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sthāvará [ sthAvara ]

mf ( ā' ) n. standing still, not moving, fixed, stationary, stable, immovable ( opp. to jaṅgama, q.v. ) TS. etc.

firm, constant, permanent, invariable Āpast. R. Hariv.

regular, established W.

vegetable, belonging to the vegetable world Suśr.

relating to immovable property Yājñ. Sch.

m. a mountain ( cf. -rāja ) Bhag. Kum

( ā ), f. N. of a Buddhist goddess Lalit.

( am ), n. any stationary or inanimate object ( as a plant, mineral etc.

these form the seventh creation of Brahmā, See under sarga ) Up. Mn. MBh. etc.

stability, permanence ( v.l. sthira-tva ) Subh

immovable property, real estate ( such as land or houses ) Yājñ.

a heir-loom, family-possession ( such as jewels etc., which have been long preserved in a family and ought not to be sold ) W.

a bow-string L.

sthāvará-kalpa [ sthAvarakalpa ]

m. a partic. cosmic period Buddh.

sthāvará-krayāṇaka [ sthAvarakrayANaka ]

( prob. ) n. wooden goods Campak

sthāvará-garala [ sthAvaragarala ]

n. a partic. vegetable poison L.

sthāvará-jaṅgama [ sthAvarajaGgama ]

n. ( sg. or pl. ) everything stationary and movable or inanimate and animate ŚāṅkhGṛ. Mn. etc.

sthāvará-tā [ sthAvaratA ]

f. fixedness, immobility

the state of a vegetable or mineral Mn. xii, 9

sthāvará-tīrtha [ sthAvaratIrtha ]

n. N. of a Tīrtha or a Tīrtha with stagnant water Cat.

sthāvará-tva [ sthAvaratva ]

n. fixedness, immobility MBh.

sthāvará-rāja [ sthAvararAja ]

m. ' mountain-king ', N. of Him^alaya

-kanyā f. ' daughter of Him^alaya ', N. of Parvatī Kum

sthāvarâkṛti [ sthAvarAkRti ]

mfn. having the form or appearance of a tree Kathās

sthāvarâdi [ sthAvarAdi ]

n. the poison called Vatsa-nābha ( q.v. ) MW.

sthāvarâsthāvara [ sthAvarAsthAvara ]

n. everything stationary and movable, immovable and movable property ib.

 sthāvara [ sthAvara ]

etc. See p. 1264, col. 1