārkP. )

-karman n. any act leading to a future birth W.

-cakra mfn. ' whose chariot wheels run on unimpeded ', having universal power ( °kra-tā f. ) Yājñ.

-tva n. the having happened or occurred Jaim

-pānīya mfn. ( a well ) with abundant water MBh.

-pāraṇa n. a partic. religious observance or ceremony Śak. ( v.l. )

-vāc mfn. of fluent speech, eloquent MBh.

-samprahāra mfn. one who has begun the fight ( °ra-tva n. ) Kathās

°ttâśin m. N. of a partic. class of ascetics Baudh.

pra-vṛttaka [ pravRttaka ]

n. -vartaka n. Pratāp

N. of a metre Col.

pra-vṛtti [ pravRtti ]

f. moving onwards, advance, progress GṛŚrS. MBh. Suśr.

coming forth, appearance, manifestation ŚvetUp. Kālid. Rājat

rise, source, origin. MBh.

activity, exertion, efficacy, function Kap. Sāṃkhyak. MBh. etc. ( in the Nyāya one of the 82 Prameyas IW. 63 )

active life ( as opp. to ni-vṛtti [ q.v. ] and to contemplative devotion, and defined as consisting of the wish to act , knowledge of the means, and accomplishment of the object ) W.

giving or devoting one's self to, prosecution of. course or tendency towards, inclination or predilection for ( loc. or comp. ) Rājat. Hit. Sāh

application, use, employment Mn. MBh. MārkP.

conduct, behaviour, practice Mn. MBh. etc.

the applicability or validity of a rule KātyŚr. Pāṇ. Sch.

currency, continuance, prevalence ib.

fate, lot, destiny R.

news, tidings, intelligence of ( gen. or comp. ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

cognition ( with viṣaya-vatī, ' a sensuous cognition ' ) Yogas

the exudation from the temples of a rutting elephant L. ( cf. Vikr. iv, 47 )

N. of Avanti or Oujein or any holy place L.

( in arithm. ) the multiplier W. ( w.r. for pra-kṛti ? )

-jña, m. ' knowing the news ', an emissary, agent. spy L.

-jñóna n. -vijñāna Sarvad

-nimitta n. the reason for the use of any term in the particular significations which it bears MW.

-nivṛtti-mat mfn. connected with activity and inactivity BhP.

paróṅmukha mf ( ī ) n. disinclined to give tidings Vikr

-pratyaya m. a belief in or conception of the things relating to the external world Buddh.

-mat mfn. devoted to anything, Kaiy

mārga m. active or worldly life, occupancy about the business and pleasures of the world or with the rites and works of religion MW.

-vacana mfn. ( a word ) expressing activity Kāś. on Pāṇ. 2-3 , 51

-vijñāna n. cognition of the things belonging to the external world Buddh.

°tty-aṅga n. N. of wk.