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samī [ samI ]

in comp. for sama

samī-karaṇa [ samIkaraNa ]

n. the act of making even, levelling Kull. on Mn. vii, 184 etc.

assimilation Vedântas

putting on a level with ( instr. ) Mn. Sch.

( in arithm. ) equation, Bījag

equalising, setting to rights ChUp. Sch.

a roller ( to level a sown field ) L.

samī-kāra [ samIkAra ]

m. equation Col.

samī-√ kṛ [ samIkR ]

P. Ā. -karoti, -kurute, to make even, level KātyŚr. R. MārkP. etc.

to equalise Hcat

to place on an equality with, declare to be equal to ( instr. ) Kāvyâd

to adjust, settle MBh. R. Mn. Sch.

to raze to the ground, annihilate Kathās. Jātakam

samī-kṛta [ samIkRta ]

mfn. made even, levelled, equipoised, equalised MW.

done in the Same manner, imitated ib.

summed up, added ib.

samī-kṛti [ samIkRti ]

f. levelling L.

weighing Naish

samī-kriyā [ samIkriyA ]

f. the act of equalising MW.

( in arithm. ) equation Col.

samī-bhāva [ samIbhAva ]

m. the becoming in a normal state Car.

samī-√ bhū [ samIbhU ]

P. -bhavati, to be or become equal, be equalized MW.

to place one's self on an equality Āpast

to be razed to the ground or destroyed, Jātikam

samī-bhūta [ samIbhUta ]

mfn. placed equally Vet

equalised, equipoised Yājñ.

become indifferent Bhartṛ

identified MW.