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 sóma [ soma ]

1 m. ( fr. √ 3. su ) juice, extract, ( esp. ) the juice of the Soma plant, ( also ) the Soma plant itself ( said to be the climbing plant Sarcostema Viminalis or Asclepias Acida, the stalks [ aṃśu ] of which were pressed between stones [ adri ] by the priests, then sprinkled with water, and purified in a strainer [ pavitra ] ; whence the acid juice trinkled into jars [ kalaśa ] or larger vessels [ droṇa ] ; after which it was mixed with clarified butter, flour etc., made to ferment, and then offered in libations to the gods in this respect corresponding with the ritual of the īranian āvesta or was drunk by the Brāhmans, by both of whom its exhilarating effect was supposed to be prized ; it was collected by moonlight on certain mountains [ in RV. x, 34, 1, the mountain Mūja-vat is mentioned ] ; it is sometimes described as having been brought from the sky by a falcon [ śyena ] and guarded by the Gandharvas ; it is personified as one of the most important of Vedic gods, to whose praise all the 114 hymns of the 9th book of the RV. besides 6 in other books and the whole SV. are dedicated ; in post-Vedic mythology and even in a few of the latest hymns of the RV. although not in the whole of the 9th book as well as sometimes in the AV. and in the Br., Soma is identified with the moon [ as the receptacle of the other beverage of the gods called Amṛta, or as the lord of plants, cf. indu, oṣadi-pati ] and with the god of the moon, as well as with Viṣṇu, Śiva, Yama, and Kubera ; he is called rājan, and appears among the 8 Vasus and the 8 Loka-pālas [ Mn. v, 96 ], and is the reputed author of RV. x, 124, 1, 5-9, of a law-book etc. ; below ). RV. etc.

the moon or moon-god ( See above )

a Soma sacrifice AitĀr.

a day destined for extracting the Soma-juice ĀśvŚr.

Monday ( = soma-vāra ) Inscr.

nectar L.

camphor L.

air, wind L.

water L.

a drug of supposed magical properties W.

a partic. mountain or mountainous range ( accord. to some the mountains of the moon ) ib.

a partic. class of Pitṛs ( prob. for soma-pā ) ib.

N. of various authors ( also with paṇḍita, bhaṭṭa, śarman etc. ; above ). Cat.

= somacandra, or somêndu HPariś

N. of a monkey-chief L.

( ā ), f. the Soma plant L.

N. of an Apsaras MBh.

of a river MārkP.

of a queen Inscr.

( ī ), f. g. gaurâdi

( am ), n. rice-water, rice-gruel L.

heaven, sky, ether L.

mfn. relating to Soma ( prob. w.r. for sauma ) Kāṭh

sóma-kanyā [ somakanyA ]

f. a daughter of Soma MBh.

sóma-karaṇī [ somakaraNI ]

f. a partic. verse ĀpŚr.

sóma-karman [ somakarman ]

n. the preparation of Soma Nir

( °ma ) -paddhati or -pradīpikā f. N. of wk.

sóma-kalaśa [ somakalaza ]

m. a jar for holding Soma Hariv.

sóma-kalpa [ somakalpa ]

m. N. of the 21st Kalpa or world-period L.

N. of wk.

sóma-kavi [ somakavi ]

m. N. of a poet ŚārṅgP.

sóma-kānta [ somakAnta ]

mfn. moon-beloved MW.

lovely as the moon ib.

m. the moon-gem, moon-stone ( = candra-k° ) ib.

N. of a king Cat.

sóma-kāma [ somakAma ]

( sóma- ), mfn. desirous of Soma RV. AV.

sóma-kārikā [ somakArikA ]

f. sg. or pl. N. of various wks.

sóma-kīrti [ somakIrti ]

m. N. of a son of Dhṛta-rāshṭra MBh.

sóma-kulyā [ somakulyA ]

f. N. of a river MārkP.

sóma-kratavīya [ somakratavIya ]

n. N. of a Sāman ĀrshBr. ( v.l. saumak° )

sóma-kratu [ somakratu ]

m. an offering of Soma ( saumakratava )

sóma-kráyaṇa [ somakrayaNa ]

mf ( ī ) n. serving as the price of the Soma plant VS. TS. Br. ĀpŚr.

( ī ), f. a cow so serving ib. MaitrS.

n. the act of buying the Soma TS.

sóma-kṣaya [ somakSaya ]

m. disappearance of the moon, new moon MW.

sóma-kṣīrā [ somakSIrA ]

f. = -vallī L.

sóma-kṣīrī [ somakSIrI ]

f. the Soma plant Bhpr.

sóma-khaḍḍaka [ somakhaDDaka ]

m. pl. N. of partic. Śaiva monks in Nepāl Inscr.

sóma-gaṇaka [ somagaNaka ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-garbha [ somagarbha ]

m. N. of Viṣṇu L.

sóma-giri [ somagiri ]

m. N. of a mountain MBh. R.

of a teacher Cat.

