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prêkṣaka [ prekSaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. looking at, viewing or intending to view MBh. R. Hariv.

considering, judging Yājñ. Sch.

m. a spectator, member of an audience MānGṛ.

°kêrita mfn. ( a word ) uttered by a spectator MBh.

prêkṣaṇa [ prekSaNa ]

n. viewing, looking at or on ( at a performance ) GṛS. Mn. BhP.

( ifc. ā ) a view, look, sight Megh

the eye Suśr.

any public show or spectacle Mn. Pañcat. Kathās

a place where public exhibitions are held W.

-kūṭa n. the pupil of the eye Suśr.

°ṇâlambha n. sg. looking at and touching ( women ) Mn. ii, 179

prêkṣaṇaka [ prekSaNaka ]

mfn. looking at, a spectator Yājñ.

n. a spectacle, show ( as opp. to reality ) Bālar. Hcat

prêkṣaṇika [ prekSaNika ]

mfn. = prec., mfn. W.

m. an actor ( ? ) Vet

( ā ), f. a woman fond of seeing shows W.

prêkṣaṇīya [ prekSaNIya ]

mfn. to be seen, visible Śak

( ifc. ) looking like, resembling Megh

worth seeing, sightly, beautiful to the view MBh. Kālid

n. a show, spectacle Vet

-ka n. = prec. n. Kathās

-tama and -tara mfn. most and more sightly or beautiful MBh.

-tā f. sightliness, beautifulness Rājat