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reṇukā [ reNukA ]

f. a partic. drug or medicinal substance ( said to be fragrant, but bitter and slightly pungent in taste, and of greyish colour ; reṇu ). cf. L.

N. of a Kārikā ( composed by Hari-hara ; reṇu-kārikā ). cf. Cat.

of the wife of Jamad-agni and mother of Paraśu-rāma ( she was the daughter of Reṇu and of king Prasena-jit ) cf. MBh. cf. Hariv. cf. Pur.

of a river cf. VP.

reṇukā-kavaca [ reNukAkavaca ]

n. N. of a partic. Kavaca

reṇukā-tanaya [ reNukAtanaya ]

m. ' son of Reṇukā ', patr. of Paraśu-rāma ( -tā f. ) cf. Śiś.

reṇukā-tīrtha [ reNukAtIrtha ]

n. N. of a Tīrtha cf. MBh.

reṇukā-mālāmantra [ reNukAmAlAmantra ]

m. N. of wk.

reṇukā-māhātmya [ reNukAmAhAtmya ]

n. N. of wk.

reṇukā-ṣṭaka [ reNukASTaka ]

( °kâṣṭ° ), n. N. of wk.

reṇukā-sahasra-nāman [ reNukAsahasranAman ]

n. N. of wk.

reṇukā-suta [ reNukAsuta ]

m. = -tanaya cf. MBh.

reṇukā-stotra [ reNukAstotra ]

n. N. of a Stotra