sóma-gṛha-pati [ somagRhapati ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having the Soma for a Gṛha-pati ( q.v. ) MaitrS.

sóma-gopā [ somagopA ]

( sóma- ), m. a keeper of Soma RV.

sóma-grahá [ somagraha ]

m. a cup or bowl of Soma TS. ŚBr. ĀpŚr.

an eclipse of the moon VarBṛS.

sóma-grahaṇa [ somagrahaNa ]

mf ( ī ) n. holding or containing Soma ĀpŚr. Sch.

n. an eclipse of the moon Cat.

sóma-ghṛta [ somaghRta ]

n. a partic. healing ointment L.

sóma-cakṣas [ somacakSas ]

( sóma- ), mfn. looking like Soma TS.

sóma-candra [ somacandra ]

m. N. of a man ( also °rarṣi ) HPariś

-gaṇi m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-camasa [ somacamasa ]

m. a cup or ladle for taking up the Soma, cup of Soma PañcavBr. ŚrS.

sóma-cyuta [ somacyuta ]

( sóma- ), mfn. moved by Soma TS. MaitrS.

sóma-ja [ somaja ]

mfn. moon-produced MW.

m. N. of the planet Mercury Hāyan

n. milk L.

sóma-jambhan [ somajambhan ]

( Pāṇ. 5-4, 125 ) or ( ? GopBr. ), m. N. of a man

sóma-jambhā [ somajambhA ]

( ? GopBr. ), m. N. of a man

sóma-jā' [ somajA ]

mfn. Soma-born AV.

sóma-jāmi [ somajAmi ]

( sóma- ), mfn. related to Soma RV.

sóma-juṣṭa [ somajuSTa ]

( sóma- ), mfn. delighting in Soma AV.

sóma-tilaka-sūri [ somatilakasUri ]

m. N. of a Jaina author Cat.

sóma-tīrtha [ somatIrtha ]

n. N. of a place of pilgrimage MBh. Śak

-māhātmya n. N. of wk.

sóma-tejas [ somatejas ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having the splendour or power of Soma AV.

sóma-tva [ somatva ]

n. the condition or state of the moon TBr. Sch. MārkP.

condition of Soma Ml.

sóma-dakṣá [ somadakSa ]

m. N. of a man MaitrS. ( also v.l. for - rakṣa )

sóma-datta [ somadatta ]

m. N. of various kings MBh. Hariv. Pur.

of various Brāhmans Kathās

of a merchant Śukas

of a writer on Dharma Cat.

( ā ), f. N. of a woman Cat.

sóma-datti [ somadatti ]

w.r. for saumad° MBh.

sóma-darśana [ somadarzana ]

m. N. of a serpent-demon Buddh.

sóma-dā [ somadA ]

f. N. of a Gandharvī R.

of a Brāhman woman Kathās

sóma-dīkṣā-vidhi [ somadIkSAvidhi ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-deva [ somadeva ]

m. the god of the moon R.

the god Soma Ml.

( also °va-bhaṭṭa ) N. of the author of the Katā-sarit-sāgara ( who lived in Kaśmīr in the 11th century A. D. ) IW. 531

of various authors and other men Kathās. Vcar. etc.

( ī ), f. N. of a wife of Kāma-pāla Daś

-śrī-kara-lāla-bhairava-purapati, -sūri

°vaˆika-nātha m. N. of authors Cat.

sóma-devata [ somadevata ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having Soma as deity ŚBr.

sóma-devatya [ somadevatya ]

mfn. id. ĀśvGṛ.

sóma-daiva-jña [ somadaivajJa ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-daivatya [ somadaivatya ]

mfn. = -devata ( with nakṣatra n. ' the lunar mansion Mṛga-śiras ' ) MBh.

sóma-dhā'na [ somadhAna ]

mfn. holding or containing Soma RV. AV.

sóma-dhārā [ somadhArA ]

f. the milky way L.

the sky, heaven W.

sóma-dheya [ somadheya ]

m. pl. N. of a people MBh.

sóma-nandin [ somanandin ]

m. N. of one of Śiva's attendants L.

of a grammarian Cat.

sóma-nandîśvara [ somanandIzvara ]

n. N. of a Liṅga Cat.

sóma-nātha [ somanAtha ]

m. N. of various scholars Cat. Col.

n. N. of a celebrated Liṅga of Śiva and of the place where it was set up by the god Soma ( in the town described below

it was one of the 12 great Liṅga temples of India held in especial veneration [ cf. IW. 322, n. 1 ], and was so famed for its splendour and wealth that it attracted the celebrated Mahmūd of Ghaznī , A. D. 1024, who, under pretext of destroying its idols, carried off its treasures along with its renowned gates ) Vcar. Vop. Cat. Col. etc.

-tīrtha n. N. of a Tīrtha Cat.

-dīkṣita m. N. of an author ib.

-dīkṣitīya n. N. of wk.

-paṭṭana n. ( = -pattana ) Cat.

-paṇḍita m. N. of an author ib.

