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siddha [ siddha ]

1 mfn. driven off, scared away PañcavBr.

siddha [ siddha ]

2 mfn. accomplished, fulfilled, effected, gained, acquired MBh. Ragh

one who has attained his object, successful BhP.

one who has attained the highest object, thoroughly skilled or versed in ( dat. or comp. ) MBh. R. etc.

perfected, become perfect, beautified, endowed with supernatural faculties ( See 2. siddhi ) ib.

sacred, holy, divine, illustrious W.

hit ( as a mark ) Kathās

prepared, cooked, dressed ( as food ) Mn. MBh. etc.

healed, cured Pañcat

valid ( as a rule in grammar, See as° )

admitted to be true or right, established, settled, proved Pat. Mn. Sāṃkhyak. Sarvad

resulting from W.

adjudicated, decided, terminated ( as a lawsuit ) W.

paid, liquidated, settled ( as a debt ) ib.

ready for payment ( as money ) Hit.

well-known, notorious, celebrated ( = prasiddha ) ĀśvŚr. R. etc.

effective, powerful, miraculous, supernatural Cāṇ. Rājat


subdued, brought into subjection ( by magical powers ), subject or obedient to ( gen. ) Pañcat. Kathās

peculiar, singular Mālatīm

invariable, unalterable Pat.

m. a Siddha or semidivine being of great purity and perfection and said to possess the eight supernatural faculties ( See 2. siddhi

accord. to some, the Siddhas inhabit, together with the Munis etc., the Bhuvar-loka or atmosphere between the earth and heaven

accord. to VP. eighty-eight thousand of them occupy the regions of the sky north of the sun and south of the seven Ṛṣis

they are regarded as immortal, but only as living to the end of a Kalpa [ q.v. ]

in the later mythology the are some times confused with the

Sādhyas [ q.v. ] or take their place ) ĀśvGṛ. MBh. etc.

any inspired sage or prophet or seer ( e.g. Vyāsa, Kapila etc. ) ib.

any holy personage or great saint ( esp. one who has attained to one of the states of beatitude, cf. sālokya ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

any great adept in magic or one who has acquired supernatural powers ib.

( with Jainas ) a Jina or Arhat

N. of the number 24 ( ci. jina

the 21st of the astron. Yogas. L.

a lawsuit, judicial trial ( = vyavahāra ) L.

N. of a Deva-gandharva MBh.

of a Rājarshi ib.

of a king Rājat

of a brother of Jajja ib.

of a Brāhman Buddh.

of an author Cat.

a kind of thorn-apple L.

another plant or a sort of hard sugar ( = guḍa ) L.

( pl. ) N. of a people MBh. VP.

( ā ), f. a Siddhā or semi-divine female R. ( cf. comp. )

N. of one of the Yoginis ( q.v. ) L. ( accord. to Sāh. siddhā is also used at the end of names of courtesans )

a kind of medicinal plant or root ( = ṛddhi ) L.

( am ), n. magic, supernatural power Pañcar.

sea-salt L.

siddha-kajjala [ siddhakajjala ]

n. magical lamp-black Kāvyâd. Sch.

siddha-kalpa [ siddhakalpa ]

( ? ), m. N. of a partic. cosmic period Buddh.

siddha-kāma [ siddhakAma ]

mfn. having the wishes fulfilled R.

siddha-kāmêśvarī [ siddhakAmezvarI ]

f. one of the five forms of Kām^akhyā or Durgā , KāP.

siddha-kārya [ siddhakArya ]

mfn. one whose object is accomplished Kathās

siddha-kerala [ siddhakerala ]

n. ' perfect Kerala ', N. of a district Cat.

siddha-kṣetra [ siddhakSetra ]

n. ' land of the Blest ', a region inhabited by the Siddhas ( also as N. of various sacred regions ) MBh. Kathās. Pur.

-parvata m. N. of a mountain in Siddha-kshetra Kathās

siddha-khaṇḍa [ siddhakhaNDa ]

m. a sort of sugar L.

