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siddhi [ siddhi ]

1 f. driving off, putting aside Yājñ.

siddhi [ siddhi ]

2 f. ( for 1. See p. 1215, col. 1 ) accomplishment, performance, fulfilment, complete attainment ( of any object ), success MBh. Kāv. etc.

the hitting of a mark ( loc. ) Kām

healing ( of a disease ), cure by ( comp. ) Yājñ.

coming into force, validity ib.

settlement, payment, liquidation ( of a debt ) Mn. viii, 47

establishment, substantiation, settlement, demonstration, proof. indisputable conclusion, result, issue RPrāt. Up. Sarvad

decision, adjudication, determination ( of a lawsuit ) W.

solution of a problem ib.

preparation, cooking, maturing, maturity ib.

readiness W.

prosperity, personal success, fortune, good luck, advantage Mn. MBh. etc.

supreme felicity, bliss, beatitude, complete sanctification ( by penance etc. ), final emancipation, perfection L.

vanishing, making one's self invisible W.

a magical shoe ( supposed to convey the wearer wherever he likes ) ib.

the acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the supposed faculty so acquired ( the eight usually enumerated are given in the following Śloka, aṇimā laghimā prâptiḥ prākāmyam mahimā tathā īśitvaṃ ca vaśitvaṃ ca tathā kāmâvasāyitā

sometimes 26 are added, e.g. dūra-śravaṇa, sarvajña-tva , agni-stambha etc. ) Sāṃkhyak. Tattvas. Sarvad

any unusual skill or faculty or capability ( often in comp. ) Pañcat. Kathās

skill in general, dexterity, art Car.

efficacy, efficiency Kāv. Pañcat

understanding, intellect W.

becoming clear or intelligible ( as sounds or words ) BhP.

( in rhet. ) the pointing out in the same person of various good qualities ( not usually united ) Sāh

( prob. ) a work of art Rājat. iii, 381

a kind of medicinal root ( = ṛddhi or vṛddhi ) L.

( in music ) a partic. Śruti Saṃgīt

a partic. Yoga ( either the 16th or 19th ) Col.

Success or Perfection personified MBh. VarBṛS.

N. of Durgā Kathās

of a daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma Pur.

of the wife of Bhaga and mother of Mahiman BhP.

of a friend of Danu Kathās

of one of the wives of Gaṇ^eśa RTL. 215, 2

N. of Śiva ( in this sense m. ) MBh.

siddhi-kara [ siddhikara ]

mf ( ī ) n. producing success or good fortune Kāv. VarBṛS.

( ī ), f. N. of a sorceress Kathās

siddhi-karaṇa [ siddhikaraNa ]

n. the act of producing success or fortune

-vidhāna n. N. of a Tantra wk.

siddhi-kāraka [ siddhikAraka ]

mfn. causing the attainment of the object of any one ( gen. ), leading to the desired goal MBh.

producing an effect, effective, efficacious MārkP.

siddhi-kāraṇa [ siddhikAraNa ]

n. a cause of beatitude, means of obtaining felicity MW.

siddhi-kārin [ siddhikArin ]

mfn. causing the accomplishment of anything ( gen. ) Sāh

siddhi-kṣetra [ siddhikSetra ]

n. ( cf. siddha-kṣ° ) field of success, place of beatitude, seat of bliss Śak. Hcar.

N. of a sacred district Hariv.

of a mountain Śatr

siddhi-cāmuṇḍā-tīrtha [ siddhicAmuNDAtIrtha ]

n. N. of a Tirtha Cat.

siddhi-jñāna [ siddhijJAna ]

n. knowledge of what is established, certain knowledge Sarvad

siddhi-traya [ siddhitraya ]

n. N. of a Ved^anta wk. by Yāmun^acārya

siddhi-da [ siddhida ]

mf ( ā ) n. conferring felicity or beatitude VarYogay. Mālatīm. BhP.

N. of a form of Bhairava or Śiva Śivag

Putranjiva Roxburghii L.

siddhi-darśin [ siddhidarzin ]

mfn. seeing ( future ) success, knowing future events Mālav

siddhi-dātrī [ siddhidAtrI ]

f. ' giver of perfection ', N. of a form of Durgā Cat.

siddhi-nṛsiṃha [ siddhinRsiMha ]

m. N. of a king ( also -malla ) Inscr.

siddhi-prada [ siddhiprada ]

mfn. granting or promising success Car.

siddhi-prâya [ siddhiprAya ]

mfn. ( cf. siddha-pr° ) near to perfection Ml.

siddhi-bīja [ siddhibIja ]

n. the seed ( i.e. source ) of magical power Pañcar.

siddhi-bhūmi [ siddhibhUmi ]

f. the land of success or fortune, seat of bliss BhP.

-mārga v.l. for siddhi-m° ( q.v. )

siddhi-bhairava-tantra [ siddhibhairavatantra ]

n. N. of a Tantra

siddhi-mat [ siddhimat ]

mfn. successful Ragh

accomplished, perfect R. Śak

possessing magical power Kathās

siddhi-mantra [ siddhimantra ]

m. a magical verse or formula, spell, charm Cat.

siddhi-manv-antara [ siddhimanvantara ]

n. N. of a place Inscr.

siddhi-mārga [ siddhimArga ]

m. the road leading to the land of the Blest Pañcat

siddhi-yātrika [ siddhiyAtrika ]

m. one who makes pilgrimages to learn magical arts or to gain good luck or beatitude ib.

siddhi-yoga [ siddhiyoga ]

m. employment of magical arts Kathās

an auspicious conjunction of the planets L.

siddhi-yoginī [ siddhiyoginI ]

f. a kind of Yoginī L.

siddhi-yogya [ siddhiyogya ]

mfn. necessary for success Bhpr.

siddhi-rasa [ siddhirasa ]

m. ( prob. ) w.r. for siddha-r°, quicksilver Siṉhâs

siddhi-rasa-daṇḍa [ siddhirasadaNDa ]

m. ( prob. ) w.r. for siddha- r ( q.v., )

siddhi-rāj [ siddhirAj ]

m. N. of a mountain Śatr

siddhi-lābha [ siddhilAbha ]

m. acquirement of success or perfection MW.

siddhi-varti [ siddhivarti ]

f. magical wick ( v.l. siddha-v° ) Pañcat

siddhi-vāda [ siddhivAda ]

m. = jñānagoṣṭhī MBh. xiii, 6525 ( Nīlak. )

siddhi-vighna [ siddhivighna ]

m. an obstacle to success or perfection Rājat

siddhi-vināyaka [ siddhivinAyaka ]

m. a form of Gaṇ^eśa

pūjana-vidhi m. -vrata n. N. of wks.

siddhi-sādhaka [ siddhisAdhaka ]

m. or n. N. of a Ved^anta wk.

siddhi-sādhana [ siddhisAdhana ]

n. a means of obtaining beatitude or perfection or magical power Pañcar.

siddhi-sopāna [ siddhisopAna ]

n. ' ladder of success ', N. of a Tantra wk.

siddhi-sthāna [ siddhisthAna ]

n. ' place of felicity ', any sacred spot where pilgrims may obtain beatitude ( such as on the Ganges etc. ) Pur. Śukas

the part of a medical work dealing with the efficacious treatment of disease Car.

siddh˘iśvara [ siddhizvara ]

m. ' lord of magical power, N. of Śiva Kathās

n. N. of a district sacred to Śiva ib.