-pattana n. N. of a town on the western coast of India ( commonly called Somnath Pattan in Kāthiāwār, celebrated for the Śiva temple above described ) MW.

-praśasti f. N. of wk.

-bhaṭṭa m. N. of various authors Cat.

-bhāṣya n. N. of wk.

-mahā-pātra n. N. of an author Cat.

-rasa m. a partic. preparation of iron L.

sóma-nāthīya [ somanAthIya ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-nīti [ somanIti ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-netra [ somanetra ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having Soma as a guide VS.

sóma-pá [ somapa ]

mf ( ā ) n. drinking or entitled to drink Soma-juice AV. Kāṭh. Br. etc.

m. a Soma sacrificer, any sacrificer R.

N. of a being reckoned among the Viśve Devā MBh.

of one of Skanda's attendants ib.

of an Asura Hariv.

of an author Cat.

pl. N. of a family of Ṛṣis MBh.

of a class of Pitṛs ib. Mn. Hariv. MārkP.

of a people VarBṛS.

sóma-pañcaka [ somapaJcaka ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-pañcakaprayoga [ somapaJcakaprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-pañcikā [ somapaJcikA ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-paṇḍita [ somapaNDita ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-pati [ somapati ]

( sóma- ), m. ' lord of Soma ', N. of Indra RV.

a lord of the moon, Kṛshṇaj

sóma-pattra [ somapattra ]

n. Saccharum Cylindricum L.

sóma-patnī [ somapatnI ]

f. the wife of Soma MBh.

sóma-pada [ somapada ]

m. pl. N. of partic. worlds Hariv.

n. N. of a Tīrtha MBh.

°dârtha-kathana n. N. of wk.

sóma-paddhati [ somapaddhati ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-paribā'dh [ somaparibAdh ]

mfn. removing the Soma, a despiser of the Soma RV. i, 43, 8 ( rather to be read soma paribādho )

sóma-pariśrayaṇa [ somaparizrayaNa ]

n. a cloth with which the Soma is pressed together ĀpŚr.

sóma-parṇá [ somaparNa ]

n. a Soma-leaf TBr.

sóma-paryāṇáhana [ somaparyANahana ]

n. = -pariśrayaṇa ŚBr. KātyŚr.

sóma-párvan [ somaparvan ]

n. ( prob. ) the time of a Soma-festival RV.

sóma-pā' [ somapA ]

mfn. ( cf. -pá above, acc. pl. m. -pas [ 1250 , 2 ]

dat. sg. -pe ) drinking or entitled to drink Soma-juice RV. MBh. BhP.

a Soma sacrificer or performer of any sacrifice ib.

a Pitṛ of a partic. class ( said to be esp. the progenitors of the Brāhmans ) W.

a Brāhman L.

-tama mfn. drinking much Soma RV.

sóma-pātra [ somapAtra ]

n. a vessel for holding Soma ŚrS.

sóma-pāthin [ somapAthin ]

( ? ), m. a drinker of Soma A.

sóma-pāna [ somapAna ]

n. the drinking of Soma Gaut. Pañcat

( -pā'na ), mfn. Soma drinking, a Soma drinker TS. ŚBr.

sóma-pāyin [ somapAyin ]

mfn. id. AV. MBh. Śiś.

sóma-pālá [ somapAla ]

m. a guardian of Soma AitBr. Suparṇ

a preserver of Soma, ( prob. ) a provider or seller of the Soma plant MW.

N. of various men Rājat

pl. N. of the Gandharvas ( as keeping especial guard over the Soma ) MW.

-vilāsa m. N. of wk.

sóma-pā'van [ somapAvan ]

m. a Soma drinker RV.

sóma-pítsaru [ somapitsaru ]

mfn. ( said of a plough ) VS. MaitrS.

sóma-pīḍā [ somapIDA ]

f. N. of a princess Daś

sóma-pīti [ somapIti ]

( sóma- ), f. a draught of Soma RV. AV.

a Soma sacrifice MW.

sóma-pītin [ somapItin ]

mfn. drinking Soma MBh.

sóma-pīthá [ somapItha ]

m. a draught of Soma RV. AV. VS. etc.

mfn. drinking Soma BhP.

sóma-pīthín [ somapIthin ]

mfn. drinking Soma TBr. MBh. etc.

sóma-pīvin [ somapIvin ]

m. ( ? ) a Soma-drinker MW.

sóma-putra [ somaputra ]

m. ' son of Soma or of the Moon ', the planet Mercury Yājñ. MārkP.