N. of various wks.

siddha-kheṭī-sāriṇī [ siddhakheTIsAriNI ]

f. N. of wk.

siddha-gaṅgā [ siddhagaGgA ]

f. the divine or heavenly Ganges ( = mandākinī ) L.

siddha-gati [ siddhagati ]

f. g. deva-pathâdi

siddha-guru [ siddhaguru ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

siddha-graha [ siddhagraha ]

m. N. of a demon causing a partic. kind of seizure or madness MBh.

siddha-candra-gaṇi [ siddhacandragaNi ]

m. N. of the author of a Comm. on the Kādambarī

siddha-jana [ siddhajana ]

m. beautified people, the Blest R.

siddha-jala [ siddhajala ]

n. ' cooked water ', the fermented water of boiled rice, sour rice-gruel L.

siddha-tāpasa [ siddhatApasa ]

m. an ascetic endowed with supernatural power Daś

( ī ), f. a female ascetic etc. Kathās

siddha-tva [ siddhatva ]

n. ( or -tā f. ) perfection, perfect state NṛsUp.

the condition of a Siddha R. Pañcar.

the establishment or validity of a rule or doctrine, APrāt. Sarvad

the being known or understood BhP.

siddha-darśana [ siddhadarzana ]

n. the seeing or sight of the Blest Cat.

siddha-deva [ siddhadeva ]

m. ' perfected deity ', N. of Śiva L.

siddha-dravya [ siddhadravya ]

n. any magical object Cat.

siddha-dhātu [ siddhadhAtu ]

m. perfected mineral, quicksilver L.

siddha-dhāman [ siddhadhAman ]

n. the abode of the Blest Kathās

siddha-nandin [ siddhanandin ]

m. N. of a grammarian Cat.

siddha-nara [ siddhanara ]

m. a sorcerer, fortune-teller Siṉhâs

siddha-nágârjuna [ siddhanagArjuna ]

m. N. of an author Gaṇar

n. N. of wk. on magic

-tantra, n. N. of wk.

°nīya n. N. of wk.

siddha-nātha [ siddhanAtha ]


siddha-nārāyaṇa [ siddhanArAyaNa ]

m. N. of authors Cat.

siddha-pakṣa [ siddhapakSa ]

m. the logically proved side of an argument MW.

siddha-pati [ siddhapati ]

m. N. of a man ( also called Mudgara-gomin ) Buddh.

siddha-patha [ siddhapatha ]

m. ' path of the Blest ', the atmosphere BhP.

siddha-pada [ siddhapada ]

n. N. of a sacred place ib.

siddha-pātra [ siddhapAtra ]

m. N. of one of Skanda's attendants MBh.

of a Deva-putra Lalit.

siddha-pāda [ siddhapAda ]

m. N. of a teacher of the Yoga Cat.

siddha-pīṭha [ siddhapITha ]

m. = -kṣetra L.

siddha-putra [ siddhaputra ]

m. the son of a Siddha HPariś

siddha-pura [ siddhapura ]

n. or ' city of the Blest ', N. of a mythical city ( located in the extreme north or, accord. to others, in the southern or lower regions of the earth ) Sūryas. Āryabh. Gol.

siddha-purī [ siddhapurI ]

f. ' city of the Blest ', N. of a mythical city ( located in the extreme north or, accord. to others, in the southern or lower regions of the earth ) Sūryas. Āryabh. Gol.

siddha-puruṣa [ siddhapuruSa ]

m. = -nara Siṉhâs

a man who has attained perfection MW.

siddha-puṣpa [ siddhapuSpa ]

m. ' having perfect flowers ', the Kara- vīra plant L.

siddha-prayojana [ siddhaprayojana ]

m. white mustard L.

siddha-prâṇêśvara [ siddhaprANezvara ]

m. a partic. mixture or preparation Rasêndrac

siddha-prâya [ siddhaprAya ]

mfn. almost accomplished, nearly perfected MW.

siddha-buddha [ siddhabuddha ]

m. N. of a teacher of Yoga ( v.l. śuddha-buddhi ) Cat.

siddha-bhūmi [ siddhabhUmi ]

f. = -kṣetra Pañcat

siddha-mata [ siddhamata ]

n. the ideas or sentiments of the Blest Cat.

siddha-manorama [ siddhamanorama ]

m. N. of the second day of the civil month ( Karmamāsa ), IndSt

siddha-mantra [ siddhamantra ]

m. a partic. efficacious Mantra Vet. Gīt.

