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सर्व (1)

NOTE: sarva has many compound forms, and has been divided into multiple pages:
sarva | sarva2


 sárva [ sarva ]

mf ( ā ) n. ( perhaps connected with sāra, q.v.; inflected as a pronoun except nom. acc. sg. n. sarvam, and serving as a model for a series of pronominals, c.f. sarva-nāman ) whole, entire, all, every ( m. sg. ' every one ; ' pl. ' all ; ' n. sg. ' everything ; ' sometimes strengthened by viśva [ which if alone in RV. appears in the meaning ' all ,' ' every , ' ' every one ' ] and nikhila ; sarve ' pi, ' all together ; ' sarvaḥ ko ' pi, ' every one so ever ; ' gavāṃ sarvam, ' all that comes from cows ; ' sarva with a negation = ' not any , ' ' no,' ' none ' or ' not every one, ' ' not everything ' ), RV. etc.

of all sorts, manifold, various, different, MBh. etc.

( with another adjective or in comp. ; cf. below ) altogether, wholly, completely, in all parts, everywhere, RV.; ChUp. etc.

( am ), ind. ( with sarveṇa ) completely, Divyâv.

m. ( declined like a subst. ) N. of Śiva, MBh.

of Kṛṣṇa, Bhag.

of a Muni, Cat.

pl. N. of a people, MārkP.

n. water, Naigh. i, 12. [ Cf. Gk. ? for ? ; Lat. salvus. ]

sárva-ṃ-saha [ sarvaMsaha ]

mfn. all-bearing, all-enduring, bearing everything patiently MBh. Pañcat. Hit. etc.

( ā ), f. the earth Kāv. Inscr.

a partic. Śruti Saṃgīt

sárva-ṃ-hara [ sarvaMhara ]

mfn. taking or carrying away everything ŚāṅkhBr.

sárva-kara [ sarvakara ]

m. ' maker of all ', N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-kartṛ [ sarvakartR ]

m. the maker or creator of all ( -tva n. Sarvad. ) KapS. Kālac

N. of Brahmā L.

sárva-karman [ sarvakarman ]

n. pl. all kinds of works or rites or occupations ( °ma-saha mfn. ' equal to all kinds of works '

°ma-kārin mfn. ' performing all kinds of works ' ), ŚrŚ. Mn. etc.

mfn. containing all works ChUp.

m. one who performs all acts MW.

N. of Śiva ib.

of a son of Kalmāsha-pāda MBh. Hariv.

sárva-karmīṇa [ sarvakarmINa ]

mfn. doing every work, practising or understanding every occupation Pāṇ. Bhaṭṭ.

pervading every action etc. W.

sárva-kāñcana [ sarvakAJcana ]

mfn. wholly of gold R. MārkP.

sárva-kāma [ sarvakAma ]

m. pl. all kinds of desires MBh. RāmatUp. etc.

( sarvá- ), mfn. wishing everything ŚāṅkhBr. ŚrS. BhP.

fulfilling all wishes Kauś. MBh.

possessing everything wished for ŚBr. MBh.

m., N. of Śiva MW.

of a son of Ṛtu-parṇa Pur.

of an Arhat Buddh.

-gama mfn. going or moving wherever one wishes MBh.

-da m. ' grasiting all desires ', N. of Śiva MBh.

-dugha mf ( ā ) n. yielding everything wished for ( like milk ) MBh. BhP.

-duh mfn. id. Cat.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. full of wishes MaitrUp.

-vara m. ' best of all objects of desire ', N. of Śiva MBh.

-samṛddha mfn. amply stocked with all desired objects, fulfilling every desire ib.

m. See sārvakāma-s°

sárva-kāmika [ sarvakAmika ]

mfn. fulfilling all wishes BhP.

obtaining all one's desires MBh.

sárva-kāmin [ sarvakAmin ]

mfn. fulfilling all wishes ib.

acting entirely according to one's wish ŚāṅkhŚr.

having all desired objects MBh. -1

sárva-kāmya [ sarvakAmya ]

Nom. P. °yati, to wish for everything Pat. -2

sárva-kāmya [ sarvakAmya ]

mfn. loved by all Pañcar.

to be wished for by every one, having everything one can desire MW.

w.r. for -kāma MBh.

sárva-kāraka [ sarvakAraka ]

mfn. Pāṇ. 6-2, 105 Sch.

sárva-kāraṇa [ sarvakAraNa ]

n. the cause of everything Madhus

-kāraṇa, u. ( incorrectly also m. ) the cause of the cause of every Pañcar.

sárva-kārin [ sarvakArin ]

mfn. making or doing all things W.

able to do all things R.

m. the maker of all things MW.

sárva-kāla [ sarvakAla ]

( ibc. ), at all times, always BhP.

( am ), ind. id. ( with na, ' never ' ) VarBṛS. Kathās. etc.

( e ), ind. id. Pañcat

( °la ) -prasāda m. ' propitious at all seasons ', N. of Śiva MBh.

-mitra n. a friend at all times Mṛcch

-vicārin mfn. always irresolute Car.

sárva-kālikâgama [ sarvakAlikAgama ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-kālīna [ sarvakAlIna ]

mfn. belonging to all times or seasons, perpetual W.

sárva-kāṣam [ sarvakASam ]

ind. ( with √ kaṣ ) so as to rub away or destroy utterly Prab

sárva-kṛcchra [ sarvakRcchra ]

mfn. being in all kinds of difficulties MBh.

sárva-kṛt [ sarvakRt ]

mfn. all-producing Hariv.

sárva-kṛṣṇa [ sarvakRSNa ]

mfn. quite black Pan vi, 2, 93 Sch.

sárva-keśa [ sarvakeza ]

m., N. of a place, g. śaṇḍikâdi

sárva-keśaká [ sarvakezaka ]

mfn. having the hair of the head entire AV.

sárva-keśin [ sarvakezin ]

m. ' having all kinds of headdress ', an actor Pat. L. ( -veṣin )

sárva-kesara [ sarvakesara ]

m. Mimusops Elengi Kir. Sch.

sárva-kratu [ sarvakratu ]

m. pl. sacrifices of any or every sort ( -tā f. ) Lāṭy. BhP.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing all sorts Pañcar.

sárva-kṣatriya-mardana [ sarvakSatriyamardana ]

m. the destroyer of all Kshatriyas MBh.

sárva-kṣaya [ sarvakSaya ]

m. destruction of the universe Kād

sárva-kṣāra [ sarvakSAra ]

m. a kind of alkali L.

sárva-kṣit [ sarvakSit ]

mfn. abiding in all things MaitrUp.

sárva-kṣiti-patitva [ sarvakSitipatitva ]

n. lordship of the world Jātakam

sárva-kṣetratīrtha-māhātmya [ sarvakSetratIrthamAhAtmya ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-ga [ sarvaga ]

mfn. all-pervading, omnipresent ( -tva n. ) Up. MBh. Yājñ. etc.

m. the universal soul L.

spirit, soul, w

N. of Brahman L.

of Śiv1 ib.

of a son of Bhīma-sena MBh.

of a son of Paurṇamāsa VP.

of a son of Manu Dharma-sāvarṇika ib.

( ā ), f. the Priyaṅgu plant L.

n. water ib.

sárva-gaṇa [ sarvagaNa ]

m. the whole company PārGṛ.