( ī ), f. a daughter of Soma MBh.

mf ( ā ) n. having Soma as son AV.

sóma-pura [ somapura ]

n. the city of Soma MBh.

an ancient N. of Pāṭali-putra Vīrac

n. or ( ī ), f. N. of a temple Buddh.

sóma-puruṣa [ somapuruSa ]

m. a servant of Soma. ĀśvGṛ.

sóma-purogava [ somapurogava ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having Soma as a guide VS. ŚBr.

sóma-pūjā [ somapUjA ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-pṛṣṭha [ somapRSTha ]

( sóma- ), mf ( ā ) n. bearing Soma on the back ( accord. to Sāy., ' one to whom the Pṛshṭhya-stotras, accompanied with Soma, are dedicated ' ) RV. AV.

sóma-péya [ somapeya ]

m. a sacrifice in which Soma is drunk, Soma libation MW.

n. a draught of Soma RV.

sóma-pratiprasthātṛ-prayoga [ somapratiprasthAtRprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-pratīka [ somapratIka ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having Soma at the head TBr.

sóma-prathama [ somaprathama ]

mfn. having Soma as the first ĀpŚr.

sóma-prabha [ somaprabha ]

mf ( ā ) n. having the splendour of the moon Vās

m. N. of various men Kathās. Cat.

( ā ), f. a N. ib. Vās

sóma-prayoga [ somaprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-prayoga-kārikā [ somaprayogakArikA ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-prayoga-paddhati [ somaprayogapaddhati ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-prayoga-prâyaścitta [ somaprayogaprAyazcitta ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-prayoga-mantra [ somaprayogamantra ]

m. pl.,

sóma-prayoga-ratnamālā [ somaprayogaratnamAlA ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-prayoga-vṛtti [ somaprayogavRtti ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-pravāka [ somapravAka ]

m. the proclaimer of a Soma sacrifice PañcavBr. GṛŚrS.

sóma-praśna [ somaprazna ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-prâyaścitta [ somaprAyazcitta ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-bandhu [ somabandhu ]

m. ' friend of the moon ', the white esculent water-lily ( as expanding at night ) L.

sóma-bṛhaspati [ somabRhaspati ]

m. du. Soma and Bṛhaspati JaimBr.

sóma-bhakṣa [ somabhakSa ]

m. the drinking of Soma ( -japa m. ' a prayer muttered while the Soma is drunk ' ) ĀśvŚr. Nir

N. of wk.

-prayoga m. -viveka m. N. of wks.

°ṣayoḥ prayoga m. N. of wk.

sóma-bhaṭṭa [ somabhaTTa ]

m. N. of person

sóma-bhāgavatâcārya [ somabhAgavatAcArya ]

m. N. of person

sóma-bhava [ somabhava ]

m. N. of person Cat.

sóma-bhāva [ somabhAva ]

f. N. of the river Narma-dā L.

sóma-bhujagâvalī [ somabhujagAvalI ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-bhū [ somabhU ]

mfn. ' Somaborn ', belonging to the family of the moon W.

m. ' son of Soma ', N. of Budha ( regent of the planet Mercury ) ib.

a son of Soma-candra HPariś

( with Jainas ) N. of the 4th of the Black Vāsudevas L.

-pāla m. N. of a king Col.

-bhuj m. N. of a king Cat.

sóma-bhṛ't [ somabhRt ]

mfn. bringing Soma VS.

sóma-bhojana [ somabhojana ]

m. N. of a son of Garuḍa MBh.

sóma-makha [ somamakha ]

m. a Soma sacrifice Hariv.

sóma-mád [ somamad ]

( strong form -mā'd ), mfn. intoxicated with Soma RV.

sóma-madá [ somamada ]

m. intoxication occasioned by Soma ŚBr.

sóma-mantrânukramaṇikā [ somamantrAnukramaNikA ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-maya [ somamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. made or consisting of Soma Nir. Pāṇ.

sóma-māna [ somamAna ]

n. measuring the Soma L.

sóma-mitra [ somamitra ]

m. N. of a man, g. kāśyâdi

sóma-miśra [ somamizra ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-maitrāvaruṇa [ somamaitrAvaruNa ]

N. of wk.

sóma-yajña [ somayajJa ]

m. a Soma sacrifice MBh. ŚāṅkhGṛ. Sch.

sóma-yaśas [ somayazas ]

m. N. of a king Śatr

sóma-yāga [ somayAga ]

m. a Soma sacrifice BrahmaP. ChUp. Sch.

a great triennial sacrifice at which Soma-juice is drunk MW.

N. of wk.

-kārikā f. -prayoga m. N. of wks.

sóma-yājamāna [ somayAjamAna ]

sóma-yājamāna-prayoga [ somayAjamAnaprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-yājín [ somayAjin ]

mfn. offering Soma, one who offers Soma TS. Br. etc.

sóma-yājyā [ somayAjyA ]

f. the words spoken on taking out the Soma for libation ŚāṅkhŚr.

sóma-yogá [ somayoga ]

m. connection with Soma AV.

sóma-yogin [ somayogin ]

mfn. being in conjunction with the moon MārkP.

sóma-yoni [ somayoni ]

m. ( only L. ) a god

a Brāhman

n. yellowish white sandal ( very fragrant ) L.

sóma-rakṣá [ somarakSa ]

mfn. preserving Soma, guardian of Soma ŚBr.

m. N. of a man, IndSt

sóma-rákṣi [ somarakSi ]

mfn. = prec. Kāṭh. MaitrS. PañcavBr.

sóma-rabhas [ somarabhas ]

( sóma- ), mfn. intoxicated with Soma ( only compar. -tara ) RV.

sóma-raśmi [ somarazmi ]

m. N. of a Gandharva Daś. ( Sch. )

sóma-rasa [ somarasa ]

m. the juice of the Soma plant MW.

