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 sṛj [ sRj ]

1 ( cf. √ 1. 2. sarj ), cl. 6. P. ( Dhātup. xxviii, 121 ) sṛjáti ( Ved. and ep. also °te, and once in AV. sárjati; pf. sasarja, sasṛjé [ 2. sg. accord. to Pāṇ. 7-2, 65, sasarjitha and sasraṣṭha, in BhP. once sasarktha ]; Vedic forms are sasṛjmáhe, °jrire, sasṛjyāt, asasṛgram; p. sasṛjāná, q.v.; sasṛgmáhe; aor. asrākṣīt; ásṛkṣi, ásṛṣṭa [ Ved. also ásṛgram or °ran; ásarji; asrāk, asrāṭ; srās; srakṣat; p. sṛjāná, q.v. ] ib.; fut. sraṣṭā PañcavBr.; srakṣyati, °te Br. etc.; inf. sraṣṭum MBh. etc.; ind. p. sṛṣṭvā Br.; -sṛ'jya ib. etc.; -sárgam or -sárjam Br. ), to let go or fly, discharge , throw, cast, hurl at ( acc. or dat. ) RV. etc.

to cast or let go ( a measuring line ) RV.

to emit, pour forth, shed, cause to flow ( rain, streams etc. ) ib. etc.

to utter ( a sound ) Kathās

to turn or direct ( glances ) Kum

to let loose, cause ( horses ) to go quickly

Ā. ' to speed, run, hasten ' RV.

to release, set free ib. AV. Kauś

to open ( a door ) Kauś

to publish, proclaim AitBr.

to draw out and twist ( a thread ), twist, wind, spin ( lit. and fig

Ā. sṛjyate, ' for one's self ' ; Pat. on Pāṇ. 3-1, 87 Vārtt. 15, and Dhātup. xxvi, 69 ). TS. AV. ŚBr. ŚrS.

( in older language only Ā. ) to emit from one's self, i.e. create, procreate, produce, beget RV. etc.

to procure, grant, bestow MBh. R. etc.

to use, employ Rājat

to get, acquire, obtain, take ( interest on money lent ) Mn. viii, 140

to hang on, fasten to ( loc. ) MBh. iii, 2218 ( perhaps asṛjat, w.r. for asajat

See √ sañj ) : Pass. sṛjyate ( aor. ásarji ), to be let loose or emitted or created RV. etc. : Caus. sarjayati, °te ( aor. asasarjat or asīsṛjat ), to cause to let loose, let go, create etc. Br. etc. : Desid. sisṛkṣati, °te, to wish to send forth or hurl or throw Hariv.

( Ā. ) to wish to produce or create Kāṭh. BhP. : Intens. sarīsṛjyate, sarīsṛṣṭi etc., Gr.

sṛj [ sRj ]

2 ( ifc. ) letting loose, emitting, discharging MBh. Kāv. etc.

producing, creating, begetting ( also with gen. ) Inscr. MBh. Rājat