( sárva-. or sarvá- ), mfn. having or forming a complete company RV. AV. TS. etc.

having all kinds or classes, of every kind MW.

n. salt soil L. ( v.l. sārvag° )

sárva-gata [ sarvagata ]

mfn. = -ga ( papracchânāmayaṃ tayoḥ sarva-gatam, ' he asked whether they were in all respects well MBh.

yacca kiṃ cit sarva-gataṃ bhūmau, all whatever exists on the earth ' ib. ) Up. Yājñ. etc.

m., N. of a son of Bhima-sena BhP.

-tva n. universal diffusion, omnipresence, Bhashap

sárva-gati [ sarvagati ]

f. the refuge of all MBh. Pañcar.

sárva-gandha [ sarvagandha ]

m. pl. all kinds of perfumes Suśr. VarBṛS. Hcat

( sárva. ), mfn. containing all odours ŚBr. ChUp.

m. n. a partic. compound of various perfumes Bhpr. Hcat

any perfumes W.

( ā ), f. a partic. perfumes Suśr.

( °dha ) -maya mf ( ī ) n. including all perfumes Hcat

-vaha mfn. wafting perfume of all kinds Mn. i, 76.

sárva-gandhika [ sarvagandhika ]

mfn. consisting of all perfumes Suśr.

sárva-gambhīra [ sarvagambhIra ]

mfn. deepest of all Buddh.

sárva-gavī [ sarvagavI ]

f. pl. all cows ĀpŚr. Sch.

sárva-gātra [ sarvagAtra ]

n. pl. all limbs Ml.

sárva-gāmin [ sarvagAmin ]

mfn. = -ga A.

sárva-gāyatra [ sarvagAyatra ]

( sarvá- ), mfn. consisting wholly of the Gāyatrī Br.

sárva-gila [ sarvagila ]

mfn. all-swallowing

m., N. of a minister Campak

sárva-gu [ sarvagu ]

( sárva- ), mfn. together with all cows AV.

sárva-guṇa [ sarvaguNa ]

mfn. valid through all parts, guṇa

-viśuddhi-garbha m., N. of a Bodhi-sattva Buddh.

-saṃcaya-gata m. a partic. Samādhi ib.

sampanna mfn. endowed with every excellence, gifted with every good quality MW.

°ṇâlaṃkāra-vyūha m. a partic. Samādhi SaddhP.

°ṇôpêta mfn. endowed with every good quality MW.

sárva-guṇin [ sarvaguNin ]

mfn. possessing all excellences MBh.

sárva-guru [ sarvaguru ]

mfn. consisting of only long syllables, Piṅg. Sch.

sárva-gubya-gṛhyá [ sarvagubyagRhya ]

mfn. together with all domestics ŚBr.

sárva-granthi [ sarvagranthi ]

m. or the root of long pepper L.

sárva-granthika [ sarvagranthika ]

n. the root of long pepper L.

sárva-gráha [ sarvagraha ]

m. eating or swallowing all at once Car.

-rūpin mfn. ( perhaps ) having the form of ( or pervading ) all the planets ( said of Kṛṣṇa ) Pañcar.

sárva-grāsa [ sarvagrAsa ]

mfn. swallowing all NṛsUp.

( am ), ind. ( with, √ gras ) so as to entirely devour Prab

sárva-ṃ-kaṣa [ sarvaMkaSa ]

mf ( ā ) n. oppressing or injuring all, cruel to all Kāv. Rājat. etc.

all-pervading Bhaṭṭ.

m. a rogue, wicked man W.

( ā ), f., N. of Mallinatha's Comm. on the Siśupāla-vadha

sárva-cakra-vicāra [ sarvacakravicAra ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-cakrā [ sarvacakrA ]

f. ( with Buddhists ) N. of a Tantra deity Buddh.

sárva-caṇḍāla [ sarvacaNDAla ]

mfn. ' wholly a Caṇḍala ', N. of a Māra-putra Lalit.

sárva-candra [ sarvacandra ]

m., N. of an author Cat.

sárva-carita [ sarvacarita ]

n., N. of a drama

sárva-caru [ sarvacaru ]

m., N. of a man Br.

sárva-carmīṇa [ sarvacarmINa ]

mfn. wholly made of leather Pāṇ. 5- 2, 5

made of every kind of skin or leather W.

sárva-cārin [ sarvacArin ]

m. ' all-pervading ', N. of Śiva MW.

sárva-cohandaka [ sarvacohandaka ]

mfn. all-winning or all-captivating MBh. ( ' fulfilling all wishes ' Nīlak. )

sárva-ja [ sarvaja ]

mf ( ā ) n. wheresoever produced ĀpŚr.

produced from or suffering from all three humours Suśr.

sárva-jagat [ sarvajagat ]

f. the whole world, the universe W.

sárva-jaṭa [ sarvajaTa ]

mfn. ( prob. ) wearing a whole braid of hair MānGṛ.

sárva-jana [ sarvajana ]

m. every person VarBṛS. BhP. Pañcar. etc.

-tā f. id. Pañcar.

-priya mfn. dear to every one ib.

( ā ), f. a kind of medicinal plant ( = ṛddhi ) L.

-vaśya-hanuman-mantra m., N. of a work.

sárva-janīna [ sarvajanIna ]

mfn. salutary to every one Pāṇ. 5-1, 9 Vārtt. 4 Pat.

relating or belonging to every one Sarvad

peculiar to every one ( -tva n. ) ib. Sāy

sárva-janīya [ sarvajanIya ]

mfn. = sarveṣāṃjanāya hitaḥ Pāṇ. 5-1, 9 Vārtt. 5 Pat.

sárva-janman [ sarvajanman ]

( sarvá- ), mfn. of all kinds AV.

sárva-jaya [ sarvajaya ]

m. a complete victory Cat.

( ā ), f. Canna Indica L.

a partic. religious observance performed by women in the month Mārgasīrsha SkandaP.

sárva-jāgata [ sarvajAgata ]

( sarvá. ), mfn. consisting wholly of Jagatī ŚBr.

sárva-jit [ sarvajit ]

mfn. all-conquering L.

conquering all ( three ) humours, Cir

all-surpassing, excellent W.

m. death Car.

a partic. Ekâha PañcavBr. KātyŚr. Vait

the 21st year of Jupiter's cycle of 60 years VarBṛS.

N. of a man KaushUp.

( -jin ) -mahā-vrata-prayoga m., N. of a work.

sárva-jīva [ sarvajIva ]

m. the soul of all BhP. Pañcar.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. being the soul of all R.

sárva-jīvin [ sarvajIvin ]

mfn. one whose progenitors ( i.e. father, grandfather, and great grandfather ) are all alive AśvŚr.

sárva-jña [ sarvajJa ]

mf ( ā ) n. all-knowing, omniscient ( said of gods and men, esp. of ministers and philosophers ) Up. Kāv. etc.

a Buddha L.

an Arhat ( with Jainas ) ib.

N. of Śiva Pañcat. KāśīKh.

of various men R. Hit. Buddh.

( ā ), f., N. of Durgā, DevīP.

of a Yoginī Hcat

-jñānin mfn. thinking one's self omniscient Divyâv

-tā f. ( MBh. Kathās. ) or -tva n. ( MBh. R. etc. ) omniscience

-deva ( Buddh. ), -nārāyaṇa ( Cat. ), m., N. of scholars

-putra m., N. of Siddha-sena Siṉhâs

-bhaṭṭa m., N. of a man ib.

-mānin mfn. ( = -jñānin ) Divyâv

-mitra m., N. of various persons Rājat


-m-manya mfn. ( -jñānin

°ya-tā f. ) Rājat

-rāmêśvara-bhaṭṭāraka m., N. of an author Cat.

-vāsudeva m., N. of a poet ib.