°sôdbhava n. milk L.

sóma-rāga [ somarAga ]

m. a partic. Rāga Saṃgīt

sóma-rāja [ somarAja ]

m. ' king Soma ', the moon BhP.

N. of an author Cat.

-deva m. N. of an author ib.

-suta m. ' son of the Moon ', the planet Mercury BhP. [ 1250 , 3 ]

sóma-rājaka [ somarAjaka ]

m. pl. N. of a family ĀśvŚr. ( v.l. °jaki )

sóma-rājan [ somarAjan ]

( sóma- ), mf ( jñī ) n. having Soma as king RV. AV. Br. MBh.

m. N. of a Muni Cat.

sóma-rājikā [ somarAjikA ]

f. Vernonia Authelminthica MW.

sóma-rājin [ somarAjin ]

m. id. L.

sóma-rājī [ somarAjI ]

f. a thin crescent of the moon Chandom

Vernonia Anthelminthica VarBṛS. Suśr.

a partic. metre Chandom

sóma-rājya [ somarAjya ]

n. the dominion of Soma MaitrUp.

m. ( w.r. for saumar° ) Cat.

sóma-rāta [ somarAta ]

m. N. of a man Śak

sóma-rāṣṭra [ somarASTra ]

n. N. of a place Cat.

sóma-rūpa [ somarUpa ]

n. a form of Soma Vait

( °pá ), mfn. Somashaped ( -tā f. ) ŚBr.

sóma-roga [ somaroga ]

m. diabetes or a similar disease Nid. ŚārṅgS.

sóma-raudra [ somaraudra ]

n. N. of a sacred text ( cf. somā-r° ) MW.

sóma-rṣi [ somarSi ]

( °ma + ṛṣi ), m. N. of a Ṛṣi, = -candra HPariś

sóma-latā [ somalatA ]

f. the Soma plant ( See 1. sóma )

Ruta Graveolens L.

= -vallī Bhpr.

N. of the river Godāvarī W.

sóma-latikā [ somalatikA ]

f. Cocculus Cordifolius L.

sóma-lipta [ somalipta ]

mfn. smeared with Soma

n. a Soma-utensil ŚrS. Vait

sóma-loka [ somaloka ]

m. the world of the god of the moon Up.

sóma-vaṃśa [ somavaMza ]

m. the lunar race or dynasty ( candra-v° ) Hariv. Śatr. ( cf. IW. 375 ; 411, n. 1 )

mfn. = -vaṃśīya

m. N. of Yudhi-shṭhira L.

sóma-vaṃśin [ somavaMzin ]

m. a prince of the lunar race MW.

sóma-vaṃśīya [ somavaMzIya ]

( MBh. ) or ( Ragh. Śatr. ), mfn. belonging to the lunar race. - 1

sóma-vaṃśya [ somavaMzya ]

( Ragh. Śatr. ), mfn. belonging to the lunar race. - 1

sóma-vat [ somavat ]

( sóma- ), mfn. containing Soma RV. ŚBr. KātyŚr.

attended etc. by Soma RV. TS. ŚBr. ĀśvŚr.

presided over by the moon ( with diś f. ' the north ' ) R.

having the moon, lunar W.

°vatī-kathā f. N. of a ch. of the Mahā-bhārata

°vatī-tīrtha n. N. of a Tīrtha Inscr.

°vatī-vrata n. °vatī-vrata-kathā f. °vaty-amāvāsyā-kathā, f. N. of chs. of wks. - 2

sóma-vat [ somavat ]

ind. like the moon W.

sóma-varcas [ somavarcas ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having the splendour of Soma AV.

m. N. of a being reckoned among the Viśve Devā MBh.

of a Gandharva Hariv.

sóma-valka [ somavalka ]

m. N. of various plants ( Acacia Arabica

a sort of the Karañja etc. ) Car. Suśr. Bhpr.

( ā ), f. a kind of plant Suśr.

sóma-vallari [ somavallari ]

f. the Soma plant ( See 1. sóma ) W.

a kind of vegetable ( = brahmī ) ib.

sóma-vallarī [ somavallarI ]

f. = prec. ib.

Ruta Graveolens L.

sóma-vallikā [ somavallikA ]

f. id. ib.

Vernonia Anthelminthica ib.

sóma-vallī [ somavallI ]

f. the Soma plant

Cocculus Cordifolius

Coc. Tomentosus etc. VarBṛS. Bhpr. etc.

