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romaka [ romaka ]

1 m. Rome cf. Siddhântaś

' the Roman ', N. of a partic. astronomer cf. Var

N. of a village in the north of India, g. palady-ādi

of a partic. mixed caste ( v.l. for rāmaka ) cf. Vas

= romaka-siddhânta below

pl. N. of a people cf. MBh. ii, 1837 ( cf. 2. roman )

the people of the Roman empire, the Romans cf. VarBṛS.

romaka-pattana [ romakapattana ]

or n. the city of Rome cf. Siddhântaś. cf. Gol. etc.

romaka-pura [ romakapura ]

n. the city of Rome cf. Siddhântaś. cf. Gol. etc.

romaka-viṣaya [ romakaviSaya ]

m. the country or empire of the Romans cf. Āryabh

romaka-siddhânta [ romakasiddhAnta ]

m. N. of Romak^acārya's Siddh^anta ( one of the 5 chief astronomical Siddh^antas current in the age of Varāha-mihira )

of a modern fiction cf. Cat.

romakâcārya [ romakAcArya ]

m. N. of a teacher of astronomy ( author of the above Siddh^anta).

 romaka [ romaka ]

2 n. ( fr. rumā ) a kind of saline earth and the salt extracted from it ( accord. to some ' the salt from the lake Sambar in Ajmere ' ) cf. Suśr. etc. ( cf. raumaka )

a kind of magnet cf. L.

 romaka [ romaka ]

3 under 1. roman

romaka [ romaka ]

3 n. hair ( = roman ) cf. Hcat. ( esp. ifc., f. ikā )