N. of a medical wk. by Keśavabhaṭṭa

siddha-mātrikā [ siddhamAtrikA ]

f. N. of a partic. alphabet L.

of a goddess Cat.

siddha-mānasa [ siddhamAnasa ]

mfn. having a completely satisfied mind R.

siddha-mūlikā-nighaṇṭu [ siddhamUlikAnighaNTu ]

m. N. of a dictionary

siddha-modaka [ siddhamodaka ]

m. sugar prepared from bamboo-manna L.

siddha-yātrika [ siddhayAtrika ]

w.r. for siddhi-j°

siddha-yāmala [ siddhayAmala ]

n. N. of a Tantra

siddha-yoga [ siddhayoga ]

m. magical agency Kathās

N. of a medical wk. by Vṛnda

-mālā f. -saṃgraha m. N. of wks.

°gêśvara-tantra n. N. of a Tantra wk.

m. a partic. mixture or preparation Rasêndrac

siddha-yogin [ siddhayogin ]

m. N. of Śiva MBh.

( inī ), f. a sorceress, witch, fairy Kathās

N. of Manasā Cat.

siddha-yoṣit [ siddhayoSit ]

f. a female Siddha, beautified woman BhP.

siddha-raṅga-kalpa [ siddharaGgakalpa ]

m. N. of ch. of the Skanda- purāṇa

siddha-ratna [ siddharatna ]

mfn. possessing a magic jewel Kathās

siddha-rasa [ siddharasa ]

m. ' perfected metallic fluid ', quicksilver Naish

one who by means of quicksilver becomes a Siddha even in the present life ( and so acquires supernatural powers ) Caṇḍ.

an alchemist W.

mfn. possessing perfected metallic fluids, mineral, metallic ib.

-daṇḍa m. a kind of magic wand Pañcad

siddha-rasâyana [ siddharasAyana ]

mfn. possessing an elixir ( for prolonging life ) Kathās

siddha-rāja [ siddharAja ]

m. N. of a king Rājat

-varṇana n. N. of wk. Gaṇar

siddha-rātrī [ siddharAtrI ]

( ? ), f. N. of a medical wk.

siddha-rudrêśvara-tīrtha [ siddharudrezvaratIrtha ]

n. N. of a Tirtha Cat.

siddha-rūpa [ siddharUpa ]

n. the right or correct thing TPrāt. Sch.

siddha-rṣi [ siddharSi ]

m. ( °ddha + ṛṣi ) N. of the author of the Siddhayoga-mālā

siddha-lakṣa [ siddhalakSa ]

mfn. one who has hit the mark Kathās

siddha-lakṣmaṇa [ siddhalakSmaNa ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

siddha-lakṣmī [ siddhalakSmI ]

f. ( prob. ) a form of Lakshmi

-stotra n. N. of a ch. of various Purānas

siddha-loka [ siddhaloka ]

m. the world of the Blest BhP.

siddha-vaṭa [ siddhavaTa ]

m. N. of a place Cat.

( ī ), f. N. of a goddess ib.

( °ṭa ) -sthala-kalpa m. N. of a ch. of the Skanda-purāṇa ( also called śrī-śaila-dakṣiṇa-dvāra-sthala-kalpa )

siddha-vat [ siddhavat ]

ind. as established or proved ( with √ kṛ, ' to regard as established or proved ' ) Sāy

siddha-vana [ siddhavana ]

n. ' grove of the Blest ', N. of a place Cat.

siddha-varti [ siddhavarti ]

f. magical wick ( v.l. siddhi-v° ) Pañcat

siddha-vasti [ siddhavasti ]

m. a strong injection ( as of oil etc. ) Suśr.

siddha-vastu [ siddhavastu ]

( prob. n. ) a spelling-book Buddh.

siddha-vāsa [ siddhavAsa ]

m. ' dwelling of the Blest ', N. of a place Kathās

siddha-vidyā [ siddhavidyA ]

f. the doctrine relating to perfected beings Pañcar.

a partic. form of the Mahā-vidyā L.