-yogânanda m. N. of wk.

sóma-vahana [ somavahana ]

n. a vehicle or stand for supporting or carrying the Soma Lāṭy

sóma-vahni-prakāśa [ somavahniprakAza ]

mfn. bright as the fire of the moon MBh.

sóma-vāmín [ somavAmin ]

mfn. vomiting Soma TS. ŚBr. ŚrS.

m. a priest who has drunk too much Soma MW.

sóma-vāyavya [ somavAyavya ]

m. pl. N. of a family of Ṛṣis MBh.

sóma-vāra [ somavAra ]

m. ' moon-day ', Monday Inscr.

-vrata n. a fast observed in the evening of a Monday in honour of Śiva and Durgā ( °ta-kalpa m. °ta-vidhi m. °tâcaraṇa-krama m. °tôdyāpana n. N. of wks. ) Cat.

°râmāvāsya-pūjā-paddhati f. °râmāvāsyā-vrata-kāla-nirṇaya, m. °râmāvāsyā-vrata-pūjā f. N. of wks.

sóma-vāry-amāvāsyā-vrata [ somavAryamAvAsyAvrata ]

n. N. of ch. of a wk.

sóma-vāsara [ somavAsara ]

m. or n. Monday, Kṛshṇaj

sóma-vāha [ somavAha ]

m. N. of a man ĀśvŚr.

pl. his family Cat.

sóma-vikrayín [ somavikrayin ]

mfn. selling Soma

m. a seller of Soma TS. Br. ĀpŚr. etc.

sóma-vidha [ somavidha ]

mfn. being of the nature of Soma ĀpŚr. ib. Sch.

sóma-vidhāna [ somavidhAna ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-vihāra-kārikā [ somavihArakArikA ]

f. sg. or pl. N. of wks.

sóma-vīthī [ somavIthI ]

f. the orbit of the moon MBh.

sóma-vīrya [ somavIrya ]

mfn. having the power of Soma Suśr.

sóma-vṛkṣa [ somavRkSa ]

m. N. of various plants ( Acacia Arabica, = kaṭphala etc. ) R.

sóma-vṛddha [ somavRddha ]

mfn. invigorated by Soma RV.

sóma-vṛddhi-vardhana [ somavRddhivardhana ]

n. a partic. fast regulated by the moon, = cāndrāyaṇa ( q.v. ) Vas

sóma-veśa [ somaveza ]

( prob. for -veṣa ), m. N. of a Muni R.

sóma-veṣṭana [ somaveSTana ]

mfn. enveloping Soma ĀpŚr. Sch.

sóma-vyāsa [ somavyAsa ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-vrata [ somavrata ]

n. a partic. religious observance ib.

N. of various Sāmans ĀrshBr.

sóma-śakalā [ somazakalA ]

f. a kind of cucumber L. ( w.r. for lomaśa-phalā )

sóma-śataka [ somazataka ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-śata-dvayī [ somazatadvayI ]

f. N. of wk.

sóma-śambha [ somazambha ]

w.r. for next Cat.

sóma-śambhu [ somazambhu ]

m. N. of an author Sarvad

sóma-śarman [ somazarman ]

m. N. of various men, pur. Pañcat. etc.

sóma-śita [ somazita ]

( sóma- ), mfn. sharpened by Soma RV.

sóma-śuṣma [ somazuSma ]

( sóma- ) or m. N. of a man Br. VS. Sch.

sóma-śuṣman [ somazuSman ]

m. N. of a man Br. VS. Sch.

sóma-śūra [ somazUra ]

m. N. of a man Kathās

sóma-śekharâkhya-nibandha [ somazekharAkhyanibandha ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-śravas [ somazravas ]

m. N. of various men MBh. Cat.

sóma-śrī [ somazrI ]

f. N. of a woman Bhadrab

sóma-śreṣṭha [ somazreSTha ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having Soma as the first AV.

sóma-śrauta [ somazrauta ]

n. N. of various wks.

sóma-saṃsthā [ somasaMsthA ]

f. the basis or initial form of a Soma sacrifice MBh. Gaut. MārkP.

sóma-sakhi [ somasakhi ]

( sóma- ), mfn. having Soma as a companion VS.

sóma-saṃjña [ somasaMjJa ]

n. camphor L.

sóma-sátsaru [ somasatsaru ]

mfn. ( said of a plough ) AV. ( v.l. pítsaru , sumatítsaru )

sóma-sad [ somasad ]

m. pl. N. of the Pitṛs of the Sādhyas Mn. iii, 195.

sóma-sapta-hautra-prayoga [ somasaptahautraprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

sóma-saraṇa [ somasaraNa ]

mf ( ī ) n. leading to Soma ( as a way ) TāṇḍyaBr. ĀpŚr.

sóma-salila [ somasalila ]

n. Somawater Yājñ.

sóma-sava [ somasava ]

m. ' pressure of Soma ', a partic. sacrificial act TBr. Sch.

sóma-savana [ somasavana ]

mfn. that from which Soma is pressed ChUp.

sóma-sāman [ somasAman ]

n. N. of various Sāmans ĀrshBr. Lāṭy

sóma-sāra [ somasAra ]

m. Acacia Arabica L.

the white Khadira tree MW.

sóma-siddhânta [ somasiddhAnta ]

m. a partic. heretical Tantra system ( followed by a sect of Śaivas and personified in the 3rd Act of the Prabodha-candr^odaya ) Prab

N. of various astronomical wks. Cat.

of a partic. Buddha ib.

sóma-siddhântin [ somasiddhAntin ]

m. a follower of the above system W.

sóma-sindhu [ somasindhu ]

m. ' ocean of Soma ', N. of Viṣṇu L.

sóma-sút [ somasut ]

mfn. pressing Soma RV. TBr. ĀśvŚr. etc.

m. a Soma-distiller, a priest who offers the Soma-juice at a sacrifice MW.

