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rása [ rasa ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) the sap or juice of plants, juice of fruit, any liquid or fluid, the best or finest or prime part of anything, essence, marrow, RV. etc.

water, liquor, drink, MBh. Kāv. etc.

juice of the sugar-cane, syrup, Suśr.

any mixture, draught, elixir, potion, R. BhP.

melted butter, L.

( with or scil. gavām ) milk, MBh.

( with or scil. viṣasya ) poison, Daś. Rājat.

nectar, L.

soup, broth, L.

a constituent fluid or essential juice of the body, serum, ( esp. ) the primary juice called chyle ( formed from the food and changed by the bile into blood ), ib.

mercury, quicksilver ( sometimes regarded as a kind of quintessence of the human body, elsewhere as the seminal fluid of Śiva ), Sarvad.

semen virile, RV. i, 105, 2

myrrh, L.

any mineral or metallic salt, Cat.

a metal or mineral in a state of fusion ( cf. upa-, mahā-r° )

gold, L.

Vanguieria Spinosa, L.

a species of amaranth, L.

green onion, L.

resin, L.

= amṛta, L.

taste, flavour ( as the principal quality of fluids, of which there are 6 original kinds, viz. madhura, sweet; amla, sour; lavaṇa, salt; kaṭuka, pungent; tikta, bitter; and kaṣāya, astringent; sometimes 63 varieties are distinguished, viz. beside the 6 original ones, 15 mixtures of 2, 20 of 3, 15 of 4, 6 of 5, and 1 of 6 flavours ), ŚBr. etc.

N. of the number ' six ', VarBṛS. Śrutab.

any object of taste, condiment, sauce, spice, seasoning, MBh. Kāv. etc.

the tongue ( as the organ of taste ), BhP.

taste or inclination or fondness for ( loc. with or scil. upari, or comp. ), love, affection, desire, MBh. Kāv. etc.

charm, pleasure, delight, ib.

( in rhet. ) the taste or character of a work, the feeling or sentiment prevailing in it ( from 8 to 10 Rasas are generally enumerated, viz. śṛṅgāra, love; vīra, heroism; bībhatsa, disgust; raudra, anger or fury; hāsya, mirth; bhayānaka, terror; karuṇa, pity; adbhuta, wonder; śānta, tranquillity or contentment; vātsalya, paternal fondness; the last or last two are sometimes omitted; cf. under bhāva ), Bhar. Daśar. Kāvyâ`d. etc.

the prevailing sentiment in human character, Uttarar. Rājat.

( with Vaiṣṇavas ) disposition of the heart or mind, religious sentiment ( there are 5 Rasas or Ratis forming the 5 degrees of bhakti, q.v., viz. śānti, dāsya, sākhya, vātsalya, and mādhurya ), W.

a kind of metre, Piṅg

N. of the sacred syllable ' Om, ' ŚāṅkhGṛ.

the son of a Nishāda and a Śanakī, L.

( ā ), f., see s.v.

rása-kaṅkāli [ rasakaGkAli ]

m. N. of a medical wk. by Kaṅkāli

rása-kadamba-kallolinī [ rasakadambakallolinI ]

f. N. of a cf. Comm. on Gita-govinda

rása-karpūra [ rasakarpUra ]

n. sublimate of mercury cf. Bhpr.

rása-karman [ rasakarman ]

n. a sacrificial rite connected with ( the sipping of ) liquids cf. Kauś

= -kalpanā cf. Sarvad

rása-kalikā [ rasakalikA ]

f. N. of wk. on rhetoric

rása-kalpanā [ rasakalpanA ]

f. preparation of quicksilver cf. Cat.

rása-kalpa-latā [ rasakalpalatA ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-kalpa-sāra-stava [ rasakalpasArastava ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-kalyāṇī-vrata [ rasakalyANIvrata ]

n. N. of a partic. ceremony and of various wks.

rása-kaṣāya [ rasakaSAya ]

m. or n. N. of a medical wk.

rása-kulyā [ rasakulyA ]

f. N. of a river in Kuśa-dvipa cf. BhP.

