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 sam-bhāvana [ sambhAvana ]

etc. See p. 1179

sam-bhāvana [ sambhAvana ]

mfn. ( fr. Caus. ) having a high opinion of ( comp. ) BhP.

( ā ), f. ( rarely n. ) bringing together, assembling Pañcat

bringing near, procuring R.

coming together, meeting with ( gen. ) Ratnâv

worship, honour, respect, esteem, regard for, high opinion of ( loc.

ātmani, of one's self ' ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

imagination, supposition, assumption ( also as a rhet. figure, described by some as the use of the verb in the Imperative or Potential mood

acc. with √ bhaj, to be supposed '

°nôjjhita mfn. ' rejected as an assumption ', doubted ' ) Pāṇ. Kāv. Sarvad. Kpr. Vās. Sch.

fitness, adequacy Kir

competency, ability W.

fame, celebrity ib.

sam-bhāvanīya [ sambhAvanIya ]

mfn. to be partaken of or assisted at ( n. impers. ) MBh.

to be honoured cr respected or greeted BhP.

to be assumed or supposed, possible, probable Mṛcch. ( cf. a-s° ) Sāh

sam-bhāvayitavya [ sambhAvayitavya ]

mfn. to be respected or honoured Prab

to be supposed, probable Śaṃk

sam-bhāvayitṛ [ sambhAvayitR ]

mfn. one who honours or respects or reveres Daś

sam-bhāvita [ sambhAvita ]

mfn. brought together, brought about etc.

seized, grasped Kād

thought highly of, esteemed, honoured, respected MBh. Kāv. etc.

honoured or presented with ( instr. ) BhP.

considered, supposed, conjectured, reflected MBh. R. etc.

suited, adequate, fit for, possible, probable Śak. Ragh

n. conjecture, supposition Ratnâv

-tama mfn. most honoured or respected Saṃk

-tara mfn. more honoured or esteemed, more confided in R.

°tâtman mfn. noble-minded, of respected character ib.

sam-bhāvitavya [ sambhAvitavya ]

mfn. = °bhāvayitavya ( v.l. °bhāvanīya ) BhP.

sam-bhāvin [ sambhAvin ]

mfn. faithfully adhering or devoted to Kathās

suitable, conformable MBh.

sam-bhāvya [ sambhAvya ]

m. to be honoured or respected or well treated Hariv. MārkP.

to be ( or being ) honourably mentioned MBh.

to be regarded or considered as ( nom. ) Pañcat

to be supposed or expected, possible, probable MBh. Kāv. etc.

suited, fit, adequate Sāy. ( in a quotation )

capable of. able io ( loc. ) Pañcat. ( v.l. )

m. N. of a son of Manu Raivata VP.

n. adequacy, competency, fitness MW.

sam-bhu [ sambhu ]

mfn. produced from, made of ( comp. ) Yājñ.

m. a parent, progenitor Pāṇ. 3-2, 180 Kāś

N. of a metre Col.