-vat mfn. possessing offerers of Soma-juice ( said of a hermitage, a sacrifice etc. ) ib.

sóma-suta [ somasuta ]

m. ' a son of the Moon ', N. of Budha Pur. Śatr

( ā ), f. ' daughter of the Moon ', the river Narmada ( Nerbudda ) L.

sóma-suti [ somasuti ]

( sóma- ), f. the pressing of Soma RV.

sóma-sutyā' [ somasutyA ]

f. id. ŚBr.

sóma-sútvan [ somasutvan ]

mfn. pressing Soma RV.

m. one who offers Soma libations MW.

sóma-sundara [ somasundara ]

m. N. of an author Cat.

sóma-sûkta [ somasUkta ]

n. a hymn in honour of Soma Cat.

N. of wk.

sóma-sūkṣman [ somasUkSman ]

m. N. of a Ṛṣi VS. ( v.l. -śuṣma Sch. )

sóma-sūtra [ somasUtra ]

n. a channel or receptacle for receiving the water with which a Liṅga has been bathed L.

N. of various wks.

-pañca-vidhāna n. N. of wk.

-pradakṣiṇā f. circumambulation around Śiva's idol in such a way as that the Somasūtra shall not be crossed MW.

sóma-surya-prakāśa [ somasuryaprakAza ]

mfn. bright as the sun and moon MW.

sóma-sena [ somasena ]

m. N. of a son of Śambara Hariv.

of a king of Campaka-pura and Soma-pura Cat.

sóma-svāmin [ somasvAmin ]

m. N. of a man Kathās

sóma-hārá [ somahAra ]

mfn. abstracting or robbing Soma Suparṇ

sóma-hārin [ somahArin ]

mfn. id. MBh.

sóma-hūti [ somahUti ]

m. N. of a Ṛṣi ( w.r. for somâhuti )

sóma-hotṛsaptaka [ somahotRsaptaka ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-hotrâgni-ṣṭoma [ somahotrAgniSToma ]

( ? ), m. N. of wk.

sóma-hautra [ somahautra ]

n. N. of wk.

sóma-hautra-prayoga [ somahautraprayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

somâṃśaka [ somAMzaka ]

m. a part of the moon R.

somâṃśu [ somAMzu ]

m. a stalk or shoot of the Soma plant VS. ŚBr. Kauś

a moon-beam KaushUp.

a part of the Soma sacrifice ŚāṅkhBr.

somâkara [ somAkara ]

m. N. of a Commentator Jyot

somâkhya [ somAkhya ]

n. the red lotus L.

somâgni [ somAgni ]

Soma and Agni ( cf. saumāgna ) in comp.

-ṣṭoma m. -yajamāna, m. N. of wk.

°gnîdhra-prayoga m. N. of wk.

somâṅga [ somAGga ]

n. a part of the Soma sacrifice KātyŚr.

-pāna-kārikā f. N. of wk.

somâṇḍapille [ somANDapille ]

somâṇḍabilā [ somANDabilA ]

f. N. of wk.

somâtipavita [ somAtipavita ]

mfn. excessively purged by the Soma- juice ( which , if drunk in excess, is supposed to pass through the nose, ears, and other apertures of the body ) PañcavBr. ŚrS.

sómâtipūta [ somAtipUta ]

mfn. id. ŚBr. ŚrS.

somâtiriktá [ somAtirikta ]

n. pl. the residue of Soma ŚBr.

somâtmaka [ somAtmaka ]

mf ( ikā ) n. having the nature of the moon, IndSt

somâ'd [ somAd ]

mfn. eating Soma RV.

somâditya [ somAditya ]

m. N. of a man, Śārṅgp

of a king Inscr.

somâdhāra [ somAdhAra ]

m. pl. N. of partic. Pitṛs MārkP.

somâdhi [ somAdhi ]

v.l. for °mâpi VP.

somâdhvaryava [ somAdhvaryava ]

n. N. of wk.

somânanda [ somAnanda ]

( Rājat. ),

somânanda-nātha [ somAnandanAtha ]

( Sarvad. ), m. N. of men

somânanda-bhāṣya [ somAnandabhASya ]

n. N. of wk.

somânanda-sūnu [ somAnandasUnu ]

somânandâcārya [ somAnandAcArya ]

m. N. of men Cat.

somā-pa [ somApa ]

mfn. or m. AitBr. ( cf. saumāpá )

somâpahṛtá [ somApahRta ]

mfn. one whose Soma has been stolen ŚBr.

somâpi [ somApi ]

m. N. of a son of Sahadeva Pur.

somā-pūṣán [ somApUSan ]

m. du. Soma and Pūshan RV. TS.

somā-pauṣṇá [ somApauSNa ]

mfn. belonging to Soma and Pūshin TS.

somâbha [ somAbha ]

mfn. like the moon MW.

