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saumyá [ saumya ]

( once in AV. saúmya ), mf ( ī' later ā

once in RV. saúmyā ) n. relating or belonging to Soma ( the juice or the sacrifice or the moon-god ), connected or dealing with Soma, having his nature or qualities etc. RV. etc.

cool and moist ( opp. to agneya, ' hot and dry ' ) Br. Hariv. Suśr.

northern ( ena, ' to the north ' ) Hariv. VarBṛS.

' resembling the moon ', placid, gentle, mild ( saumya voc. = ' O gentle Sir ! ' ' O good Sir ! ' ' O excellent man ! ' as the proper mode of addressing a Brāhman Mn. ii, 125 ) ŚBr. etc. &c

auspicious ( said of birds, planets etc.

esp. of the Nakshatras Mṛga-śiras, Citrā, Anurādhā, and Revatī ) R. VarBṛS. Hariv. ŚārṅgS.

happy, pleasant, cheerful MW.

m. a Soma sacrifice L.

an adherent, worshipper BhP.

a Brāhman L.

patr. of Budha or the planet Mercury VarBṛS.

of the Vedic Ṛṣi Budha ( author of RV. x, 1 ) RAnukr.

the left hand Hcat

Ficus Glomerata L.

the fifteenth cubit ( aratni ) from the bottom or the third from the top of the sacrificial post L.

( in anat. ) the blood before it becomes red, serum W.

the gastric juice MW.

the month Mārgaśīrsha Hcat

N. of the 43rd ( or 17th ) year in the 60 years ' cycle of Jupiter VarBṛS.

( pl. ) the people of Soma ŚāṅkhGṛ.

a partic. class of deceased ancestors Mn. iii, 199

m. n. a partic. penance ( See -kṛcchra ) Yājñ. GāruḍaP.

N. of a Dvīpa of the earth or of Bharatavarsha Pur.

of the 7th astrol. Yuga Jyot

( ), f. N. of various plants ( Abrus Precatorius

Glycine Debilis

Ruta Graveolens etc. ) L.

a pearl L.

the Nakshatra Mṛga-śiras Hariv.

N. of the five stars in Orion's head ( also called ilvala, q.v. ) W.

a species of the Āryā metre Col.

N. of Durgā Cat.

( ī ), f. moonshine MBh.

( am ), n. the nature or condition of Soma AV.

gentleness MBh. Pañcat. the Nakshatra Mṛga-śiras ( presided over by the Moon ) MaitrUp. Hariv. ( accord. to Nīlak. ' Wednesday ' )

the left eye L.

the middle of the hand L.

N. of the fifth Muhūrta Cat.

( scil. adbhuta ) a partic. kind of omen or prodigy ( occurring in the Diva or sky ) MW.

saumyá-kṛcchra [ saumyakRcchra ]

m. n. a kind of penance ( described as subsisting for 5 days, severally, on sesamum, water of boiled rice, butter-milk water parched grain, and fasting on the 6th day ) W.

saumyá-gandhā [ saumyagandhA ]

f. a kind of flower L.

saumyá-gandhī [ saumyagandhI ]

f. id. ib.

the Indian white rose MW.

saumyá-giri [ saumyagiri ]

m. N. of a mountain Hariv.

saumyá-gola [ saumyagola ]

m. the northern hemisphere Gaṇit. Gol.

saumyá-graha [ saumyagraha ]

m. an auspicious or benign planet ( such as Mercury , Jupiter, Venus, and the full moon ) MW.

saumyá-jāmātṛ [ saumyajAmAtR ]

m. N. of a man Cat.

-muni m. N. of an author ( °nîndra-stotra n. N. of wk. ) ib.

-yogîndra-stuti f. N. of wk.

saumyá-tā [ saumyatA ]

f. the state of being cool and moist MBh.

gentleness, placidity ib. R. MārkP.

benevolence MW.

beauty ib.

saumyá-tva [ saumyatva ]

n. gentleness, mildness Bhag. R.

benevolence MW.

beauty ib.

saumyá-darśana [ saumyadarzana ]

mfn. pleasant to look at Mn. R.

( ā ), f. N. of a princess Kathās

saumyá-dhātu [ saumyadhAtu ]

m. ' Soma-like element ', the phlegmatic humour Suśr.

saumyá-nāman [ saumyanAman ]

mf ( mnī ) n. having a soft or agreeable name Mn. iii, 10

saumyá-prabhāva [ saumyaprabhAva ]

mfn. of gentle nature Bcar.

saumyá-mukha [ saumyamukha ]

mf ( ā ) n. pleasant-faced Kāv

saumyá-rūpa [ saumyarUpa ]

mfn. acting kindly towards ( with gen. ) VP.

saumyá-vapus [ saumyavapus ]

mfn. having an agreeable form MW.

saumyá-vāra [ saumyavAra ]

m. ' Mercury's day ', Wednesday ib.

saumyá-vāsara [ saumyavAsara ]

m. id. A.

saumyá-śānti [ saumyazAnti ]

f. N. of wk.

saumyá-śrī [ saumyazrI ]

mfn. having agreeable beauty, Pracaṇḍ

saumyâkṛti [ saumyAkRti ]

mfn. having an agreeable appearance Kathās

saumyârci [ saumyArci ]

mfn. having a gentle lustre Bcar.

saumyôpacāra [ saumyopacAra ]

m. a mild or gentle remedy or measure MW.

saumyôpayantṛ [ saumyopayantR ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

 saumya [ saumya ]

etc. See col. 1