-viṣṇu m., N. of a philosopher Sarvad

-vyavasthāpaka, N. of a work.

-śrī-nārāyaṇa m., N. of an author Cat.

-sūnu m. patr. of Skanda KāśīKh.

°jñâtma-giri ( Col. ) or °mamuni ( Cat. ), m., N. of an author

°jñârdha-śarīriṇī f., N. of Umā, Kāśtkh

sárva-jñātṛ [ sarvajJAtR ]

mfn. omniscient

-tva n. omniscience Cat.

sárva-jñāna [ sarvajJAna ]

n. ' acknowledge ', N. of a Tantra wk.

m., N. of a deity Buddh.

-tantra n., N. of a Tantra wk.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing all knowledge Mn. R.

. vid mfn. acquainted with all knowledge MW.

°nôttama, or °nôttama-tantra n. °nôttara n. °nôttara-vṛtti f., N. of works.

sárva-jñīya [ sarvajJIya ]

mfn. Kaṇ. Sch.

sárva-jyāní [ sarvajyAni ]

f. the complete loss of all one's property AV. Br. ŚrS. SaṃithUp.

sárva-jyotiṣa-saṃgraha [ sarvajyotiSasaMgraha ]

m., N. of a work. T.

sárva-jyotis [ sarvajyotis ]

m., N. of an Ekâha PañcavBr. KātyŚr.

sárva-jvara [ sarvajvara ]

m. all kinds of fever, ( or ) fever arising from disturbances of all the humours

-vipāka m., N. of ch. of the Rudray

-hara ( L. ) or -jvarâpaha ( Suśr. ), mfn. removing such fever

sárva-tathāgata [ sarvatathAgata ]

in comp.

-dharma-vāṇ-nithprapañcajñāna-mudrā, -prajñā-jñāna-m°, - bandhanajñāna-m°, -vajrâbhiṣeka-jñāna-m°, -viśvakarma-jñāna-m° f., N. of partic. positions of the fingers L.

-vyavalokana m. a partic. Samādhi Kāraṇḍ

saṃtoṣaṇī f., N. of a Tantra deity L.

-samājâdhiṣṭhāna-jñāna-mudrā f. a partic. position of the fingers L.

su-rata-sukhā f. °tâkarṣaṇī f., N. of Tantra deities L.

°tânurāgaṇa-jñāna-mudrā f. a partic. position of the fingers L.

°tânurāgaṇī f., N. of a Tantra deity L.

°tâśāparipūraṇa-jñāna-mudrā f. a partic. position of the fingers L.

sárva-tanu [ sarvatanu ]

or ( sárva-. ), mfn. complete in regard to the body or person AV. ŚBr. TĀr. ĀśvŚr.

sárva-tanū [ sarvatanU ]

( sárva-. ), mfn. complete in regard to the body or person AV. ŚBr. TĀr. ĀśvŚr.

( ū ), m. one who is born again with his whole body MW.

sárva-tantra [ sarvatantra ]

n. pl. all doctrines Hcat

mfn. = sarvaṃ tantram adhîte veda vā Pat. on Pāṇ. 4-2, 60

universally acknowledged, admitted by all schools ( as a philosophical principle ) W.

m. one who has studied all the Tantras. ib.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. ( prob. ) containing all doctrines Hcat

-śiromaṇi m., N. of a work.

-siddhânta m. a dogma admitted by all systems ( opp. to pratitantra-s°, q.v. ) Car. Nyāyad

sárva-tapo-maya [ sarvatapomaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. containing all penances, Pallear

sárva-tamonuda [ sarvatamonuda ]

mfn. driving away all darkness ( as the sun ) MBh.

sárva-tara [ sarvatara ]

comp. of sarva Pāṇ. 6-1, 191 Sch.

sárva-tas [ sarvatas ]

See s.v.

sárva-tā [ sarvatA ]

f. wholeness, totality Nyāyam

sárva-tāti [ sarvatAti ]

( sarvá-. ), f. totality RV.

completeness, perfect happiness or prosperity, soundness ib. AV.

( ā loc. ), ind. all together, entirely RV. ŚāṅkhŚr.

( accord. to Sāy. ' everywhere ' or ' at the sacrifice. ' )

sárva-tāpana [ sarvatApana ]

mfn. all-inflaming W.

m., N. of Kāma L.

sárva-tiktā [ sarvatiktA ]

f. Solanum Indicum L.

sárva-tīkṣṇa [ sarvatIkSNa ]

mfn. quite sharp VPrāt.

sárva-tīrtha [ sarvatIrtha ]

N. of a village R.

n. pl. all sacred bathing places MBh.

maya mf ( ī or [ m. c. ] ā ) n. containing all sacred bathing- places Hcat. Pañcar.

-yātrā-vidhi. m., N. of a work.

°thâtmaka mfn. ( = °tha-maya ) Pañcar.

°thêśvara n., N. of a Liṅga in Benares KāśīKh.

sárva-tūrya-ninādin [ sarvatUryaninAdin ]

m. ' playing all instruments ', Siva MW.

sárva-tejas [ sarvatejas ]

n. all splendour ( See comp. )

m., N. of a son of Vyushṭa BhP.

°jo-maya. mf ( ī ) n. containing all splendour, allglorious Mn. R. Hit.

containing all power W.

sárva-tyāga [ sarvatyAga ]

m. complete renunciation Mcar.

loss of everything Car.

sárva-traiṣṭubha [ sarvatraiSTubha ]

( sarvá- ), mfn. consisting wholly of Trishîubh ŚBr.

sárva-tvá [ sarvatva ]

n. wholeness, totality, completeness ib. TS.

sárva-thā [ sarvathA ]

See s.v.

sárva-da [ sarvada ]

mf ( ā ) n. all-bestowing Siṉhâs. Kuval. Pañcar. m., N. of Śiva MW.

-rāja. m., N. of a king Buddh.

sárva-daṇḍa-dhara [ sarvadaNDadhara ]

mfn. punishing every one ( Siva ) MBh.

sárva-damana [ sarvadamana ]

mfn. all-subduing or all-taming

m., N. of Bharata ( son of Sakūtalā ) MBh. Hariv. Śak

of an Asura Kathās

sárva-darśana [ sarvadarzana ]

mfn. all-viewing BhP. Śivag

-śiromaṇi m., N. of a work.

-saṃgraha m. ' compendium of all the Darśanas ', N. of a treatise on the various systems of philosophy ( not including the Vedânta ) by Mādhavâcārya or his brother Sāyaṇa IW. 118 ; 119

sárva-darśin [ sarvadarzin ]

mfn. all-seeing MBh. R. VarBṛS.

m. a Buddha L.

an Arhat ( with Jainas ) ib.

sárva-dā [ sarvadA ]

See s.v.

sárva-dātṛ [ sarvadAtR ]

mfn. all-giver ( -tva n. ) Sāy

sárva-dāna [ sarvadAna ]

n. the gift of everything, gift of one's all L.

-vidhi m., N. of a work.

°nâdhika mfn. better than every gift Yājñ.

sárva-dāsa [ sarvadAsa ]

m., N. of a, poet Cat.

sárva-dāha [ sarvadAha ]

m. complete combustion ĀpŚr.

sárva-digvijaya [ sarvadigvijaya ]

m. conquest of all regions, universal conquest MW.

sárva-diṅ-mukham [ sarvadiGmukham ]

ind. towards all regions Śatr

sárva-dúkha-kṣaya [ sarvadukhakSaya ]

m. destruction of all pain, final emancipation from all existence L.

sárva-duṣṭânta-kṛt [ sarvaduSTAntakRt ]

mfn. destroying all the wicked Pañcar.

sárva-dṛś [ sarvadRz ]

mfn. all-seeing Hariv. BhP. Pañcar.

f. pl. all eyes, i.e. all organs of senses BhP.

sárva-deva [ sarvadeva ]

m. pl. all the gods Ml.