-dīpikā f. N. of wk. on the worship of Dakshiṇa-kālī by Śaṃkara ( pupil of Jagan-nātha )

siddha-vīrya [ siddhavIrya ]

m. ' possessing perfect strength ', N. of a Muni MārkP.

siddha-śābara-tantra [ siddhazAbaratantra ]

n. N. of a Tantra

siddha-saṃkalpa [ siddhasaMkalpa ]

mfn. one whose wishes are accomplished MW.

siddha-saṃgha [ siddhasaMgha ]

m. a company of Siddhas, assemblage of perfected beings W.

siddha-samākhya [ siddhasamAkhya ]

mfn. called siddha ( with kṣetra n. = siddha-kṣetra ) Cat.

siddha-sambandha [ siddhasambandha ]

mfn. one whose kindred are well known L.

siddha-sarit [ siddhasarit ]

f. ' river of the Blest ', N. of the Ganges Bālar

siddha-salila [ siddhasalila ]

n. = -jala L.

siddha-sādhana [ siddhasAdhana ]

m. white mustard L.

n. the performance of magical or mystical rites ( for acquiring supernatural powers etc. ) W.

the materials employed in those rites ib.

the proving of anything already proved Kap

-doṣa m. the mistake of doing so MW.

siddha-sādhita [ siddhasAdhita ]

mfn. one who his learned ( the art of medicine ) by practice ( not by study ) Car.

siddha-sādhya [ siddhasAdhya ]

mfn. who or what has effected what was to be done W.

effected, accomplished, proved ib.

m. a partic. Mantra MW.

n. demonstrated proof or conclusion ib.

°dhyaka m. a partic. Mantra Tantras

siddha-sāra-saṃhitā [ siddhasArasaMhitA ]

f. N. of a medical wk.

siddha-sārasvata [ siddhasArasvata ]

N. of a Tantra wk.

( with śabdânuśāsana ) N. of a gram. wk.

-dīpikā f. N. of a Comm. by Padma-nābha on the Bhuvan^eśvari-stotra

-stotra n. another N. for bhuvanêśvarī-stotra

siddha-siddha [ siddhasiddha ]

mfn. thoroughly efficacious ( said of a partic. Mantra ) Tantras

°ddhâñjana n. °ddhânta m. °ddhânta-paddhati f. N. of wks.

siddha-sindhu [ siddhasindhu ]

m. ' river of the Siddhas ', N. of the heavenly Ganges

siddha-susiddha [ siddhasusiddha ]

mfn. ' exceedingly efficacious ' ( said of a partic. Mantra ) Tantras

siddha-sena [ siddhasena ]

m. ' having a divine or perfect army ', N. of Kārttikeya ( god of war ) L.

of an astronomer VarBṛS.

-divākara or -divākṛt m. N. of a son of Sarva-jña and pupil of Vṛddha-vāda-sūri ( said to have induced Vikram^aditya to tolerate the Jainas ) Cat.

-vākya-kāra ( Sarvad. ), -sūri ( Siṉhâs. ), m. N. of authors

siddha-sevita [ siddhasevita ]

m. ' honoured or worshipped by Siddhas ', N. of a form of Bhairava or Śiva ( = baṭuka-bhairava ) L.

siddha-sopāna [ siddhasopAna ]

n. N. of wk.

siddha-sthala [ siddhasthala ]

( Pañcar. ),

siddha-sthāna [ siddhasthAna ]

( L. ), n. the place or region of the Blest

siddha-sthālī [ siddhasthAlI ]

f. the magical caldron of a great adept or sage ( said to overflow with any kind of food at the wish of the possessor ) MW.

siddha-hema-kumāra [ siddhahemakumAra ]

m. N. of a king Hemac. Sch.

siddha-heman [ siddhaheman ]

n. purified gold Cat.

siddhâgama [ siddhAgama ]

m. N. of wk.

siddhâṅganā [ siddhAGganA ]

f. a beautified woman, female Siddha Megh. Vās. Kathās

siddhêcala [ siddhecala ]

m. ' mountain of the Blest ', N. of a mountain Siṉhâs

-pūjā f. N. of wk.

siddhâjña [ siddhAjJa ]

mfn. one whose orders are executed VarBṛS.

