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stóma [ stoma ]

m. praise, eulogium, a hymn RV. AV. GṛS. Up. BhP.

( in ritual ) a typical form of chant ( 7 such forms are usually enumerated

but accord. to Lāṭy. Sch. the Stoma consists of 5 parts, viz. prastāva, udgītha, pratihāra, upadrava, and nidhana ) TS. Br. ŚrS. ChUp.

a Stoma day TS. PañcavBr.

a sacrificer L.

N. of partic. bricks ŚBr.

a heap, collection, number, multitude, quantity, mass Kāv. Rājat

the letting of a dwelling Āpast. Sch.

a measure of 10 Dhanv-antaras or of 96 inches L.

n. ( only L. ) the head

riches, wealth

grain, corn

an iron-pointed stick or staff

mfn. crooked, bent L.

stóma-kṣāra [ stomakSAra ]

m. soap L.

stóma-cití [ stomaciti ]

f. piling up the bricks called Stoma BhP.

stóma-taṣṭa [ stomataSTa ]

( stóma- ), mfn. fashioned or formed into a hymn ( or into the subject of a hymn ), composed by poets RV.

stóma-purogava [ stomapurogava ]

( stóma- ), mfn. having the Stoma as a leader or chief MaitrS.

stóma-pṛṣṭha [ stomapRSTha ]

( stóma- ), mf ( ā ) n. having Stoma and Pṛshṭhas VS. TS.

stóma-bhāga [ stomabhAga ]

( stóma- ), mf ( ā ) n. one whose share is the Stoma AitBr.

m. pl. N. of partic. verses ( 29 in number, which belong to the Soma sacrifice and are employed while laying the fifth layer of bricks ) TS. VS. Br. ŚrS.

( ā ), f. pl. the bricks above mentioned TS. ŚBr.

°gika mf ( ī ) n. belonging to the Stoma-bhāga verses Vait

stóma-máya [ stomamaya ]

mf ( ī ) n. consisting of Stoma ŚBr.

stóma-yoga [ stomayoga ]

m. N. of wk.

stóma-várdhana [ stomavardhana ]

mfn. augmenting ( or delighting in ) hymns of praise RV.

stóma-vāhas [ stomavAhas ]

( stóma- ), mfn. offering or receiving praise RV.

stóma-vṛddhi [ stomavRddhi ]

f. enhancement of the Stoma ( cf. - vardhana )

stomâyaná [ stomAyana ]

n. N. of partic. sacrificial animals ŚBr.