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sâkṣāt [ sAkSAt ]

ind. ( abl. of sâkṣa above ) with the eyes, with one's own eyes Kāv. Kathās. Sarvad

before one's eyes, evidently, clearly, openly, manifestly AV. etc.

in person, in bodily form, personally, visibly, really, actually MBh. Kāv. etc.

immediately, directly Sarvad. Kull

sâkṣāt-puruṣôttama-vākya [ sAkSAtpuruSottamavAkya ]

n. N. of wk. by Vallabh^allcārya

sâkṣāt [ sAkSAt ]

in comp. with forms of √ kṛ

sâkṣāt-kara [ sAkSAtkara ]

mfn. putting before the eyes, making evident to the senses Cat.

sâkṣāt-karaṇa [ sAkSAtkaraNa ]

n. the act of putting before the eyes ib.

intuitive perception, actual feeling MW.

immediate cause of anything Kap

sâkṣāt-kartavya [ sAkSAtkartavya ]

mfn. to be made fully perceptible or evident, Mahāv

sâkṣāt-kartṛ [ sAkSAtkartR ]

mfn. one who sees everything Cat.

sâkṣāt-kāra [ sAkSAtkAra ]

m. evident or intuitive perception, realization ( -tā f. ) Vedântas. Sarvad

the experiencing a result of or reward for ( gen. ) BhP.

-vat mfn. having a clear perception of ( comp. ) Sarvad

sâkṣāt-kārin [ sAkSAtkArin ]

mfn. = -kara Sarvad. Kap. Sch.

sâkṣāt-√ kṛ [ sAkSAtkR ]

P. -karoti ( ind. p.

-kritvā or -kritya Pāṇ. 1-4, 74 ), to look at with the eyes, make visibly present before the eyes, realize Kathās. Sāh

sâkṣāt-kṛta [ sAkSAtkRta ]

mfn. clearly placed before the eyes or the mind's eye

-dharman, mfn. one who has an intuitive perception of duty MW.

sâkṣāt-kṛti [ sAkSAtkRti ]

( Sarvad. ),

sâkṣāt-kriyā [ sAkSAtkriyA ]

( Saddhp. ), f. intuitive perception, realization