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sat-tvá [ sattva ]

n. ( ifc. f. ā ) being, existence, entity, reality ( īśvara-s°, ' the existence of a Supreme Being ' ), TS etc.

true essence, nature, disposition of mind, character, PañcavBr. MBh. etc.

spiritual essence, spirit, mind, MuṇḍUp. Yājñ. MBh. BhP.

vital breath, life, consciousness, strength of character, strength, firmness, energy, resolution, courage, self-command, good sense, wisdom, magnanimity, MBh. R. etc.

the quality of purity or goodness ( regarded in the Sāṃkhya phil. as the highest of the three Guṇas [ q.v. ] or constituents of Prakṛti because it renders a person true, honest, wise etc., and a thing pure, clean etc. ), MaitrUp. Mn. Yājñ. etc. MBh. R.

material or elementary substance, entity, matter, a thing, Nir. Prāt.

a substantive, noun, W.

m. n. a living or sentient being, creature, animal, Mn. MBh. etc.

embryo, foetus, rudiment of life ( See -lakṣaṇā )

a ghost, demon, goblin, monster, R. VarBṛS. Kathās

m., N. of a son of Dhṛta-rāshṭra MBh.

sat-tvá-kartṛ [ sattvakartR ]

m. the creator of living beings, R.

sat-tvá-kaṣāya [ sattvakaSAya ]

m. decay of energy, one of the 5 signs of decay ( See kaṣ° ), Buddh.

sat-tvá-guṇa [ sattvaguNa ]

m. the quality of purity or goodness ( See above ), W.

sat-tvá-guṇin [ sattvaguNin ]

mfn. having the above quality predominant, MW.

sat-tvá-tā [ sattvatA ]

f. purity, goodness, the existence of the Sattva-guṇa, W.

sat-tvá-dhātu [ sattvadhAtu ]

m. the animal sphere, animated nature, Vajracch.

sat-tvá-dhāman [ sattvadhAman ]

n. ' abode of the quality Sattva ', N. of Viṣṇu, BhP.

sat-tvá-pati [ sattvapati ]

m. the lord of creatures, ib.

sat-tvá-prakāśa [ sattvaprakAza ]

m. the manifestation of the quality Sattva ( personified as a king ), Cat.

sat-tvá-pradhāna [ sattvapradhAna ]

mfn. = -guṇin, MW.

sat-tvá-bhārata [ sattvabhArata ]

m., N. of Vyāsa L. ( cf. satya- bh° ).

sat-tvá-maya [ sattvamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. formed or consisting of the quality Sattva, MBh.

sat-tvá-mūrti [ sattvamUrti ]

mfn. id., BhP.

sat-tvá-m-ejaya [ sattvamejaya ]

mfn. making animals tremble, Bhaṭṭ.

sat-tvá-rāśi [ sattvarAzi ]

m. quintessence of energy or courage, Kathās.

sat-tvá-lakṣaṇā [ sattvalakSaNA ]

f. showing signs of pregnancy, pregnant, Śak.

sat-tvá-loka [ sattvaloka ]

m. a world of living beings, MWB. 120.

sat-tvá-vat [ sattvavat ]

mfn. endowed with life, living, existent, a living being, W.

endowed with or possessed of the true essence, MW.

resolute, energetic, courageous, MBh. R. Suśr. etc.

abounding in the quality Sattva, Suśr.

( atī ), f. pregnant Divyâv

N. of a Tantra deity, Buddh.

sat-tvá-vara [ sattvavara ]

m., N. of various men, Kathās.

sat-tvá-viplava [ sattvaviplava ]

m. loss of consciousness, Ragh.

sat-tvá-vihita [ sattvavihita ]

mfn. effected by nature, natural, MW.

caused by goodness, ib.

virtuous, upright, W.

sat-tvá-vṛtti [ sattvavRtti ]

f. the condition or quality of goodness etc., ib.

sat-tvá-śālin [ sattvazAlin ]

mfn. energetic, courageous, Kathās. Siṉhâs.

sat-tvá-śīla [ sattvazIla ]

mfn. of a virtuous disposition, MW.

m. N. of a man, Kathās.

sat-tvá-saṃrambha [ sattvasaMrambha ]

m. extraordinary courage, ( and ) violence or fury of animals, ib.

sat-tvá-saṃśuddhi [ sattvasaMzuddhi ]

f. purity of nature or disposition, Bhag.

sat-tvá-samāviṣṭa [ sattvasamAviSTa ]

mfn. filled or thoroughly penetrated by the quality of goodness, ib.

sat-tvá-sampanna [ sattvasampanna ]

mfn. endowed with the quality of goodness, good, excellent, W.

equable, even-minded, ib.

sat-tvá-samplava [ sattvasamplava ]

m. universal destruction of beings, ib.

loss of vigour, ib.

sat-tvá-sarga [ sattvasarga ]

m. a creation of the quality Sattva, BhP.

sat-tvá-sāra [ sattvasAra ]

m. essence of strength, MW.

extraordinary courage, Dhanaṃj. Vās

a very powerful person, MW.

sat-tvá-stha [ sattvastha ]

mf ( ā ) n. being in the nature ( of anything ), W.

adherent in firmness of character, resolute, energetic, MaitrUp. CūlUp. etc.

clinging to or adherent in the quality of goodness, Bhag. BhP. Yogavās.

inherent in animals, W.

animate, ib.

sat-tvá-sthāna [ sattvasthAna ]

n. the standing in the quality of goodness, Cat.

sat-tvá-hara [ sattvahara ]

mfn. taking away the quality of goodness, BhP.

sattvâ`tman [ sattvAtman ]

mfn. having the nature of the quality of goodness, ib.

sattvâdhika [ sattvAdhika ]

mfn. having a noble disposition, Vet.

spirited, energetic, courageous ( said of persons and actions ), Siṉhâs. Kathās.

sattvâdhīna [ sattvAdhIna ]

mf ( ī ) n. depending on courage, Siṉhâs.

sattvânurūpa [ sattvAnurUpa ]

mfn. according to nature, according to one's innate disposition Bhag.

acc. to one's substance or means, Ragh.

sattvâvajaya [ sattvAvajaya ]

m. self-command, strength of mind or character, Car.

sattvôcchrita [ sattvocchrita ]

mfn. pre-eminent in courage, Ml.

sattvôtkarṣa [ sattvotkarSa ]

m. excess of magnanimity, Hit.

sattvôtsāha [ sattvotsAha ]

m. natural energy, W.

du. courage and energy, Kathās.

-vat mfn. endowed with courage and energy, Pañcat.

sattvôdrikta [ sattvodrikta ]

mfn. one in whom the quality of goodness predominates, Rājat.

sattvôdreka [ sattvodreka ]

m. excess or predominance of the quality of goodness , superabundance of energy, Sāh.

 sat-tvá [ sattva ]

See p. 1135, col. 2