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sam-panna [ sampanna ]

mfn. fallen or turned out well, accomplished, effected, perfect, excellent ( ifc. or with loc. = ' perfectly acquainted or conversant with ' ) AV. etc.

of perfect or correct flavour, palatable, dainty, ĀśvGṛ. MBh. R.

endowed or furnished with, possessed of ( instr., adv. in tas -, or comp. also with transposition of the members ; below ). ŚBr. MBh. etc.

( ifc. ) become, turned into R.

m. N. of Śiva MBh.

( am ), n. dainty food, a delicacy MBh. xiii, 4567

-krama m. a partic. Samādhi Buddh.

-kskīrā f. giving good milk ( superl. °ra-tamā ), Kāś. on Pāṇ. 2-3, 41

-ṃ-kāram ind. making dainty, seasoning ib. iii 4, 26

-tama mfn. most complete or perfect, AitAr

-tara mfn. more or most dainty or delicate R.

-tā f. the being endowed with or possessed of ( comp. ) Daś

-danta mfn. possessing teeth ĀśvGṛ.

-pānīya mfn. rich in water Pat. on Pāṇ. 1-2, 52

-rūpa mfn. of perfect form, complete MW.

dainty, delicate ib.

sam-pannaka [ sampannaka ]

mfn. = °panna ib.