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 spṛś [ spRz ]

1 cl. 6. P. ( Dhātup. xxviii, 128 ) spṛśáti ( m. c. also °te; pr. p. spṛśāna MBh.; impf. asparśat BhP.; pf. pasparśa, paspṛśuḥ, paspṛśe ib. etc.; Subj. paspárśat RV.; aor. aspṛkṣat AV. Br.; asprākṣīt Br. MBh.; aspārkṣīt Gr.; Prec. spṛśyāt MBh.; fut. spraṣṭā or sparṣṭā Gr.; sparkṣyati ib.; sprakṣyati MBh.; inf. spraṣṭum ib. etc.; -spṛ'śe RV.; -spṛ'śas Br.; ind. p. spṛṣṭvā, -spṛ'śya ib. etc. ), to touch, feel with the hand, lay the hand on ( acc. or loc. ), graze, stroke RV. etc.

to handle, take hold of ( anyo 'nyaṃ hastau spṛśataḥ, ' they mutually touch or shake hands ' ) MBh. Kāv. etc.

( with apáḥ, udakam, jalam

or adbhis etc. ) to touch or sip water, wash or sprinkle certain parts of the body with water GṛŚrS. Mn. ii, 60 MBh. etc.

to touch so as to hurt, injure, harm Kathās.

to perceive or feel by touch Up. Mn. VarBṛS.

to touch, come into contact ( lit.

and fig. in astron. sense ) VarBṛS.

to reach or penetrate to ( loc. or acc.

with karṇam, ' to come to the ears '

with kriyām, ' to set about any action ' ) MBh. R. etc.

to come up to, equal ( acc.

with girā, ' to equal with words ', i.e. ' to be able to describe ' ) Kāv

to act upon, affect Sarvad. BhP.

to touch i.e. endow or fill with ( instr. ) RV. iv, 3, 15

to touch i.e. befall, fall to the lot of, come upon, visit, afflict ( acc. ) ChUp. MBh. Kāv. etc.

to touch, take hold of, make one's own, appropriate MBh. iv, 135

to attain to, obtain, experience, undergo MBh. Kām. etc.

to grant, bestow ( cf. Caus. ) BhP. : Pass. spṛśyate ( aor. asparśi ), to be touched or seized or affected by MBh. etc. : Caus. sparśayati, °te ( aor. apasparśat or apispṛśat

Subj. pispṛśaḥ, °śati RV. ), to cause to touch ( two acc. ), bring into immediate contact with ( loc. or instr. ) Mn. MBh. etc.

to convey to ( loc. ) RV.

to fill or cover with ( instr. ) etc.

to perceive by touch, feel MaitrUp.

to offer, present, give Mn. MBh. etc. : Desid. pispṛkṣati ( cf. pispṛkṣu ), Gr. : Intens. parīspṛśyate, parīspraṣṭi , parīsparṣṭi ib.

spṛś [ spRz ]

2 mfn. ( generally ifc.

nom. spṛk ) touching, coming into contact with ( See kṣiti-, śava-spṛś etc. )

reaching to ( See gagana-, bhūspṛś etc. )

experiencing, betraying Kāv

f. = spṛkkā VarBṛS. Sch.