-tā-piṣpâdi-pūjana n. tā-pratisthṭhā-sāra-saṃgraha m., N. of works.

-ta-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing all deities BhP.

-pūjana-prakāra m. -pūjana-prayoga m. -pratiṣṭhā f. - pratiṣṭhā-karman n. -pratithṭhā-krama-vidhi m. - pratiṣṭā-vidhi m., N. of works.

maya ( ī ) n. comprising or representing all gods R. Rājat. BhP. etc.

m., N. of Śiva MW.

-mukha m. ( ? ) ' mouth of all the gods ', N. of Agni L.

-mūrti-pratiṣṭhā-vidhi m. -sādhāraṇa-nityapūjā-vidhi m. -sûkta n., N. of works.

-sūri m., N. of an author Cat.

-hutâśana mfn. eating the sacrifice designed for all gods

m., N. of Agni R.

°vâtmaka ( Sāy. ) or °vâtman ( RāmatUp. ), mfn. having the nature of all gods, containing all gods

°vêśa m. lord of all gods ( Śiva ) MBh.

sarva-devīmayī f. containing or representing all goddesses Hcat

sárva-devata [ sarvadevata ]

mfn. relating to all the deities MW.

sárva-devatyá [ sarvadevatya ]

mfn. sacred to or representing all the gods TS. Br.

sárva-deśa-vṛttânta-saṃgraha [ sarvadezavRttAntasaMgraha ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-deśīya [ sarvadezIya ]

mfn. coming from or existing or found in every country KāśīKh. Kull. on Mn. viii, 143

sárva-deśya [ sarvadezya ]

mfn. being in all places RPrāt.

sárva-daivatya [ sarvadaivatya ]

mfn. representing all the gods, BṛArUp. Sch.

-sārnad° MW.

sárva-dravya [ sarvadravya ]

n. pl. all things Ml.

sárva-draṣṭṛ [ sarvadraSTR ]

mfn. all-viewer, all-seeing NṛsUp.

sárva-dvārika [ sarvadvArika ]

mfn. favourable to a warlike expedition towards all regions, Var Yogay

sárva-dhana [ sarvadhana ]

n. all one's property W.

( in arithm. ) a sum total, sum or total of a series ( in progression ) ib.

sárva-dhanin [ sarvadhanin ]

mfn. possessed of all goods Pat. on Pāṇ. 2-1, 69 Vārtt. 5

sárva-dhanvin [ sarvadhanvin ]

m. ' best archer ', the god of love L. ( w.r. -dhanvan )

sárva-dhara [ sarvadhara ]

m., N. of a lexicographer Col. Cat.

n., N. of a work.

sárva-dharman [ sarvadharman ]

m., N. of a king VP.

( sarva-dharma, in comp.

padaprabheda m. a partic. Samādhi Buddh.

-prakāśa m., N. of a work.

-praveśana n. -praveśa-mudra m., N. of a partic. Samādhi Buddh.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing all laws Yājñ.

-mudra m. a partic. Samādhi Buddh.

-vid mfn. knowing all laws Mn. Yājñ. Sch.

-ramatā f., N. of a Samādhi Buddh.

-samatājñāna-mudrā f. a partic. position of the fingers ib.

-ramavaśaraṇa-sigara-mudrā f. -samavasaraṇa-sāgara-mudra m.

°rmâtikramaṇa m., N. of Samādhis ib.

°rmôpravṛtti-nirdeśa m., N. of a work.

°rmôttara-ghoṣa m., N. of a Bodhisattva Buddh.

°rmôdgata. m., N. of a Samādhi ib. )

sárva-dhā' [ sarvadhA ]

mfn. all-refreshing, all-pleasing RV.

all-containing, all-yielding MW.

sárva-dhâman [ sarvadhAman ]

n. the, abode or home of all Pañcar.

sárva-dhārin [ sarvadhArin ]

m. all-holder ', N. of Śiva MBh.

of the 22nd year of Jupiter's cycle of 60 years ( also -dhārī f. accord. to some ) VarBṛS.

sárva-dhārī [ sarvadhArI ]

the 22nd year of the cycle ( accord. to some ; prec. ). W.

sárva-dhurā-vaha [ sarvadhurAvaha ]

mfn. bearing all burdens, mfn. L.

m. = next, m. W.

sárva-dhurīṇa [ sarvadhurINa ]

mfn. fit for any kind of carriage or draught Pāṇ. 4-4, 78

m. a draught ox or other animal W.

sárva-nakṣatrêṣṭi [ sarvanakSatreSTi ]

f., N. of a work.

sárva-nara [ sarvanara ]

m. every man Vedântas

sárva-nāman [ sarvanAman ]

n. ( in gram. ) N. of a class of words beginning with sarva ( comprising the real pronouns and a series of pronominal adjectives, such as ubhaya, viśva, ekatara etc. ; under sarva ). Āpast. Nir. Aprāt. etc. mfn. having all names Nir. BhP.

°ma-tā f. or °ma-tva n. the being a pronoun or a pronominal

°ma-śaktivāda m., N. of a work.

°ma-sthāna n. a case-termination before which the strong base of a noun is used Pāṇ.

sárva-nāśa [ sarvanAza ]

m. complete loss KātyŚr.

destruction of everything, complete ruin ( °śaṃkṛ, ' to lose everything ' ) Mn. Pañcat. Hit.

sárva-nāśin [ sarvanAzin ]

mfn. all-destroying MW.

sárva-nikṣepā [ sarvanikSepA ]

f. a partic. method of counting Lalit. ( -vikṣepatā )

sárva-nidhana [ sarvanidhana ]

m. a partic. Ekâha ŚāṅkhŚr.

sárva-niyantṛ [ sarvaniyantR ]

m. all-subduer ( -tva n. ) Vedântas

sárva-niyojaka [ sarvaniyojaka ]

mfn. impelling or directing all ( Viṣṇu ) Pañcar.

sárva-nirākṛti [ sarvanirAkRti ]

mfn. causing to forget everything BhP.

sárva-nilaya [ sarvanilaya ]

mfn. having one's abode everywhere ib.

sárva-nivaraṇa-viṣkambhin [ sarvanivaraNaviSkambhin ]

m., N. of a Bodhisattva Buddh. ( w.r. -ṇīv° Kāraṇḍ. )

sárva-ṃ-dada [ sarvaMdada ]

m., N. of a man Buddh.

sárva-ṃ-dama [ sarvaMdama ]

or m. ' all-subduing ', N. of Bharata ( son of Śakuntalā ) L.

sárva-ṃ-damana [ sarvaMdamana ]

m. ' all-subduing ', N. of Bharata ( son of Śakuntalā ) L.

sárva-paṭṭa-mara [ sarvapaTTamara ]

mf ( ī ) n. made of cloth of all kinds Vās

sárva-pati [ sarvapati ]

m. a lord of everything

sárva-pattrīṇa [ sarvapattrINa ]

mfn. occupying the whole chariot Pāṇ. 5-2, 7

sárva-patha [ sarvapatha ]

m. every road or way, every direction W.

sárva-pathīna [ sarvapathIna ]

mf ( ā ) n. occupying the whole road Pāṇ. Bhaṭṭ. Śiś.

