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rájas [ rajas ]

n. ' coloured or dim space ', the sphere of vapour or mist, region of clouds, atmosphere, air, firmament ( in Veda one of the divisions of the world and distinguished from div or svar, ' the sphere of light ', and rocanā divaḥ, ' the ethereal spaces ', which are beyond the rajas, as ether is beyond the air ; often rajas = ' the whole expanse of heaven or sky ', divided into a lower and upper stratum, the rajas uparam or pārthivam and the rajas uttamam or paramam or divyam ; hence du. rajasī, ' the lower and higher atmospheres ' ; sometimes also three and RV. i, 164, 6 even six such spheres are enumerated, hence pl. rajāṃsi, ' the skies ' ), RV. AV. TS. VS. Br.

vapour, mist, clouds, gloom, dimness, darkness, RV. AV.

impurity, dirt, dust, any small particle of matter, RV. etc. ( cf. go-r° )

the dust or pollen of flowers, Kālid. BhP.

cultivated or ploughed land ( as ' dusty ' or ' dirty ' ), arable land, fields, RV.

the impurity, i.e. the menstrual discharge of a woman, GṛS. Mn. MBh. Suśr. etc.

the ' darkening ' quality, passion, emotion, affection, MBh. Kāv. etc.

( in phil. ) the second of the three Guṇas or qualities ( the other two being sattva, goodness, and tamas, darkness : cf. IW. 85 : rajas is sometimes identified with tejas, q.v. : it is said to predominate in air, and to be active, urgent, and variable ), Sāṃkhyak. VarBṛS. Suśr. etc.

' light ' or ' day ' or ' world ' or ' water, ' Nir. iv, 19

a kind of plant ( = parpaṭa ), Bhpr.

tin, L.

autumn, L.

sperm, L.

safflower, L.

m., N. of a Ṛṣi ( son of Vasiṣṭha ), VP. [ Cf. Gk. ἔ-ρεβος ; Goth. riqis . ]

rájas-tamaska [ rajastamaska ]

mfn. ( any one or any thing ) under the influence of the two qualities rajas and tamas ( above ), BhP.

rájas-tamo-maya [ rajastamomaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. made up or consisting of and ( cf. prec. ), MārkP.

rájas-tas [ rajastas ]

ind. from the dust, Pracaṇḍ

rájas-túr [ rajastur ]

mfn. penetrating the sky, hastening through the air, RV.

rájas-toka [ rajastoka ]

m. n. ' offspring of passion ', avarice, greediness, BhP.

rájas-vala [ rajasvala ]

mf ( ā ) n. covered with dust, dusty, MBh. BhP.

full of the quality rajas, full of passion, Mn. vi, 77

having water ( = udaka-vat ), Nir. Sch.

m. a buffalo, L.

uṣṭra or gardabha, Sāy. ( cf. rajêṣita under 2. raja, col. 1 )

( ā ), f. a menstruating or marriageable woman, GṛS. Mn. MBh. etc.

rájas-vin [ rajasvin ]

mfn. dusty, full of dust or pollen, Cat.

full of the quality rajas, ib.