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puro [ puro ]

in comp. for puras

puro-agni [ puroagni ]

( puró- ), m. the foremost Agni, fire in front VS.

puro-'kṣám [ purokSam ]

ind. before the axle-tree ŚBr.

puro-ga [ puroga ]

mf ( ā ) n. going before, leading, a leader, chief principal ( ifc. preceded or accompanied by ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

puro-gata [ purogata ]

mfn. standing or being in front or before a person's eyes Ragh

preceded, gone before W.

puro-gati [ purogati ]

m. a dog L.

puro-gantṛ [ purogantR ]

m. a messenger who goes before Pāṇ. Sch.

puro-gama [ purogama ]

mfn. = -ga MBh. Kāv. etc.

puro-gamana [ purogamana ]

n. going before, preceding W.

puro-gavá [ purogava ]

m. one who precedes, a leader ( f. °ví ) RV. AV.

puro-gā' [ purogA ]

m. a leader RV. VS. etc.

puro-gāmin [ purogAmin ]

mfn. going before, preceding

m. a leader or a dog L.

puro-guru [ puroguru ]

mfn. heavy before or in front, TāṇdBr.

puro-granthi [ purogranthi ]

mfn. = purastādg° ĀpŚr.

puro-janman [ purojanman ]

mfn. born before

°ma-tā f. priority of birth Ragh

puro-java [ purojava ]

mfn. excelling in speed, swifter than (comp. ) BhP.

m. one who goes before, a servant, attendant ( ifc. accompanied by, furnished with ), Divy^atv

N. of a son of Medh^atithi and the Varsha ruled by hini BhP.

of Pr'aṇa ib.

puro-jiti [ purojiti ]

( puró- ), f. previous possession or acquisition RV.

puro-jyotis [ purojyotis ]

mfn. preceded by light or radiance AitBr.

puro-ḍāś [ puroDAz ]

( or -lā'ś nom. -Lā's ), m. a mass of ground rice rounded into a kind of cake ( usually divided into pieces, placed on receptacles ; kapāla ). and offered as an oblation in fire RV. etc.

puro-ḍāśá [ puroDAza ]

m. id. AV. etc. ( RTL. 367 )

any oblation Mn. v, 23

the leavings of an offering L.

Soma juice L.

a prayer recited while offering oblations in fire Pāṇ. Sch.

-tā f. state or condition of an oblation

acc. with √ , to offer in fire, burn Pārvat

-bṛgalá n. a piece of the sacrificial cake ŚBr.

-bhuj. m. eater of the sacrificial cake, a god Śiś.

-vatsā ( ḍāśá- ), f. having a sacrificial cake for a calf. AV.

-sviṣṭakṛt m. the Svishṭakṛt connected with the sacrificial cake AitBr.

-hara m. ' receiver of the sacrificial cake ', N. of Viṣṇu Viṣṇ

°śika mf ( ī ) n. Pāṇ. 4-3, 70

sín mfn. connected with the sacrificial cake TS.

°śīya mfn. relating to or destined for the sacrificial cake ĀpŚr.

°śâḍā' f. the Iḍā portion of the sacrificial cake ŚBr.

°śyá mfn. = °śīya MaitrS.

puro-dha [ purodha ]

( m. c. ) or m. ' placed at the head ', chief priest of a king, domestic chaplain MBh. Kāv. etc.

puro-dhas [ purodhas ]

m. ' placed at the head ', chief priest of a king, domestic chaplain MBh. Kāv. etc.

N. of a man Saṃskārak.

puro-√ dhā [ purodhA ]

P. A. -dadhāti, -dhatte, ( Ā. ) to place before or at the head, to appoint ( esp. to priestly functions ), charge, commission RV. etc.

to propose ( as a prize ) RV. v, 86, 5

( P. ) to place foremost, value highly, esteem, honour, be intent upon or zealous for, take to heart RV. etc.

puro-dhā [ purodhA ]

f. charge, commission, ( esp. ) the rank and office of a Purohita TS. AV. Br.

