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saṃ-cārin [ saMcArin ]

mfn. going together or about, going hither and thither , roaming, wandering, moving in ( loc. or comp. ) Kāv. Rājat. Kathās. Inscr.

going or passing from one to another, transmitted, infectious, contagious, hereditary ( as a disease ) Yājñ. Rājat

ascending and descending ( applied to a note or tone ) Saṃgīt

penetrating into ( comp. ) Mcar.

coming together, meeting, in contact with, adjacent or contiguous to ( instr. ) Kād

taken or carried together with one ( as an umbrella etc. ) Rājat

carrying with one ( comp. ) Kām

being in ( comp. ) Suśr. Mṛcch

engaged in, occupied with ( comp. ) Pañcar.

passing away, transitory, adventitious, unsteady, inconstant , fickle ( = vy-abhicārin, q.v. ) Śiś. Sāh

influencing, impelling, setting in motion MaitrUp.

difficult, inaccessible W.

m. incense or the smoke rising from burnt incense L.

air, wind L.

( iṇī ), f. a kind of Mimosa ( = haṃsa-padi ) L.

-tva n. transitoriness, inconstancy ( of feeling ) Sāh