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sáṃ-vṛta [ saMvRta ]

mfn. covered, shut up, enclosed or enveloped in ( loc. ), surrounded or accompanied or protected by ( instr. with or without saha, or comp. ), well furnished or provided or occupied or filled with, full of ( instr. or comp. ) AV. etc.

concealed, laid aside, kept, secured MBh. Kāv. etc.

restrained, suppressed, retired, withdrawn Hariv. Śak. ii, 12 ( v.l. for saṃ-hṛta )

well covered or guarded ( See su-s° )

contracted, compressed, closed ( as the throat ), articulated with the vocal chords contracted Prāt.

subdued ( as a tone ) ib. Pat.

( in rhet. ) hidden, ambiguous ( but not offensive, See Vām. ii , 1, 14 )

m. N. of Varuṇa L.

n. a secret place KaushUp.

close articulation ( cf. above ) Prāt.

-tā f. ( Tprāt. Sch. ), -tva n. ( Veṇis. ) closed condition

-mantra mfn. one who keeps his counsels or plans secret ( -tā, f. ) Kām

-saṃvārya mfn. one who conceals what ought to be concealed Mn. vii, 102

°tâkāra mfn. one who conceals all signs of feeling MW.