rása-ketu [ rasaketu ]

m. N. of a prince cf. L.

rása-kesara [ rasakesara ]

n. camphor cf. L.

rása-komala [ rasakomala ]

n. a partic. mineral cf. Cat.

rása-kautuka [ rasakautuka ]

n. N. of a medical wk.

rása-kaumudī [ rasakaumudI ]

f. N. of various wks.

rása-kriyā [ rasakriyA ]

f. the inspissation and application of fluid remedies or fomentations cf. Suśr.

rása-gaṅgā-dhara [ rasagaGgAdhara ]

m. N. of an author

°rīya n. his wk.

rása-gandha [ rasagandha ]

m. or n. myrrh cf. L. ( v.l. -bhaṅga )

N. of wk.

rása-gandhaka [ rasagandhaka ]

m. myrrh cf. L.

brimstone, sulphur cf. L.

rása-garbha [ rasagarbha ]

n. a collyrium made from the juice of Curcuma Xanthorrhiza cf. Bhpr.

an ointment made from the calx of brass cf. L.

cinnabar cf. L.

rása-gāndhāra [ rasagAndhAra ]

m. or n. N. of wk.

rása-guṇa [ rasaguNa ]

mfn. possessing the quality of taste cf. Mn. i, 78

rása-govinda [ rasagovinda ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-graha [ rasagraha ]

mfn. apprehending flavours, having a taste for enjoyments cf. BhP.

m. the organ of taste cf. ib.

rása-grāhaka [ rasagrAhaka ]

mfn. apprehending or perceiving flavours cf. Tarkas

rása-ghaná [ rasaghana ]

mfn. full of juice, consisting entirely of juice cf. ŚBr.

rása-ghna [ rasaghna ]

m. borax cf. L.

rása-candra [ rasacandra ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-candrikā [ rasacandrikA ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-cintāmaṇi [ rasacintAmaNi ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-cūḍāmaṇi [ rasacUDAmaNi ]

m. a partic. preparation cf. L.

rása-ja [ rasaja ]

mfn. bred in fluids cf. Mn. xi, 143

proceeding from chyle cf. L.

m. sugar, molasses cf. L.

any insect engendered by the fermentation of liquids cf. W.

n. blood cf. L.

rása-jāta [ rasajAta ]

n. an ointment prepared from the calx of brass cf. L.

rása-jña [ rasajJa ]

mfn. knowing tastes or the taste of, appreciative ( gen. or comp. ) cf. Kāv. cf. Pur. cf. Kathās

familiar with ( loc. or comp. ) cf. Ragh. cf. Uttarar

m. a poet or any writer who understands the Rasas cf. W.

an alchemist who understands the magical properties of mercury cf. ib.

a physician or any preparer of mercurial and chemical compounds cf. ib.

n. and ā ), f. the tongue cf. Kāv. cf. BhP.

-tā f. or -tva n. knowledge of flavours, poetical skill or taste, discrimination, judgement, experience, familiarity with ( gen. or comp. ) cf. Kāv. cf. Kām. cf. Kathās

alchemy cf. W.

rása-jñāna [ rasajJAna ]

n. knowledge of tastes ( a branch of medical science ) cf. Suśr.

rása-jyeṣṭha [ rasajyeSTha ]

m. the first or best taste, sweet taste, sweetness cf. L.

the sentiment of love cf. W.

rása-jvara [ rasajvara ]

m. ( prob. ) a gastric fever cf. HPariś.

rása-tattva-sāra [ rasatattvasAra ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-tanmātra [ rasatanmAtra ]

n. the subtle element or rudiment of taste cf. Tattvas

rása-tama [ rasatama ]

( rása- ), m. the juice of all juices, essence of essences cf. ŚBr. cf. ChUp.

rása-taraṃgiṇī [ rasataraMgiNI ]

f. N. of various wks.

rása-tas [ rasatas ]

ind. according to taste or flavour cf. MBh.

rása-tā [ rasatA ]

f. juiciness, fluidity cf. MBh. cf. Kād. etc. ( -tām upêtam, become fluid )

rása-tejas [ rasatejas ]

n. ' strength of the chyle ', blood cf. L.

rása-tva [ rasatva ]

n. the being chyle, state of chyle cf. MBh.