( ā ), f. = candrâvalī L.

somâbhiṣava [ somAbhiSava ]

m. the distilling or extracting of Soma- juice MW.

sómâbhiṣikta [ somAbhiSikta ]

mfn. sprinkled or consecrated with Soma ŚBr.

somâmbu-pa [ somAmbupa ]

m. du. ' drinker of Soma ' and ' drinker of water ', N. of two divine beings, MārkP.

somâyana [ somAyana ]

n. a kind of penance Yājñ. Sch. ( cf. cāndrâyaṇa )

somā-rudrá [ somArudra ]

m. du. Soma and Rudra RV. TS. ŚBr.

n. a hymn addressed to Soma and Rudra Cat.

-sûkta n. N. of a Vedic hymn

somā-raudrá [ somAraudra ]

mfn. belonging to Soma and Rudra TS.

n. N. of the hymn RV. vi, 74 Mn. xi, 254

somârka-pratisaṃkāśa [ somArkapratisaMkAza ]

mfn. resembling the sun and moon MBh.

somârcis [ somArcis ]

m. N. of a palace of the gods R.

somârthin [ somArthin ]

mfn. desirous of Soma MBh.

somârdha-hārin [ somArdhahArin ]

m. ' bearing a half-moon ( on his forehead ) ', N. of Śiva Cat.

somârdhāya [ somArdhAya ]

( only p.p. °yita ), to resemble the half-moon Kāv

somârya [ somArya ]

m. N. of a Brāhman Inscr.

somârha [ somArha ]

mfn. entitled to Soma MBh.

somā-vatī' [ somAvatI ]

f. containing Soma VPrāt. Pāṇ.

somâvarta [ somAvarta ]

m. N. of a place VP.

somâśrama [ somAzrama ]

m. N. of a place of pilgrimage MBh.

somâśrayâyaṇa [ somAzrayAyaNa ]

n. N. of a place of pilgrimage ib.

somâṣṭamī [ somASTamI ]

f. N. of a partic. 8th day, Kṛshṇaj

somâsandī [ somAsandI ]

f. a stool or stand for the Soma KātyŚr.

somâha [ somAha ]

m. ' moon-day ', Monday L.

somâharaṇa [ somAharaNa ]

n. the bringing or fetching of the Soma ( °haraṇá-ja ) Suparṇ

somâhāra [ somAhAra ]

m. a bringer of Soma ĀpŚr.

sómâhuta [ somAhuta ]

mfn. one to whom Soma is offered RV.

somâhutí [ somAhuti ]

f. a Soma sacrifice Br. ĀpŚr. BhP.

m. N. of the author of the hymns RV. ii, 4-7 ( having the patr. Bhārgava ) RAnukr.

somâhvā [ somAhvA ]

f. the Soma plant L.

somêjyā [ somejyA ]

f. a Soma sacrifice ŚrS.

somêndu [ somendu ]

m. N. of a man ( = soma-candra ) HPariś

somêndrá [ somendra ]

( ? ), mfn. belonging to Soma and Indra TS. ĀpŚr.

somêśvara [ somezvara ]

m. N. of a divine being Rājat

of Kṛshṇa L.

of a Cālukya and of various authors and other persons Sarvad. Vcar. Cat. etc.

n. N. of a celebrated Liṅga of Śiva set up by Soma ( = soma-nātha, q.v. ) and of a Liṅga at Benares Cat.

-dīkṣita, -deva, -bhaṭṭa m. N. of various persons ib.

somaˆindrá [ somaindra ]

mfn. belonging to Soma and Indra TS. ( incorrect for saumendra )

somôtpatti [ somotpatti ]

f. the origin of Soma ( either the plant or the moon ) Cat.

N. of various wks.

-pariśiṣṭa n. N. of wk.

somôdgīta [ somodgIta ]

n. N. of a Sāman TāṇḍyaBr.

somôdbhava [ somodbhava ]

mfn. moon-produced, sprung from the moon L.

m. ' moon-producer ', N. of Kṛshṇa, Kṛshṇaj

( ā ), f. the river Narma-dā ( or Nerbudda, supposed to be descended from the moon as the source of celestial nectar ) Ragh

somôpanahana [ somopanahana ]

n. a cloth for tying up the Soma plant ĀpŚr.

somôṣṇīṣa [ somoSNISa ]

n. a Soma-band ib.

somaˆudgātra [ somaudgAtra ]

n. N. of wk.

 sôma [ soma ]

2 mfn. ( prob. ) together with Umā, IndSt