going in every direction, propagated or celebrated everywhere ( -tā f. ) Hcat. Śiś. Sch.

sárva-pad [ sarvapad ]

( strong base -pād

sárva- ), mfn. all-footed AV.

sárva-pada [ sarvapada ]

n. pl. ( or ibe. ) words of every kind Naigh. Nir

sárva-paddati [ sarvapaddati ]

f., N. of a work.

sárva-pariphulla [ sarvapariphulla ]

mfn. full blown L.

sárva-parus [ sarvaparus ]

( sárva-. ), mfn. having all joints AV.

sárva-paro'kṣa [ sarvaparokSa ]

mf ( ā ) n. imperceptible by all SaṃhUp.

sárva-paśu [ sarvapazu ]

m. ' all animal ', N. of a blockhead Cat.

pl. all animal sacrifices Lāṭy

( sarvá- ), mfn. fit for every animal or animal sacrifice, consisting entirely of animal sacrifice ib. TBr. -1

sárva-pā [ sarvapA ]

mfn. drinking everything MW.

f., N. of the wife of the Daitya Bali L. -2

sárva-pā [ sarvapA ]

mfn. all-preserving MW.

sárva-pāñcālaka [ sarvapAJcAlaka ]

mfn. consisting entirely of Pañcālas Pāṇ. 6-2, 105 Sch.

sárva-pātrīṇa [ sarvapAtrINa ]

mfn. filling the whole dish Pāṇ. 5- 2, 7

sárva-pāda [ sarvapAda ]

m., N. of a man W.

sárva-pāpa-roga-hara-śata-mānadāna [ sarvapAparogaharazatamAnadAna ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-pāpa-hara [ sarvapApahara ]

mfn. removing all sin MW.

sárva-pāraśava [ sarvapArazava ]

mfn. made entirely of iron MBh.

sárva-pārśva-mukha [ sarvapArzvamukha ]

m. ' having a face on all sides ', N. of Śiva MW.

sárva-pārṣada [ sarvapArSada ]

n. a text-book received by all grammatical schools ( -tva n. ) Sarvad

sárva-pālaka [ sarvapAlaka ]

mfn. all-preserving or all-protecting Pañcar.

sárva-pāvana [ sarvapAvana ]

m. ' all-purifing ', N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-puṇya [ sarvapuNya ]

mfn. perfectly beautiful MBh.

-samuccaya m., N. of a Samādhi Buddh.

sárva-pura-kṣetra-māhātmya [ sarvapurakSetramAhAtmya ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-purāṇa [ sarvapurANa ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-purāṇa-sāra [ sarvapurANasAra ]

N. of a work.

sárva-purāṇârtha-saṃgraha [ sarvapurANArthasaMgraha ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-puruṣa [ sarvapuruSa ]

or ( sárva- ), mfn. having all men etc. AV. ĀśvŚr. Kauś

sárva-pūruṣa [ sarvapUruSa ]

( sárva- ), mfn. having all men etc. AV. ĀśvŚr. Kauś

sárva-pūjita [ sarvapUjita ]

m. ' worshipped by all ', N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-pūta [ sarvapUta ]

mfn. completely pure, NṛsUP.

sárva-pūraka [ sarvapUraka ]

mfn. all-filling Pañcar.

sárva-pūrṇa [ sarvapUrNa ]

mfn. full of everything

-tva n. entire fulness or completeness, complete preparation or provision L.

sárva-pūrti-kara-stava [ sarvapUrtikarastava ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-pūrva [ sarvapUrva ]

mfn. the first of all Pat.

preceded by any ( sound ) RPrāt.

sárva-pṛthvī-maya [ sarvapRthvImaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. containing the whole earth Hcat

sárva-pṛṣṭha [ sarvapRSTha ]

( sárva- ), mf ( ā ) n. provided with all the ( 6 ) Pṛshṭhas ( q.v. ) TS. Kāṭh. Br. ĀśvŚr.

( ā ), f. a partic. sacrifice TS. ŚāṅkhBr.

m. or n. ( ? ) N. of various wks.

-prayoga m. -hautra-prayoga, m.

°ṭhâptor-yāma-pray° m. °thâptor-yāma-sāman n. pl., - ṭhâptor-yāma-hautra-prayoga m. °ṭhêṣṭi f. -ṭhêṣṭi-prayoga m. °ṭhêṣṭi-hautra n. -ṭh7ṣṭi-hautra-paddhati f., N. of works.

sárva-prakāra [ sarvaprakAra ]

mfn. existing in all forms Sarvad

( am ), ind. in every manner, in every respect MārkP.

sárva-pratyakṣa [ sarvapratyakSa ]

mf ( ā ) n. being before the eyes of all, SaṃphUp.

sárva-pratyayamālā [ sarvapratyayamAlA ]

f., N. of a work.

sárva-prathamam [ sarvaprathamam ]

ind. before all, first of all Lalit.

sárva-prada [ sarvaprada ]

mf ( ā ) n. all-bestowing Pañcar.

sárva-prabhu [ sarvaprabhu ]

m. the lord of all Ragh

sárva-prayatna [ sarvaprayatna ]

m. every effort

( ena ), ind. with all one's might, to the best of one's ability Hcat

sárva-prâṇa [ sarvaprANa ]


( ena ), ind. with all one's soul R. Kathās

sárva-prâpti [ sarvaprApti ]

f. attainment of all things KapS.

sárva-prâyaścittá [ sarvaprAyazcitta ]

mf ( ī' ) n. atoning for everything ŚBr.

n. expiation for everything, Gaut

a partic. libation in the Āhavanīua GṛŚrS.

N. of a work.

-prayoga m. -lakṣaṇa n. -vidhi m., N. of works.

sárva-prâyaścitti [ sarvaprAyazcitti ]

f. complete atonement AitBr.

sárva-prâyaścittya [ sarvaprAyazcittya ]

mfn. relating or belonging to the Sarva-prâyacitta libation, Kaul. Vait

sárva-priya [ sarvapriya ]

mfn. loving all or dear to all W.

sárva-phala-tyāga-caturdaśī [ sarvaphalatyAgacaturdazI ]

f., N. of a partic. 14th day

-vrata n. a partic. religious observance Cat.

sárva-bandha-vimocana [ sarvabandhavimocana ]

m. ' delivering from every bond ', N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-bala [ sarvabala ]

n. a partic. high number Lalit.

sárva-bāhu [ sarvabAhu ]

m. a partic. mode of fighting Hariv.

sárva-bāhya [ sarvabAhya ]

mfn. the outermost of all, IndSt

sárva-bīja [ sarvabIja ]

n. the seed of everything Pañcar.

°jin mfn. containing all seed Pāṇ. 5-2, 135 Vārtt. 2 Pat.

sárva-buddha [ sarvabuddha ]

in comp.

-ksketra-saṃdarśana m. a partic. Samādhi Kāraṇḍ. ( w.r. - buddha-kṣatra-s° )

-vijayâvatāra m., N. of a Buddhist Sūtra wk.

saṃdaśana m., N. of a world Buddh.

sárva-bhakṣa [ sarvabhakSa ]

mf ( ā ) n. eating or devouring everything, omnivorous ( tva n. ) MBh. R. etc.

being entirely eaten up ŚrS.

