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 rāśí [ rAzi ]

m. ( cf. L. also f. once m. c. in cf. R. ī, f.

derivation doubtful, but cf. Uṇ. iv, 32 ) a heap, mass, pile , group, multitude, quantity, number cf. RV. etc.

( in arithm. ) a sum or the figure or figures put down for an operation ( such as multiplying, dividing etc. ) cf. Col.

a measure of quantity ( = droṇa ) cf. ŚārṅgS.

a sign of the zodiac ( as being a certain sum or quantity of degrees ), one-twelfth part of the ecliptic, an astrological house cf. MBh. cf. VarBṛS. etc. ( cf. IW. 178 )

a heap of corn cf. L.

N. of an Ek^aha cf. ŚrS.

rāśí-gata [ rAzigata ]

mfn. placed in a heap, heaped, piled up cf. MW.

summed up, computed, algebraic or arithmetical cf. Col.

rāśí-cakra [ rAzicakra ]

n. the zodiacal circle, zodiac cf. Col.

N. of a partic. mystical circle cf. Cat.

rāśí-traya [ rAzitraya ]

n. ' triad of numbers ', ( in arithm. ) the rule of three

rāśí-dāśā-phala [ rAzidAzAphala ]

n. N. of wk.

rāśí-nāman [ rAzinAman ]

n. a name given to a child taken from the Rāśi under which he is born cf. MW.

rāśí-pa [ rAzipa ]

m. the regent of an astrological house cf. VarBṛS.

rāśí-pravibhāga [ rAzipravibhAga ]

m. a division or distribution of the 12 signs of the zodiac under the 28 Nakshatras ( N. of cf. VarBṛS. cii )

rāśí-prâyaścitta [ rAziprAyazcitta ]

n. N. of wk.

rāśí-bhāga [ rAzibhAga ]

m. a fraction cf. Col.

°gânubandha m. the addition of a fraction cf. ib.

°gâpavāha m. the subtraction of a fraction cf. ib.

rāśí-bheda [ rAzibheda ]

m. a portion or division of a zodiacal sign or astrological house cf. VarBṛS.

rāśí-bhoga [ rAzibhoga ]

m. the passage of the sun or moon or any planet through the sign of a planet cf. W.

rāśí-marāya [ rAzimarAya ]

n. N. of two Sāmans cf. ĀrshBr.

rāśí-vyavahāra [ rAzivyavahAra ]

m. ( in arithm. ) the method for finding the quantity contained in a heap cf. Līl

rāśí-śas [ rAzizas ]

ind. in heaps cf. Śiś.

rāśí-stha [ rAzistha ]

mfn. standing in a heap, heaped up, accumulated cf. Kathās