-kāma ( -dhā'- ), mfn. desirous of the rank of a Purohita TBr.

puro-dhātṛ [ purodhAtR ]

m. the giver of a commission, the appointer of a Purohita AitBr.

puro-dhāna [ purodhAna ]

n. priestly ministration Sāy

puro-dhānīya [ purodhAnIya ]

m. = puro-hita TāṇḍBr.

puro-dhikā [ purodhikA ]

f. preferred to other women, a favourite wife Hariv.

puro-niḥsaraṇa [ puroniHsaraNa ]

n. going out first Kāv

puro-'nuvākyā' [ puronuvAkyA ]

f. ( sc. ṛc ) an introductory or invitatory verse AV. TS. Br.

°kyâ-vat mfn. having an introductory verse ŚBr.

puro-balāka [ purobalAka ]

mfn. ' having ( only ) cranes in front of one's self ', overtaking all others ( said of Parjanya ) ṢaḍvBr.

puro-bhaktakā [ purobhaktakA ]

f. breakfast Divyâv

puro-bhāga [ purobhAga ]

m. the front or forepart ( mama ge, before me ) Daś

officiousness, obtrusiveness ( °gammuc, to quit the field, retire discomfited ) Hariv. Kād

malevolence, envy Mālav

mf ( ā ) n. standing before a person's eyes R.

obtrusive, meddlesome MW.

puro-bhāgin [ purobhAgin ]

mfn. taking the first share, obtrusive, forward Kālid

grudging, censorious, malevolent Rājat

puro-bhāvin [ purobhAvin ]

mfn. impending, imminent Kathās

puro-bhū' [ purobhU ]

mfn. being in front or at the head of, excelling, superior to ( acc. ) RV.

puro-māruta [ puromAruta ]

m. a wind blowing from before or in front, east wind ( opp. to paścānṃ° ) Ragh

puro-mukha [ puromukha ]

mfn. having its face or aperture directed towards the east, Kaus

puro-yā'van [ puroyAvan ]

mfn. going in front, leading RV.

puro-yúdh [ puroyudh ]

or mfn. fighting before or in front RV.

puro-yodhá [ puroyodha ]

mfn. fighting before or in front RV.

puro-rathá [ puroratha ]

mfn. ' one whose chariot is foremost ', leaving all behind, pre-eminent, superior RV.

puro-rukka [ purorukka ]

See a-puror°

puro-rúc [ puroruc ]

mfn. shining in front or in the east RV.

f. N. of partic. Nivid formularies recited at the morning oblation in the Ājya ceremony before the principal hymn or any part of it TS. Br.

-rug-adhyāya m. N. of wk.

-ruṅ-mat mfn. furnished with Parjanya ŚBr.

puro-vat [ purovat ]

ind. as before BhP.

puro-vatsa [ purovatsa ]

m. N. of a man L.

puro-vartin [ purovartin ]

mfn. being before a person's eyes, Mallin

forward, obtrusive Nīlak. on Hariv.

puro-vasu [ purovasu ]

mfn. preceded or accompanied by wealth TBr.

puro-vātá [ purovAta ]

m. = -mārnta ( ifc. f. ā ) TS. etc.

the wind preceding a thunderstorm ChUp.

-sáni mfn. bringing east wind TS.

puro-vāda [ purovAda ]

m. a former mention Nyāyam

puro-vṛtta [ purovRtta ]

mf ( ā ) n. being or going before, preceding Hariv.

puro-vṛṣêndra [ purovRSendra ]

mfn. preceded or accompanied by an excellent bull BhP.

puro-havis [ purohavis ]

( puró- ), mfn. having the sacrifice in front or towards the east TS.

puro-hita [ purohita ]

( puro-. ), mfn. placed foremost or in front, charged, commissioned, appointed

m. one holding a charge or commission, an agent

( esp. ) a family priest, a domestic chaplain RV. etc. ( RTL. 352 etc. )

-karman n. N. of 3rd Pariś. of AV.

-tva n. the rank of a Purohita MBh.

puro-hiti [ purohiti ]

f. priestly ministration ( = puro-dhāna, Sly. ) RV.

puro-hitikā [ purohitikA ]

f. a favourite wife ( cf. puro-dhikā ) or N. of a woman, g. śivâdi