( ā ), f. a she-goat L.

sárva-bhakṣin [ sarvabhakSin ]

( Kāv. Pañcat. Hit ) or ( w.r. for -bhakṣa ), mfn. all-devouring, eating all things, omnivorous

sárva-bhakṣya [ sarvabhakSya ]

( w.r. for -bhakṣa ), mfn. all-devouring, eating all things, omnivorous

sárva-bhaṭṭa [ sarvabhaTTa ]

m., N. of an author Cat.

sárva-bhayaṃ-kara [ sarvabhayaMkara ]

mfn. terrifying all Pañcar.

sárva-bhavâraṇi [ sarvabhavAraNi ]

f. the Araṇi or cause of all welfare MārkP.

sárva-bhavôttāraṇa [ sarvabhavottAraNa ]

m. a partic. Samādhi Kāraṇḍ

sárva-bhāj [ sarvabhAj ]

mfn. sharing in everything ( ingānāṃ na sarva-bhāk, ' not being of every gender ' ) Pāṇ. Kār

sárva-bhāva [ sarvabhAva ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) whole being or nature MW.

the whole heart or soul R.

complete satisfaction Bālar

pl. all objects MaitrUp. Mn.

ena ( Bhag. Hit. BhP. ) or ais ( Pañcar. ) or ibc. ( R. ) , with all one's thoughts, with one's whole soul

-kara m. ' causer of all being ', N. of Śiva MBh.

°vâdhiṣṭhātṛ m. the chief of all beings ( -tva n. ) Cat.

sárva-bhāvana [ sarvabhAvana ]

mfn. all-creating or all-producing R. Pañcar.

m., N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-bhāsa [ sarvabhAsa ]

mfn. Pāṇ. 6-2, 105 Sch.

sárva-bhuj [ sarvabhuj ]

mfn. all-devouring BhP.

sárva-bhūtá [ sarvabhUta ]

mfn. being everywhere, Pur.

n. pl. ( or ibc. ) all beings, TĀr. ; ŚāṅkhGṛ. ; MBh. etc.

-kṛt mfn. framing all beings, Mn. i, 18

m. n. the maker or cause of all things or beings, W.

-guhā-śaya, mfn. being in the heart of all beings, ŚvetUp.

-damana ( sárva-bh° ), mfn. subduing all beings, TĀr.

( °nī, f. a form of Durgā, Hcat. )

-pitāmaha m. ' grandfather of all beings ', N. of Brahmā, MBh.

-maya, mf ( ī ) n. containing or representing all beings, Mn. ; R. ; BhP.

m. the supreme pervading Spirit, W.

-ruta-grahaṇī, f. ' comprising the sounds of all beings ', a kind of writing ( c.f. sarva-ruta-saṃgrahiṇi-lipi ), Lalit.

-stha or -sthita, mfn. present in all elements or beings, MBh.

-hara m., N. of Śiva, ib. ( RTL. 82 )

-hita, n. the welfare of all created beings, ib.

mfn. serviceable to all creatures, Kāv.

°bhūtâ`tmaka, mfn. comprising all beings, MārkP.

°bhūtâ`tman, m. the soul of all beings ( °ma-bhūta, mfn. being the soul of all beings, BhP. ), Mn. i, 54

the essence or nature of all creatures ( ma-medhas mfn. ' having a knowledge of the essence of all creatures ' ), MW.

N. of Śiva, ib.

mfn. having the nature of all beings, containing all beings, ib.

°bhūtâdhipati, m. the supreme lord of all beings ( Viṣṇu ), ṢaḍvBr.

°bhūtântaka, mfn. destroying all beings, MBh.

°bhūtântar-ātman, m. the soul of all beings, RāmatUp. ; MBh. ; Śaṃk.

°bhūtêp-sita, mfn. desired by all beings, MW.

sárva-bhūmi [ sarvabhUmi ]

f. the whole earth Pāṇ. 5-1, 41

g. anuśatikâdi

mfn. owning the whole earth AitBr.

sárva-bhṛt [ sarvabhRt ]

mfn. all-sustaining or all-supporting Bhag.

sárva-bhogin [ sarvabhogin ]

mfn. enjoying all W.

sárva-bhogīṇa [ sarvabhogINa ]

mfn. advantageous to all, to be enjoyed by all Bhaṭṭ.

sárva-bhogya [ sarvabhogya ]

mfn. id. Śak

sárva-bhauma [ sarvabhauma ]

w.r. for sārvabh° Kathās

sárva-maṅgala [ sarvamaGgala ]

mfn. universally auspicious, Paūcar.

( ā ), f., N. of Durgā RāmatUp. Hit.

of Lakshmi Pañcar.

of various wks.

n. pl. all that is auspicious R.

-mantra-paṭala, N. of ch. of wk.

sárva-maṇḍala-sādhanī [ sarvamaNDalasAdhanI ]

f., N. of a work.

sárva-manorama [ sarvamanorama ]

mf ( ā ) n. delighting every one MBh.

sárva-mantra-śāpa-vimocana [ sarvamantrazApavimocana ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-mantrôtkīlana [ sarvamantrotkIlana ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-mantrôtkīlana-śāpa-vimocana-stotra [ sarvamantrotkIlanazApavimocanastotra ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-mantrôpayuktaparibhāṣā [ sarvamantropayuktaparibhASA ]

f., N. of a work.

sárva-máya [ sarvamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. all-containing comprehending all ŚBr. Nir. etc.

sárva-malâpagata [ sarvamalApagata ]

m. a partic. Samādhi Buddh.

sárva-mahat [ sarvamahat ]

mfn. greatest of all ( -tara, ' greater than all the rest ' ) MBh. Kathās

completely great Pāṇ. 6-2, 93

sárva-mahī [ sarvamahI ]

f. the whole earth W.

sárva-maṃsâda [ sarvamaMsAda ]

mfn. eating every kind of flesh Mn. v, 15

sárva-māgadhaka [ sarvamAgadhaka ]

mfn. consisting entirely of Magadhas Pat.

sárva-mātṛ [ sarvamAtR ]

f. the mother of all ( du. with rodasī ) MBh.

sárva-mātrikā-puṣpâñjali [ sarvamAtrikApuSpAJjali ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-mātrā [ sarvamAtrA ]

f. a kind of metre RPrāt. Nidānas

sárva-mānya-campū [ sarvamAnyacampU ]

f., N. of a work.

sárva-māya [ sarvamAya ]

m., N. of a Rākshasa Mcar.

sárva-māra-maṇḍala-vidhvaṃsana-karī [ sarvamAramaNDalavidhvaMsanakarI ]

f. ' destroying the whole company of Māras ', N. of a partic. ray Lalit.

sárva-māra-maṇaḍala-vidhvaṃna-jñāna-mudrā [ sarvamAramaNaDalavidhvaMnajJAnamudrA ]

f. a partic. position of the fingers Buddh.

sárva-mitra [ sarvamitra ]

m. a friend of every one MBh.

N. of a man Buddh.

sárva-mukha [ sarvamukha ]

mfn. facing in every direction ( -tva n. ), BṛārUp. Sch.

sárva-mūrti [ sarvamUrti ]

mfn. all-formed VP.

sárva-mūrdhanya [ sarvamUrdhanya ]

( with Śaktas ) N. of an author of mystical prayers Cat.

sárva-mūlya [ sarvamUlya ]

n. ' general token of value ', a cowry L.

any small coin MW.

sárva-mūṣaka [ sarvamUSaka ]

m. ' all-stealing ', time L.

sárva-mṛtya [ sarvamRtya ]

m. universal death Pañcar.

sárva-medhá [ sarvamedha ]

m. a universal sacrifice ( a 10 days ' Soma sacrifice ) ŚBr. ŚrS. etc.

every sacrifice BhP.