-jāti-pramāṇa n. N. of wk.

rása-da [ rasada ]

mfn. emitting juice or sap, exuding resin cf. Nalôd

m. ' giver of fluids or mixtures ', a physician cf. MBh.

rása-daṇḍa [ rasadaNDa ]

m. ( prob. ) a magic wand cf. Pañcad

rása-darpaṇa [ rasadarpaNa ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-dālikā [ rasadAlikA ]

f. a kind of sugar-cane cf. L.

rása-dīpikā [ rasadIpikA ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-dīrghikā [ rasadIrghikA ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-drāvin [ rasadrAvin ]

m. a kind of citron cf. L.

rása-dhátu [ rasadhatu ]

m. ' fluid metal ', quicksilver cf. L.

rása-dhenu [ rasadhenu ]

f. a cow consisting of fruit-juice cf. Hcat

rása-nātha [ rasanAtha ]

m. ' chief of fluids ', quicksilver cf. L.

rása-nābha [ rasanAbha ]

n. = -jāta cf. L.

rása-nāyaka [ rasanAyaka ]

m. ' lord of the feelings ', N. of Kāmadeva cf. Vcar.

of Śiva cf. L.

rása-nibandha [ rasanibandha ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-nirūpaṇa [ rasanirUpaNa ]

n. N. of wk.

rása-nivṛtti [ rasanivRtti ]

f. cessation or loss of taste cf. W.

rása-netrikā [ rasanetrikA ]

or f. realgar, red arsenic cf. L.

rása-netrī [ rasanetrI ]

f. realgar, red arsenic cf. L.

rása-n-tamá [ rasantama ]

m. = rása-tama cf. ŚBr.

rása-pati [ rasapati ]

m. = -nātha cf. L.

rása-paddhati [ rasapaddhati ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-padma-candrikā [ rasapadmacandrikA ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-padmâkara [ rasapadmAkara ]

m. ( and °ra-campū f. ) N. of wk.

rása-parimala [ rasaparimala ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-parpaṭī [ rasaparpaTI ]

f. a partic. preparation of mercury cf. Bhpr.

rása-pāka-ja [ rasapAkaja ]

m. ' produced by the maturing of juices ', sugar cf. L.

rása-pācaka [ rasapAcaka ]

m. ' cooker of sauces or flavours ', a cook cf. MBh.

rása-pārijāta [ rasapArijAta ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-puṣpa [ rasapuSpa ]

n. a partic. preparation of mercury, a kind of muriate ( formed by subliming a mixture of sulphur, mercury, and common salt in closed vessel ) cf. W.

rása-prakāśa [ rasaprakAza ]

m. ( and °śa-sudhâkara, m. ),

rása-pradīpa [ rasapradIpa ]

m. N. of various wks.

rása-prabandha [ rasaprabandha ]

m. ' connection of Rasas ', any poetical composition, ( esp. ) a drama cf. Vikr

rása-prâśanī [ rasaprAzanI ]

f. N. of the verse cf. AV. v, 2, 3 cf. Kauś

rása-phala [ rasaphala ]

m. a cocoa-nut tree ( the fruit of which contains a fluid ) cf. L.

rása-bandhana [ rasabandhana ]

n. ( prob. ) a partic. pan of the intestines cf. R.

rása-bodha [ rasabodha ]

m. knowledge of taste ( esp. in poetical composition ) cf. MW.

rása-bhaṅga [ rasabhaGga ]

m. interruption or cessation of passion or sentiment cf. W.

v.l. for -gandha, q.v.

rása-bhava [ rasabhava ]

n. = -ja n.

rása-bhasman [ rasabhasman ]

n. calx or oxide of mercury cf. W.

