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sthāṇú [ sthANu ]

mfn. ( accord. to some for sthalnu ) standing firmly , stationary, firm, fixed, immovable, motionless Mn. MBh. etc.

m. ( or n. g. ardharcâdi ) a stump, stem, trunk, stake, post, pile, pillar ( also as symbol of motionlessness ) RV. etc.

a kind of spear or dart L.

m. a partic. part of a plough Kṛshis

the gnomon of a dial MW.

a partic. perfume ( = jīvaka ) L.

a nest of white ants W.

N. of Śiva ( who is supposed to remain as motionless as the trunk of a tree during his austerities ) MBh. Kāv. etc. ( RTL. 63 )

of one of the 11 Rudras MBh. Hariv.

of a Prajā-pati R.

of a serpent-demon RāmatUp.

of a Rākshasa TāṇḍBr.

n. anything stationary or fixed MBh. etc.

a partic. posture in sitting Cat.

sthāṇú-karṇī [ sthANukarNI ]

f. a partic. species of large colocynth L.

sthāṇú-ccheda [ sthANuccheda ]

m. one who cuts down the trunks of trees or clears away timber Mn. ix, 44

sthāṇú-tīrtha [ sthANutIrtha ]

n. N. of a Tīrtha MBh.

sthāṇú-diś [ sthANudiz ]

f. ' Śiva's quarter ', the north-east VarBṛS.

sthāṇú-bhūta [ sthANubhUta ]

mfn. become motionless as the trunk of a tree MBh.

sthāṇú-bhrama [ sthANubhrama ]

m. mistaking anything for a post, Śāntiś

sthāṇú-matī [ sthANumatI ]

f. N. of a river R.

sthāṇú-roga [ sthANuroga ]

m. a partic. disease of horses L.

sthāṇú-vaṭa [ sthANuvaTa ]

N. of a Tīrtha MBh.

sthāṇú-vat [ sthANuvat ]

ind. like a post MW.

sthāṇú-vanaˆukas [ sthANuvanaukas ]

mfn. inhabiting Śiva's forest ib.