N. of an Upanishad

sárva-medhya [ sarvamedhya ]

mfn. universally or perfectly pure ( - tva n. ' universal purity ' ) Yājñ. VarBṛS. etc.

sárva-m-bhari [ sarvambhari ]

mfn. all-supporting ChUp. Sch.

sárva-yajña [ sarvayajJa ]

m. every sacrifice ( without Soma, accord. to Sch. ) BhP.

pl. all sacrifice MBh.

sárva-yatna [ sarvayatna ]

m. every effort ( ena ind. ' with all one's might ', to the best of one's ability ) MBh. Cāṇ. etc.

-vat mfn. making every possible effect Kām

sárva-yantrin [ sarvayantrin ]

mfn. provided with all implements KātyŚr.

sárva-yamaka [ sarvayamaka ]

n. congruity in sound of all the 4 Pādas ( e.g. Bhaṭṭ. x, 19 )

sárva-yogin [ sarvayogin ]

m., N. of Siva MW.

sárva-yoni [ sarvayoni ]

f. the source of all ( -tva n. ) Ragh. ChUp. Sch.

sárva-yoṣit [ sarvayoSit ]

f. pl. all women Ml.

sárva-rakṣaṇa [ sarvarakSaNa ]

mfn. preserving from everything BrahmaP.

-kavaca n. an all-preserving amulet or charm MW.

sárva-rakṣita [ sarvarakSita ]

m., N. of a grammarian Cat.

sárva-rakṣin [ sarvarakSin ]

mfn. all-protecting MW.

preserving from all ( harm ) R.

sárva-ratna [ sarvaratna ]

m. ' having all gems ', N. of a minister of king Yudhi-shṭhira Rājat

( ā ), f., N. of a Śruti Saṃgīt

-maya mf ( ī ) n. made up of all ( kinds of ) jewels Kathās

entirely studded with jewels MBh. R.

-samanvita mfn. possessed of all jewels MBh.

sárva-ratnaka [ sarvaratnaka ]

m. ( with Jainas ) N. of one of the 9 treasures and of the deity presiding over it L.

sárva-rathā' [ sarvarathA ]

ind. with the whole line of chariots RV.

sárva-rasa [ sarvarasa ]

m. every taste or flavour BhP.

the saline flavour L.

the resinous exudation of the Vatica Robusta Bhpr. ( w.r. for sarja-r° )

pl. ( or ibc. ) all kinds of juices or fluids VarBṛS. BhP.

all kinds of palatable food ŚārṅgP.

mfn. ( sárva- ) containing all juices ŚBr. ChUp.

wise, learned L.

m. a sort of musical instrument L.

a scholar W.

°sôttama m. ' best of all flavours ', the saline flavour ib.

sárva-rā'j [ sarvarAj ]

m. a king of all VS. MBh.

sárva-rājêndra [ sarvarAjendra ]

m. ' chief of all kings ', N. of a divine being Cat.

( ā ), f. a partic. position of the fingers Kāraṇḍ

sárva-rājya [ sarvarAjya ]

n. universal sovereignty MBh.

sárva-rātra [ sarvarAtra ]

m. the whole night

ibc. or ( am ), ind. all through the night KātyŚr. Śiś. Vās

sárva-rāsa [ sarvarAsa ]

m. ( -rasa above ) the resinous exudation of the Vatica Robusta L.

a sort of musical instrument ib.

sárva-ruta-kauśalya [ sarvarutakauzalya ]

m. or n. ( ? ) a partic. Samādhi Buddh.

sárva-ruta-saṃgrahiṇi-lipi [ sarvarutasaMgrahiNilipi ]

( ? ), f. a partic. mode of writing Lalit.

sárva-rūpa [ sarvarUpa ]

( sárva- or sarvá- ), mf ( ā ) n. having or assuming all forms ( -tā f. ) Pañcar. Jaim. Sch.

having all colours ŚBr. ŚrS.

of all kinds AitBr. PārGṛ. MuṇḍUp.

-bhāj mfn. assuming all forms Ragh

-saṃdarśana m. a partic. Samātdhi SaddhP.

sárva-rūpin [ sarvarUpin ]

mfn. having or assuming all forms R.

sárva-roga [ sarvaroga ]

( ibc. ) all kinds of diseases Cat.

-nidāna n. -śānti f., N. of works.

sárva-rodha-virodha-sampraśamana [ sarvarodhavirodhasamprazamana ]

m. a partic. Samāsdhi Buddh.

sárva-rohita [ sarvarohita ]

( sarvá- ), mf. quite red ŚBr. KātyŚr.

sárva-rtu [ sarvartu ]

( °va + ṛtu ), m. every season MW.

' containing all seasons ', a year L.

-parivarta m. ' revolution of all the seasons ', id. _ ib.

phala, n. the fruit of all the seasons MW.

sárva-rtuka [ sarvartuka ]

( °va + ṛt° ), mfn. adapted to every season , habitable in every seasons, existing in every seasons Mn. R. Hariv. etc.

-vana n., N. of a forest Hariv.

sárva-lakṣaṇa [ sarvalakSaNa ]

( ibc. ) all auspicious marks R. BhavP.

-tāparya n. -pustaka, N. of works.

-lakṣita m. ' characterised by all marks ', N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-laghu [ sarvalaghu ]

mfn. entirely consisting of short syllables Ked

sárva-lālasa [ sarvalAlasa ]

m., N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-liṅga [ sarvaliGga ]

mfn. having all genders, used as an adjective ( -tā, f. ) Pat.

-pradātri mfn. liberal to adherents of every faith MBh. -samnyāsa m. -saṃnyāsa-nirṇaya m. -sādhanī, f., N. of a work.

°gâdhyāya m., N. of a work.

sárva-liṅgin [ sarvaliGgin ]

m. ' having all kinds of external marks ', a heretic L.

sárva-luṇṭāka [ sarvaluNTAka ]

m. ' all-robbing ', N. of a fraudulent official Campak

sárva-loká [ sarvaloka ]

m. the whole world VS. Hariv. R.

the whole people VarBṛS.

every one MBh. R. etc. pl. ( or ibc. ) all beings VarBṛS.

every one R. Pañcar. etc.

-krit m. Universe-maker ', N. of Śiva MBh.

-guru m., N. of Viṣṇu BhP.

-dhātu-vyavalokana m., N. of a Samādhi Kāraṇḍ

-dhatûpadra. vôdvega-pratyuttīrṇa m., N. of a Buddha Buddh.

-pitāmaha m. progenitor of all creatures ', N. of Brahmā R.

-prajāpati m. ' father of the Universe ', N. of Śiva Śivag

-bhayaṃ-kara mfn. appalling to the whole world R.

-bhayâstambhita. tva-viddhvaṃsana-kara m., N. of a Buddha , Buddh.

-bhṛt mfn. supporting the whole world ( said of Śiva ) Śivag

-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing the whole world R. Hcat

-maḥśvara m., N. of Śiva R.

of Kṛshna Bhag.

-vid mfn. acquainted with all world MBh.

°kântarātman m. the soul of the whole world MBh.

°kêśa m. ' lord of the whole world ', N. of Kṛṣṇa, Kṛṣṇaj

°kêśvara m. ' id., ' id. ib.

N. of Brahmā R.

sárva-lokin [ sarvalokin ]

mfn. containing the whole world RāmatUp.

sárva-locanā [ sarvalocanA ]

f. the ichneumon plant L.

sárva-loha [ sarvaloha ]

mfn. entirely red Mn. Sch.

m. an iron arrow L.

n. ( ibc. ) all kinds of metal Cat.