°ma-vidhi m. N. of wk.

rása-bhāva-vid [ rasabhAvavid ]

mfn. knowing the sentiments and passions cf. Śiś.

rása-bheda [ rasabheda ]

m. a variety of different mixtures ( °dīya mfn. relating to them ), Lil

a partic. preparation of quicksilver cf. MBh.

rása-bhedin [ rasabhedin ]

mfn. of different taste or flavour cf. MBh.

discharging juice ( said of fruits which burst with ripeness ) cf. MW.

rása-bheṣaja-kalpa [ rasabheSajakalpa ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-bhoga-muktâvalī [ rasabhogamuktAvalI ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-bhojana [ rasabhojana ]

mfn. feeding on liquids or fluids cf. VarBṛS.

n. an entertainment given to Brāhmans in which they are feasted with the juice of mangoes cf. MW.

rása-mañjarī [ rasamaJjarI ]

f. N. of various wks.

-guṇa-leśa-sūcakâṣṭaka n. -parimala m. prakāśa m. -sthūla- tātparyârtha m. N. of wks.

rása-maṇi [ rasamaNi ]

m. N. of a medical wk.

rása-maya [ rasamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. formed of juice, consisting of fluid , liquid cf. Kathās. cf. BhP.

consisting of quicksilver cf. Sarvad

whose essence is taste, savoury ( as water ) cf. BhP.

delightful, charming cf. MārkP.

rása-mala [ rasamala ]

m. or n. the refuse of juices ( of the body ), impure excretions cf. Kap

rása-mahârṇava [ rasamahArNava ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-mātṛ [ rasamAtR ]

or f. ' mother of taste ', the tongue. cf. L.

rása-mātṛkā [ rasamAtRkA ]

f. ' mother of taste ', the tongue. cf. L.

rása-mātra [ rasamAtra ]

n. = -tanmātra cf. BhP.

rása-miśra [ rasamizra ]

mfn. mixed with fluids cf. Kauś

rása-mīmāṃsā [ rasamImAMsA ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-muktâvali [ rasamuktAvali ]

f. N. of wk.

rása-mūlā [ rasamUlA ]

f. N. of a Prākṛt metre cf. Col.

rása-yāmala [ rasayAmala ]

n. N. of a medical wk.

rása-yoga [ rasayoga ]

m. pl. scientifically mixed juices, prepared mixtures cf. MBh.

-muktâvalī f. N. of wk.

rása-yoni [ rasayoni ]

m. borax cf. L.

rása-ratna [ rasaratna ]

n. ' jewel of Rasas ', N. of a medical wk.

( ibc. ) juice and pearls ( cf. -maya )

-kośa m. -dipikā f. -pradīpa m. -pradīpikā f. N. of various wks.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. consisting of juices and pearls cf. Hcat

-mālā f. -samuccaya m. -hāra, m. N. of wk.

°tnâkara m. °tnâvalī f. N. of various wks.

rása-rasârṇava [ rasarasArNava ]


rása-rahasya [ rasarahasya ]

n. N. of medical wks.

rása-rāja [ rasarAja ]

m. = -nātha cf. L.

= rasâñjana cf. L.

N. of wk. on medicine

-lakṣmī f. -śaṃkara m. -śiromaṇi m. -haṃsa m. N. of medical wks.

rása-leha [ rasaleha ]

( prob. w.r. ) or m. quicksilver cf. L.

rása-loha [ rasaloha ]

m. quicksilver cf. L.

rása-vat [ rasavat ]

( rása- ), mfn. full of juice or sap, juicy, succulent, strong cf. RV. etc.

moist, well watered ( as a field ) cf. MBh.

filled with juice ( as a cup ) cf. Kauś

overflowing with ( instr. ) cf. Pañcar.

tasty, charming, elegant, graceful, lovely cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

possessing love and the other Rasas, impassioned, full of feeling, affected by emotions of love or jealousy etc. cf. MW. [ 870 , 2 ]

spirited, witty cf. ib.

( ī ), f. below

n. a tasteful style cf. Bhaṭṭ. cf. Sch.