siddhâñjana [ siddhAJjana ]

n. magical ointment, DaŚ. Kathās

°nāya Nom. Ā. °yate, to become a magical ointment Dhanaṃj

siddhâdeśa [ siddhAdeza ]

m. the prediction of a seer Mṛcch

one whose predictions are fulfilled, prophet, soothsayer, fortune- teller Mālav. Ratnâv

siddhânanda [ siddhAnanda ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

siddhânta [ siddhAnta ]

etc., See s.v.

siddhânna [ siddhAnna ]

n. dressed food, cooked victuals L.

siddhâpagā [ siddhApagA ]

m. = siddha-sindhu L.

siddhâmbā [ siddhAmbA ]

f. ' the blest mother ', N. of Durgā Cat.

siddhâri [ siddhAri ]

m. ' enemy of the Siddhas ', N. of a partic. Mantra Tantras

siddhârtha [ siddhArtha ]

mf ( ā ) n. one who has accomplished an aim or object, successful, prosperous MBh. Kāv. etc.

leading to the goal, efficient, efficacious Hariv. R.

one whose aim or intention is known L.

m. ' he who has fulfilled the object ( of his coming ) ', N. of the great Buddha ( Gautama or Śākya-muni, founder of Buddhism ) MWB. 43

of a Māra-putra Lalit.

of a Dānava Kathās

of one of Skanda's attendants MBh.

of a king ib.

of a councillor of Daśa-ratha R.

of the father of Mahā-vīra ( the 24th Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī ) Kathās

of a poet Subh

( ā ), f. N. of the mother of the 4th Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī L.

white mustard Suśr. VarBṛS. etc.

the Indian fig-tree L.

the 53rd year in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years VarBṛS.

n. ( scil. vāstu ) a building with two halls ( one to the west, and one to the south ) VarBṛS.

-kārin m. N. of Śiva MBh.

-carita n. N. of a poem

-pṛcchā f. N. of wk. on symbols belonging to deities Hcat

-mati m. N. of a Bodhisattva Lalit.

-mānin mfn. one who thinks he has attained his object Kathās

-saṃhitā f. N. of wk. Hcat

siddhârthaka [ siddhArthaka ]

m. white mustard ( exceptionally also n. ) Suśr. VarBṛS. etc.

N. of two officials Mudr

n. a kind of ointment Suśr.

siddhârthin [ siddhArthin ]

m. the 53rd year in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years Cat.

siddhâśrama [ siddhAzrama ]

m. ' hermitage of the Blest ', N. of a hermitage in the Him^alaya ( where Viṣṇu performed penance during his dwarf incarnation ) R. Ragh

-tīrtha n. N. of a Tīrtha Śukas

-pada n. ( the place of ) the hermitage of the Blest R.

siddhâsana [ siddhAsana ]

n. a partic. sedent posture in religious meditation ( described as placing the left heel under the body and the right heel in front of it, fixing the sight between the eyebrows, and meditating upon the syllable om ) Cat.

m. N. of Skanda L.

siddhêcchā [ siddhecchA ]

f. a partic. mode of livelihood Baudh.

siddhêśa [ siddheza ]

m. lord of the Blest BhP.

siddhêśvara [ siddhezvara ]

m. id. ib. ( ī f. VarP. )

N. of various authors etc. ( also with bhaṭṭa. ) Cat.

of a mountain Inscr.

-tantra n. N. of a Tantra

-tīrtha n. N. of various Tirthas Cat.

-stotra n. N. of a Stotra

siddhaˆika-vīra-tantra [ siddhaikavIratantra ]

n. N. of a Tantra

siddhaˆiśvarya [ siddhaizvarya ]

n. dominion over the Blest Pañcar.

siddhôdaka [ siddhodaka ]

n. N. of a Tīrtha Kathās

siddhaˆugha [ siddhaugha ]

m. N. of certain Gurus ( or teachers of mystical Mantras ) revered by the Tāntrikas ( named Nārada, Kāśyapa, Śambhu, Bhārgava, Kula-kauśika ) Cat.

siddhaˆuṣadha [ siddhauSadha ]

n. ' perfect drug ', a specific, panacea Bhām.

-saṃgraha m. N. of wk.

siddhaˆuṣadhika [ siddhauSadhika ]

n. a collection of five drugs or medicines ( viz. taila-kanda, sudhā-k°, kroḍa-k°, rudantikā, and sarpa-netrā ) L.