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puṭa [ puTa ]

m. n. a fold, pocket, hollow space, slit, concavity ( ifc. f. ā ) Mn. MBh. etc. ( also ī f. Śāntiśs. )

a cloth worn to cover the privities ( also ī f. ) W.

a horse's hoof. L.

an eyelid ( cf. -bheda )

m. a cup or basket or vessel made of leaves ŚBr. ( cf. ūṣa- ) Mn. MBh. etc.

a casket ( = sampuṭa ) L.

the enveloping or wrapping of any substance ( esp. for baking or heating it ; puṭa-pāka ). Bhpr.

any cake or pastry filled with seasoning or stuffing of any kind ib.

N. of a metre ( = śkī-puṭa ) L.

of a man, g. aśvâdi

n. a nutmeg L.

two vessels joined together ( for the sublimation of medicinal substances ) W.

puṭa-kanda [ puTakanda ]

m. a species of bulbous plant L.

puṭa-grīva [ puTagrIva ]

m. ' hollow-necked ', a churn L.

a copper vessel L.

puṭa-dhenu [ puTadhenu ]

f. a not yet full-grown cow with a calf Hcat

puṭa-pāka [ puTapAka ]

m. a partic. method of preparing drugs ( the various substances being wrapped up in leaves, covered with clay, and heated in fire ) Car. Bhpr.

digesting, subliming W.

-yukti f. the application of the method called puṭa-pāka Suśr.

puṭa-bhid [ puTabhid ]

mfn. burst or cleft asunder Var

puṭa-bheda [ puTabheda ]

m. a bend or the mouth of a river L.

' parting of the eye-lids ', opening Uttarar. vi, 3

a town L.

a kind of musical instrument L.

puṭa-bhedaka [ puTabhedaka ]

mfn. = -bhid Var

puṭa-bhedana [ puTabhedana ]

n. a town, city MBh.

puṭâñjali [ puTAJjali ]

m. the two hollowed hands put together ( cf. añjali ) Hcat

puṭâpuṭikā [ puTApuTikA ]

f. g. śākapārthivâdi

puṭâlu [ puTAlu ]

m. a species of bulbous plant L.

puṭâhvaya [ puTAhvaya ]

m. = puṭa-pāka, Susr

puṭôṭaja [ puToTaja ]

n. a white umbrella or parasol L.

puṭôdaka [ puTodaka ]

n. ' having water in its hollow or interior ', a cocoa-nut L.