-tara mfn. more savoury, more delightful cf. Vikr

-tā f. juiciness, savouriness, sapidity

tastefulness, elegance, beauty cf. Vās. cf. Sāh

rása-vatī [ rasavatI ]

f. a kitchen cf. Kāv

a meal cf. HPariś

N. of various wks.

-śataka n. N. of a poem

rása-vara [ rasavara ]

m. = -nāyaka cf. L.

rása-varja [ rasavarja ]

m. avoidance of tastes or flavours

( am ), ind. except taste cf. Bhag.

rása-vaha [ rasavaha ]

mfn. bringing or producing juice cf. Suśr.

rása-vāda [ rasavAda ]

m. alchemy cf. Subh

rása-vikraya [ rasavikraya ]

m. the sale of stimulating juices or liquors cf. W.

rása-vikrayin [ rasavikrayin ]

( cf. Mn. ),

rása-vikretṛ [ rasavikretR ]

( cf. Kull. ), m. a syrup seller, liquor seller, a dealer in essences or spices

rása-vid [ rasavid ]

mfn. knowing tastes or flavours, having good taste, discriminating cf. BhP.

rása-viddha [ rasaviddha ]

n. artificial gold cf. L.

rása-vilāsa [ rasavilAsa ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-viveka [ rasaviveka ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-viśeṣa [ rasavizeSa ]

m. a more excellent juice or flavour cf. MW.

rása-vaiśeṣika [ rasavaizeSika ]

( prob. ) n. N. of wk.

rása-śabda-sāraṇi-nighaṇṭu [ rasazabdasAraNinighaNTu ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-śārdūla [ rasazArdUla ]

m. a partic. preparation of quicksilver cf. Rasêndrac

rása-sāstra [ rasasAstra ]

n. ' science of Rasas ', alchemy cf. Sarvad

rása-śukta [ rasazukta ]

n. a sour beverage prepared from the juice of fruit cf. Suśr.

rása-śodhana [ rasazodhana ]

m. borax cf. L.

n. purification of quicksilver cf. Cat.

N. of wk.

rása-saṃskāra [ rasasaMskAra ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-saṃketa [ rasasaMketa ]

m. ( and °ta-kalikā f. ) N. of wk.

rása-saṃgraha [ rasasaMgraha ]

m. ( and °ha-siddhânta, m. ) N. of various wks.

rása-saṃgrāhī [ rasasaMgrAhI ]

f. N. of a Yogini cf. Hcat

rása-sadana [ rasasadana ]

n. N. of wk.

rása-samuccaya [ rasasamuccaya ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sarvasva [ rasasarvasva ]

n. N. of wk.

rása-sāgara [ rasasAgara ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sāra [ rasasAra ]

m. ( °ra-saṃgraha m. °rasamuccaya, m. N. of wk.

°râmṛta n. ) N. of wks.

rása-siddha [ rasasiddha ]

mfn. brought to perfection by means of quicksilver, skilled in alchemy cf. Rājat. cf. Sarvad

conversant with the poetical Rasas, accomplished in poetry cf. Bhartṛ

rása-siddhânta-saṃgraha [ rasasiddhAntasaMgraha ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-siddhânta-sāgara [ rasasiddhAntasAgara ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-siddhi [ rasasiddhi ]

f. perfection attained by means of quicksilver, skill in alchemy cf. Rājat

-prakāśa m. N. of a medical wk.

rása-sindūra [ rasasindUra ]

n. a sort of factitious cinnabar ( used as an escharotic ) cf. W.

rása-sindhu [ rasasindhu ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sudhâkara [ rasasudhAkara ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sudhānidhi [ rasasudhAnidhi ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sudhâmbhodhi [ rasasudhAmbhodhi ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sūtra-sthāna [ rasasUtrasthAna ]

n. N. of wk.

rása-setu [ rasasetu ]

m. N. of wk.

rása-sthāna [ rasasthAna ]

n. cinnabar or vermilion cf. L.

rása-haraṇa [ rasaharaNa ]

n. the sucking up or imbibing of juice cf. Nir

mf ( ī ) n. = -vaha cf. Car.

rása-hārin [ rasahArin ]

mfn. id. cf. ib.

rása-hṛdaya [ rasahRdaya ]

n. N. of wk.

rása-heman [ rasaheman ]

n. N. of wk.

