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sū'tra [ sUtra ]

n. ( accord. to g. ardhacâdi also m. ; fr. √ siv, ' to sew ', and connected with sūci and sūnā ) a thread, yarn, string, line, cord, wire AV. etc.

a measuring line ( cf. -pāta ) Hariv. VarBṛS. etc.

the sacred thread or cord worn by the first three classes ( cf. yajñôpavīta ) BhP.

a girdle ib.

a fibre Kālid

a line, stroke MBh. VarBṛS. Gol.

a sketch, plan Rājat

that which like a thread runs through or holds together everything, rule, direction BhP.

a short sentence or aphoristic rule, and any work or manual consisting of strings of such rules hanging together like threads ( these Sūtra works form manuals of teaching in ritual, philosophy, grammar etc. : e.g. in ritual there are first the Śrauta-s^utras, and among them the Kalpa-s^utras, founded directly on Śruti, q.v. ; they form a kind of rubric to Vedic ceremonial, giving concise rules for the performance of every kind of sacrifice [ IW. 146 etc. ] ; other kinds of Śruti works are the Gṛhya-sūtras and Sāmayācārika or Dharma-sūtras, i.e. ' rules for domestic ceremonies and conventional customs ', sometimes called collectively Smārta-sūtras [ as founded on smṛti or ' tradition ', smārta ] ; these led to the later Dharmaśāstras or ' law-books ' [ IW. 145 ] ; in philosophy each system has its regular text-book of aphorisms written in Sūtras by its supposed founder [ IW. 60 etc. ] ; in Vyākaraṇa or grammar there are the celebrated Sūtras of Pāṇini in eight books, which are the groundwork of a vast grammatical literature ; with Buddhists, Pāśupatas etc. the term Sūtra is applied to original text books as opp. to explanatory works ; with Jainas they form part of the Dṛshṭivāda ) IW. 162 etc.

a kind of tree Divyâv

sū'tra-kaṇṭha [ sUtrakaNTha ]

m. ' having Sūtras in the throat ready to be repeated ', a Brāhman L.

' having lines on the throat ', a pigeon, dove L.

a wagtail L.

sū'tra-karaṇa [ sUtrakaraNa ]

n. the composition of a Sūtra ĀpŚr. Sch.

sū'tra-kartṛ [ sUtrakartR ]

m. the author of a Sūtra manual MBh.

sū'tra-karman [ sUtrakarman ]

n. ' rule-work ', carpentry

( °ma ) -kṛt m. a carpenter, architect R.

-viśārada mfn. skilled in carpentry ib.

sū'tra-kāra [ sUtrakAra ]

m. a weaver or spinner ( See paṭṭa-s° )

a carpenter R.

= next MBh. Ragh. Sarvad

sū'tra-kṛt [ sUtrakRt ]

m. = -kartṛ TPrāt. Sch.

sū'tra-kṛtâṅgavṛtti [ sUtrakRtAGgavRtti ]

f. N. of wk.

sū'tra-koṇa [ sUtrakoNa ]

or m. a small drum shaped like an hour-glass and struck by a string and button ( = ḍamaru ) L.

sū'tra-koṇaka [ sUtrakoNaka ]

m. a small drum shaped like an hour- glass and struck by a string and button ( = ḍamaru ) L.

sū'tra-kośa [ sUtrakoza ]

m. a skein of yarn L.

sū'tra-krīḍā [ sUtrakrIDA ]

f. a partic. game with strings ( mentioned among the 64 Kalās ) Cat.

sū'tra-gaṇita [ sUtragaNita ]

N. of an astron. wk. by Bhāskar^acārya

sū'tra-gaṇḍikā [ sUtragaNDikA ]

f. a kind of stick used by weavers in spinning threads L.

sū'tra-grantha [ sUtragrantha ]

m. a book of aphorisms, Sūtra work Kāty. Sch.

sū'tra-graha [ sUtragraha ]

mfn. holding a thread Pāṇ. 3-2, 9 Vārtt. 2 Pat.

sū'tra-grāha [ sUtragrAha ]

mfn. seizing a thread ( but not holding it ) ib.

sū'tra-caraṇa [ sUtracaraNa ]

n. N. of a class of Caraṇas or Vedic schools who introduced various Sūtra works MW.

sū'tra-jāla [ sUtrajAla ]

n. a net made of yarn or coarse string MBh.

sū'tra-tantu [ sUtratantu ]

m. ( once n. ) a thread, string, line Gobh. ŚāṅkhGṛ. Hariv.

perseverance, energy L.

sū'tra-tarkuṭī [ sUtratarkuTI ]

f. a distaff, spindle L.

sū'tra-daridra [ sUtradaridra ]

mfn. threadbare ( -tā f. ) Mṛcch

sū'tra-dīpikā [ sUtradIpikA ]

f. N. of wk.

sū'tra-dhara [ sUtradhara ]

mfn. wearing a string of ( comp. ) MBh.

m. one versed in the Sūtras L. = next L.

sū'tra-dhāra [ sUtradhAra ]

m. ' rule or thread-holder ', an architect, carpenter MBh. VarBṛS.

a stage-manager ( or principal actor who superintends the whole performance

accord. to some he was originally so called from holding the strings of puppets

his assistants are the pāripārśvika and sthāpaka, qq. vv. ) Bhar. Sāh. etc.