-maya mf ( ī ) n. entirely of iron Pañcat

sárva-lohita [ sarvalohita ]

mfn. entirely red R.

sárva-lauha [ sarvalauha ]

m. ' entirely of iron ', an iron arrow L.

sárva-vat [ sarvavat ]

mfn. containing all, MāuGṛ.

sárva-vani [ sarvavani ]

mfn. all-acquiring or all-possessing Kāv

sárva-varṇa [ sarvavarNa ]

mf ( ā ) n. all-coloured TĀr.

sárva-varṇikā [ sarvavarNikA ]

f. the tree Gmelina Arborea L.

sárva-varṇin [ sarvavarNin ]

mfn. ( prob. ) of various kinds MBh.

sárva-vartikā [ sarvavartikA ]

v.l. for varṇikā L.

sárva-varman [ sarvavarman ]

m., N. of a grammarian ( śarva-v° ) Buddh.

sárva-vallabha [ sarvavallabha ]

mfn. dear to all MW.

( ā ), f. an unchaste woman L.

sárva-vāg-īśvarêśvara [ sarvavAgIzvarezvara ]

m., N. of Viṣṇu Pañcar.

sárva-vāṅ-nidhana [ sarvavAGnidhana ]

m., N. of an Ekâha ŚāṅkhŚr.

sárva-vāṅ-maya [ sarvavAGmaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. containing all speech, entirely consisting of speech BhP. Cat.

sárva-vāta-saha [ sarvavAtasaha ]

mfn. able to bear every wind ( said of a ship ) MW.

sárva-vādin [ sarvavAdin ]

m., N. of Śiva MBh.

( °di ) -sammata mfn. approved by all disputants, universally admitted MW.

sárva-vāram [ sarvavAram ]

ind. all at once, simultaneously Pañcat

sárva-vārṣika-parvan [ sarvavArSikaparvan ]

n. pl. all the junctures or special periods of a year BhP.

sárva-vāsa [ sarvavAsa ]

m. ' all-abiding ', Siva MBh.

sárva-vāsaka [ sarvavAsaka ]

mfn. completely clothed MBh.

sárva-vāsin [ sarvavAsin ]

m. = -vāsa MW.

sárva-vikrayin [ sarvavikrayin ]

mfn. selling all kinds of things Mn. ii, 118

sárva-vikṣepatā [ sarvavikSepatA ]

f. a partic. method of counting Buddh. ( -nikṣepā )

sárva-vikhyāta [ sarvavikhyAta ]

m. ' celebrated by all ', N. of Śiva MBh.

sárva-vigraha [ sarvavigraha ]

m. ', all-shaped ', Śiva ib.

sárva-vijñāna [ sarvavijJAna ]

n. knowledge of everything Sarvad

mfn. knowing everything ( -tā f. ) R. Sch.

sárva-vijñānin [ sarvavijJAnin ]

mfn. id.

( °jñāni ) -tā f. omniscience ib. ( v.l. ) Kām

sárva-vid [ sarvavid ]

mfn. all-knowing, omniscient AV. MuṇḍUp. MBh. etc.

m. the Supreme Being. MW.

f. the sacred syllable Om L.

( -vit ) -tva n. omniscience Cat.

sárva-vidya [ sarvavidya ]

mfn. possessing all science, omniscient ŚvetUp.

( ā' ), f. all science TBr.

every science, pl. all science TĀr.

°yā-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing all science Cat.

°yâlaṃkāra, °yā-vinoda, °yā-vinoda-bhaṭṭâcārya m., N. of authors ib.

°yā-sithântavarṇana n., N. of a work.

sárva-vināśa [ sarvavinAza ]

m. entire destruction Gaut

sárva-vinda [ sarvavinda ]

m. a partic. mythical being ib.

sárva-vibhūti [ sarvavibhUti ]

f. dominion over all MW.

sárva-viśrambhin [ sarvavizrambhin ]

mfn. trusting all Car.

sárva-viśva [ sarvavizva ]

n. the whole world Pañcar.

sárva-viṣaya [ sarvaviSaya ]

mfn. relating to everything, general Vām

sárva-viṣṭuti-prayoga [ sarvaviSTutiprayoga ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-vihārīya-yantra [ sarvavihArIyayantra ]

n., N. of a work.

sárva-vīra [ sarvavIra ]

( sárva-. ), mf ( ā ) n. all-heroic, consisting of or relating to or accompanied by or leading all men or heroes RV. AV. Kauś

possessing numerous male descendants MW.

-jit mfn. conquering all heroes Pañcar.

-bhaṭṭāraka m., N. of an author Cat.

sárva-vīrya [ sarvavIrya ]

( sárva. ), mf ( ā ) n. endowed with all powers ŚBr.

sárva-vṛddha [ sarvavRddha ]

mf ( ā ) n. recited entirely according to the quantity of the vowels SaṃhUp.

sárva-vega [ sarvavega ]

m., N. of a king VP.

sárva-vettṛ [ sarvavettR ]

mfn. all-knower, omniscient ( -tva n. ) L.

sárva-veda [ sarvaveda ]

mfn. having all knowledge MW.

acquainted with all the Vedas Pat. on Pāṇ. 4-2, 60

m. a Brāhman who has read the four Vedas W.

-tri-rāta m. a partic. Ahīna ŚāṅkhSr

-maya mf ( ī ) n. containing all the Vedas BhP.

°dâtman w.r. for sarva-devâtman RāmatUp.

°dârtha m., N. of ch. of the BhP.

sárva-vedas [ sarvavedas ]

( sárva- ), mfn. having complete property AV.

m. one who gives away all his property to the priests after a sacrifice L.

sárva-vedasá [ sarvavedasa ]

mfn. accompanied by a gift of all one's goods ( as a sacrifice

also m. [ scil. kratu ], a sacrifice of the above kind ' ) MaitrS. Br. ŚrS.

giving all one's property to priests after a sacrifice Mn. xi, ( v.l. )

( am ), n. all one's property TS. Br. KaiṭhUp. ŚrS.

-dakṣiṇa mf ( ā ) n. attended with a gift of all one's property as a fee ( at a sacrifice ) ŚrS. Mn.

sárva-vedasin [ sarvavedasin ]

mfn. giving away all one's property Kāṭh

sárva-veditṛ [ sarvaveditR ]

mfn. = -vettṛ MBh.

sárva-vedin [ sarvavedin ]

mfn. omniscient Śiś.

knowing all the Vedas Hariv.

sárva-veṣin [ sarvaveSin ]

m. ' having all dresses ', an actor L. ( w.r. -veśin )

sárva-vaidalya-saṃgraha [ sarvavaidalyasaMgraha ]

m., N. of a work.

sárva-vaināśika [ sarvavainAzika ]

mfn. believing in complete annihilation Col.

m. a Buddhist ib.

N. of a class of Buddhist who hold the doctrine of total annihilation MW.

sárva-vyāpad [ sarvavyApad ]

f. complete failure AitBr.

sárva-vyāpin [ sarvavyApin ]

mfn. all-pervading Up. MBh.

embracing all particulars MW.

m., N. of Rudra ib.

( °pi ) -tva n. universality ib.

sárva-vyūha-rati-svabhāva-naya-saṃdarśana [ sarvavyUharatisvabhAvanayasaMdarzana ]

m., N. of a king of the Gandharvas Buddh.

sárva-vrata [ sarvavrata ]

n. a universal vow, ĀtvGṛ. BhP.

mfn. all-vowing ĀśvGṛ. Kauś

°tôdyāpana n. °tôdyāpana-priyoga m., N. of works.

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