rasâkara [ rasAkara ]

m. N. of wk. on the poetical Rasas

rasâgraja [ rasAgraja ]

n. an ointment prepared from the calx of brass cf. L.

rasâṅgaka [ rasAGgaka ]

m. the resin of Pinus Longifolia cf. L.

rasâñjana [ rasAJjana ]

n. vitriol of copper or a sort of collyrium prepared from it with the addition of Curcuma or ( accord. to some ) from the calx of brass with Amomum Anthorrhiza or ( accord. to others ) from leadore cf. Suśr.

rasâḍhya [ rasADhya ]

m. ' abounding in juice or sap ', Spondias Mangifera cf. L.

( ā ), f. a species of plant cf. L.

rasâtmaka [ rasAtmaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. having juice for its essence, consisting of nectar ( as the moon ) cf. Kum

characterised by sapidity or savour ( as water ) cf. Cat.

tasteful, elegant, charming, beautiful cf. Sāh

rasâdāna [ rasAdAna ]

n. the taking up of moisture, absorption of fluid, suction cf. L.

rasâdiśuddhi [ rasAdizuddhi ]

f. N. of medical wk.

rasâdvaita [ rasAdvaita ]

n. N. of wk. on the Ved^anta

rasâdhāra [ rasAdhAra ]

m. ' receptacle of fluids or moisture ', the sun cf. L.

rasâdhāraṇa [ rasAdhAraNa ]

n. retention of moisture ( by the sun's rays ) cf. MW.

rasâdhika [ rasAdhika ]

mfn. full of taste, abounding in enjoyments cf. Śak

m. borax cf. L.

( ā ), f. a species of grape without seeds or stones cf. L.

rasâdhikāra [ rasAdhikAra ]

m. N. of a medical wk.

rasâdhyakṣa [ rasAdhyakSa ]

m. a superintendent of liquors or fluids cf. R. cf. Sch.

rasâdhyāya [ rasAdhyAya ]

m. N. of a medical wk.

rasânupradāna [ rasAnupradAna ]

n. the bestowing of moisture ( one of the functions of Indra ) cf. Nir

rasântara [ rasAntara ]

n. difference of taste ( -vid mfn. knowing different tastes or flavours ) cf. Kpr.

another pleasure or enjoyment cf. Kathās

different passion or emotion cf. Kum

difference of the poetical Rasa or sentiment cf. Vām

rasâbdhi [ rasAbdhi ]

m. N. of a poem

rasâbhāsa [ rasAbhAsa ]

m. the mere semblance or false attribution or improper manifestation of a sentiment cf. Sāh

rasâbhiniveśa [ rasAbhiniveza ]

m. accession of sentiment, intentness of feeling or passion cf. W.

rasâbhivyañjanā [ rasAbhivyaJjanA ]

f. N. of wk.

rasâbhivyañjikā [ rasAbhivyaJjikA ]

f. N. of wk.

rasâbhyantara [ rasAbhyantara ]

mfn. filled with water or love cf. Ml.

rasâmṛta [ rasAmRta ]

n. ( and °ta-sindhu, m. ),

rasâmbhodhi [ rasAmbhodhi ]

m. N. of wk.

rasâmbhonidhi [ rasAmbhonidhi ]

m. N. of wk.

rasâmla [ rasAmla ]

m. Rumex Vesicarius cf. L.

( ā ), f. a species of creeper cf. L.

vinegar made from fruit cf. Bhpr.

sour sauce, ( esp. ) tamarind sauce cf. MW.

rasâyana [ rasAyana ]

m. a partic. drug used as a vermifuge ( Embelia Ribes ) cf. L.

an alchemist cf. L.

N. of Garuḍa cf. L.

( ī ), f. a canal or channel for the fluids ( of the body ) cf. Car. cf. Suśr.

N. of various plants ( Solanum Indicum

Cocculus Cordifolius

a species of Karañja

= gorakṣa-dugdhā

= māṃsa-cchadāetc. ) cf. L.

n. ( sometimes following the gender of the word to which it refers ) a medicine supposed to prevent old age and prolong life, an elixir, elixir vitae ( also applied to the first fructifying rains ) cf. MBh. cf. Kāv. etc.

buttermilk cf. L.

poison cf. L.

long pepper ( ? ) cf. L.

the employment of mercury as a remedy or for magical purposes cf. W.