N. of Indra L.

( ī ), f. the wife of a stage-manager ( also called gṛhiṇī ) Mṛcch. Mudr

mf ( ī ) n. being the chief or leading person at any performance ( comp. ) Bālar

-maṇḍana m. ( also simply called Maṇḍana ) N. of an author ( son of Śrīkshetra and client of Kumbha-karṇa, king of Medapāṭa ) Cat.

sū'tra-dhṛk [ sUtradhRk ]

m. an architect See viśva-s° )

stage-manager Sāh

sū'tra-naḍa [ sUtranaDa ]

m. N. of a man ( cf. sautranāḍi ), g. anuśatikâdi

sū'tra-nyāsa [ sUtranyAsa ]

m. N. of a gram. wk.

sū'tra-pattra-kara [ sUtrapattrakara ]

or mfn. liable to be made into threads or thin leaves L.

sū'tra-pattrin [ sUtrapattrin ]

mfn. liable to be made into threads or thin leaves L.

sū'tra-padī [ sUtrapadI ]

f. having feet as thin as threads, g. kumbhapady-ādi

sū'tra-pāṭhânukrama [ sUtrapAThAnukrama ]

m. N. of wk.

sū'tra-pāta [ sUtrapAta ]

m. applying the measuring line ( °taṃ-√ kṛ or car, ' to measure, compare one thing with another ' ) Kathās

sū'tra-pāda [ sUtrapAda ]

m. N. of wk.

sū'tra-piṭaka [ sUtrapiTaka ]

m. n. the basket or collection of Buddhist Sūtras ( cf. tri-piṭaka )

sū'tra-puṣpa [ sUtrapuSpa ]

m. ' having thread-like flowers ', the cotton plant L.

sū'tra-prakāśa-bhāṣya [ sUtraprakAzabhASya ]

n. N. of wk.

sū'tra-prakāśikā [ sUtraprakAzikA ]

f. N. of wk.

sū'tra-prasthāna [ sUtraprasthAna ]

n. N. of wk.

sū'tra-prôta [ sUtraprota ]

mfn. fastened with wires ( as puppets ) MBh.

sū'tra-bhāṣya [ sUtrabhASya ]

n. N. of wk. ( also °ṣya-vyākhyā f. )

sū'tra-bhid [ sUtrabhid ]

m. ' thread-cutter ', a tailor L.

sū'tra-bhṛt [ sUtrabhRt ]

m. = -dhāra, a stage-manager Daśar

sū'tra-madhya-bhū [ sUtramadhyabhU ]

mfn. ' produced amid threads or fibres ', the resin of Shorea Robusta L.

incense W.

sū'tra-mantra-prakāśaka [ sUtramantraprakAzaka ]

N. of wk.

sū'tra-maya [ sUtramaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. consisting of threads Hcat

sū'tra-muktā-kalāpa [ sUtramuktAkalApa ]

m. N. of a Vaishṇava wk.

sū'tra-yantra [ sUtrayantra ]

n. a net ( made ) of yarn or coarse string MaitrUp.

a weaver's loom L.

a shuttle W.

sū'tra-rāja [ sUtrarAja ]

m. ' Sūtra-king ', a Sūtra of the first order Kāraṇḍ

sū'tra-vāpa [ sUtravApa ]

m. weaving ( threads ) L.

sū'tra-vikrayin [ sUtravikrayin ]

m. a dealer in yarn R.

sū'tra-vid [ sUtravid ]

m. ' Sūtraknower ', one versed in Sūtras L.

sū'tra-vīṇā [ sUtravINA ]

f. a kind of lute ( = lābukī ) L.

sū'tra-veṣṭana [ sUtraveSTana ]

n. a weaver's shuttle L.

the act of weaving MW.

sū'tra-śākha [ sUtrazAkha ]

n. the body Gal.

sū'tra-saṃgraha [ sUtrasaMgraha ]

m. one who grasps or holds the reins L.

collection of Sūtras ( in next )

-dīpikā f. N. of wk.

sū'tra-samuccaya [ sUtrasamuccaya ]

m. N. of wk.

sū'tra-sthāna [ sUtrasthAna ]

n. ( in medic. wks. ) the first general section ( treating of the physician, disease, remedies, diet etc. )

sūtrâtman [ sUtrAtman ]

m. ' thread-soul ', the soul which passes like a thread through the universe Vedântas. ( IW. 114 )

sūtrânta [ sUtrAnta ]

m. ( formed like vedânta, siddhânta etc. ) a Buddhist Sūtra or the doctrines contained in it SaddhP. Divyâv

sūtrântaka [ sUtrAntaka ]

mfn. versed in the Buddhist Sūtras Divyâv

sūtrârtha [ sUtrArtha ]

m. N. of a gram. and of a Ved^anta wk.

-candrikā f. -darpaṇa m. N. of wks.

sūtrâlaṃkāra [ sUtrAlaMkAra ]

m. N. of wk.

-ṭīkā f. -bhāṣya n. N. of Commentaries

sūtrâlī [ sUtrAlI ]

f. a string of beads etc. worn round the neck, necklace L.

sūtrôta [ sUtrota ]

mfn. filed on a string ĀpGṛ.

sūtrôpanyāsa [ sUtropanyAsa ]

m. N. of a Ved^anta wk.