-kara mfn. forming an elixir cf. L.

-tantra n. -taraṃgiṇī f. -nidhāna n. N. of wks.

-phalā f. Terminalia Chebula or Citrina cf. L.

-vidhi m. N. of wk.

-śreṣṭha m. ' best of elixirs ', mercury cf. L.

°nâmṛta-lauha m. a partic. medicinal preparation cf. L.

°nin mfn. employing elixirs cf. L.

rasârṇava [ rasArNava ]

m. ' ocean of Rasas, N. of a medical wk.

-kalā f. -sudhâkara m. N. of wks.

rasâlaṃkāra [ rasAlaMkAra ]

m. aesthetics cf. Caurap

N. of wk. on medicine

rasâlaya [ rasAlaya ]

m. the seat of the Rasas or of enjoyments cf. Cat.

pl. N. of a people cf. MārkP.

rasâvatāra [ rasAvatAra ]

m. N. of a medical wk.

rasâveṣṭa [ rasAveSTa ]

m. the resin of Pinus Longifolia cf. L.

rasâśā [ rasAzA ]

See a-ras°

rasin [ rasin ]

See a-ras°

rásâśir [ rasAzir ]

mfn. mixed with juice or milk cf. RV.

rasâśvāsā [ rasAzvAsA ]

f. a kind of creeper ( = or w.r. for rasâmlā ) cf. L.

rasâsvāda [ rasAsvAda ]

m. ' sipping of juice ' or ' perception of pleasure ' cf. Vedântas

°din m. ' juice-sipper ', a bee cf. L.

rasâhva [ rasAhva ]

m. the resin of Pinus Longifolia cf. L.

( ā ), f. Asparagus Racemosus cf. L.

rasêkṣu [ rasekSu ]

m. sugar-cane cf. L.

rasêndra [ rasendra ]

m. ' chief of fluids ', quicksilver cf. Caṇḍ

the philosopher's stone ( the touch of which turns iron to gold ) cf. W.

-kalpadruma m. -cintāmaṇi m. -cūdāmaṇi m. -maṅgala, n. -saṃhitā f. -sāra-saṃgraha m. N. of wks.

rasêśvara [ rasezvara ]

m. ' lord of fluids ', quicksilver

-darśana n. the science of the application of mercury, the doctrine of alchemy

N. of wk. cf. Sarvad. ( cf. RTL. 206, n. 1 )

-siddhânta m. N. of wk. ( establishing the efficacy of mercury in alchemy ) cf. ib.

rasôttama [ rasottama ]

m. quicksilver cf. L.

Phaseolus Mungo cf. L.

milk cf. L.

rasôtpatti [ rasotpatti ]

f. production of taste or flavour cf. W.

development of passion or sentiment cf. ib.

generation of the vital fluids cf. ib.

rasôdadhi [ rasodadhi ]

m. ' ocean of Rasas ', N. of various wks.

rasôdbhava [ rasodbhava ]

n. a pearl cf. L.

cinnabar cf. L.

blood cf. L.

rasôna [ rasona ]

rasona See p. 871

rasôparasa [ rasoparasa ]

m. or n. ( ? ) N. of a medical wk. ( also -śodhana, n. )

rasôpala [ rasopala ]

m. or n. ( ? ) ' water. stone ', a pearl cf. L.

rasôllāsa [ rasollAsa ]

m. the springing up of desire for ( comp. ) cf. Gīt. cf. Sch. ( °sin mfn. feeling the awakening of desire cf. Cat. )

( ā ), f. ( scil. siddhi ) ' spontaneous evolution of the fluids ( or juices of the body, without nutriment from without ) ', N. of one of the 8 Siddhis or states of perfection cf. VP.

-bhāṇa m. N. of a drama

rasaˆudana [ rasaudana ]

n. rice boiled in meat-broth cf. Bhpr.