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 su [ su ]

1 cl. 1. P. Ā. savati, °te, to go, move Dhātup. xxii, 42 ( Vop. sru )

 su [ su ]

2 ( = √ 1. ), cl. 1. 2. P. ( Dhātup. xxii, 43 and xxiv , 32

savati, sauti, only in 3. sg. pr. sauti and 2. sg. Impv. suhi ) to urge, impel, incite ŚBr. KātyŚr.

to possess supremacy Dhātup

 su [ su ]

3 cl. 5. P. Ā. ( Dhātup. xxvii, 1 ) sunóti, sunute ( in RV. 3. pl. sunvánti, sunviré [ with pass. sense ] and suṣvati

p. sunvát or sunvāná [ the latter with act. and pass. sense ] ib.

pf. suṣāva, suṣuma etc. ib. MBh.

p. in Veda suṣuvás and suṣvāṇá [ the later generally with pass. sense

accord. to Kāś. on Pāṇ. 3-2, 106, also suṣuvāṇa with act. sense ]

aor. accord. to Gr. asāvīt or asauṣīt, asoṣṭa or asaviṣṭa

in RV. also Impv. sótu, sutám, and p. [ mostly pass. ] suvāná [ but the spoken form is svāná and so written in SV., suv° in RV. ]

and 3. pl. asuṣavuḥ AitBr.

fut. sotā ib.

soṣyati KātyŚr.

saviṣyati ŚBr.

inf. sótave, sótos RV. : Br.

sotum Gr.

ind. p. -sútya Br.

-sūya MBh. ), to press out, extract ( esp. the juice from the Soma plant for libations ) RV. AV. ŚBr. KātyŚr. Up. MBh.

to distill, prepare ( wine, spirits etc. ) Sch. on Pāṇ. 2-2, 132 : Pass. sūyáte ( in RV. also Ā. 3. sg. sunve and 3. pl. sunviré with pass. sense

aor. ásāvi ib. ) : Caus. -sāvayati or -ṣāvayati ( abhi-ṣu and pra-√ su

aor. asūṣavat accord. to some asīṣavat ), Gr. : Desid. of Caus. suṣāvayiṣati ib. : Desid. susūṣati, °te ib. : Iutens. soṣūyate, soṣavīti, soṣoti ib.

 su [ su ]

4 ( = √ 2. ), ( only in 3. sg. sauti, pra- √ sū ) to beget, bring forth

  [ su ]

5 ind. ( opp. to dus and corresponding in sense to Gk. ?

perhaps connected with 1. vásu, and, accord. to some, with pron. base sa, as ku with ka

in Veda also sū' and liable to become ṣu or ṣū and to lengthen a preceding vowel, while a following na may become ṇa

it may be used as an adj. or adv. ), good, excellent, right, virtuous, beautiful, easy, well, rightly, much, greatly, very, any, easily, willingly, quickly ( in older language often with other particles

esp. with u, = ' forthwith, immediately '

with i.e. mā u, = ' never, by no means ' [ 1220, 1 ]

sú kam often emphatically with an Impv., e.g. tíṣṭhā sú kam maghavan mā' parā gāḥ, ' do tarry O Maghavan, go not past ' RV. iii, 53, 2

su always qualifies the meaning of a verb and is never used independently at the beginning of a verse

in later language it is rarely a separate word, but is mostly prefixed to substantives, adjectives, adverbs and participles, exceptionally also to an ind. p., e.g. su-baddhvā, ' having well bound ' Mṛcch. x, 50

or even to a finite verb, e.g. su-nirvavau Śiś. vi, 58 ) RV. etc.

sú-ūtí [ suUti ]

f. good protection or assistance RV.

sú-kakṣa [ sukakSa ]

m. N. of the author of RV. viii, 81 ; 82 ( having the patr. Āṅgirasa ) RAnukr.

sú-kaṅkavat [ sukaGkavat ]

m. N. of a mountain MārkP. ( v.l. vaikaṅka VP. )

sú-kaṭaṃ-kara [ sukaTaMkara ]

mfn. very fit for making mats Pat.

sú-kaṇṭakā [ sukaNTakA ]

f. Aloe Indica L.

sú-kaṇṭha [ sukaNTha ]

mf ( ī ) n. sweet-voiced BhP.

m. N. of a singer Cat.

( ī ), f. the female or Indian cuckoo L.

N. of an Apsaras Bālar

sú-kaṇḍu [ sukaNDu ]

m. much-scratching, the itch L.

sú-kathā [ sukathA ]

f. a beautiful story Kathās

sú-kanda [ sukanda ]

m. the root of Scirpus Kysoor L.

an onion W.

a yam ib.

the root of Arum Campanulatum MW.

other bulbous plants ( = vārāhi-kanda

= -dharaṇī-k° ) ib.

-ja, v.l. for su-kundana L.

sú-kandaka [ sukandaka ]

m. an onion L.

a species of Arum ib.

ayam ib.

pl. N. of a people MBh.

sú-kandin [ sukandin ]

m. Amorphophallus Campanulatus L.

Arum Campanulatum MW.

sú-kanyaka [ sukanyaka ]

mfn. having a beautiful daughter Vop

sú-kanyā' [ sukanyA ]

f. a beautiful girl MW.

N. of a daughter of Śaryāta ( or °ti ) and wife of the Ṛṣi Cyavana ŚBr. MBh. Hariv. etc. ( also °yakā )

sú-kanyāka [ sukanyAka ]

mfn. = -kanyaka Vop

sú-kapardá [ sukaparda ]

mf ( ā' ) n. having beautiful braided hair VS. MaitrS.

sú-kapola [ sukapola ]

mf ( ā ) n. having beautiful cheeks BhP.

°lâsya mfn. having a face with beautiful cheeks ib.

sú-kamala [ sukamala ]

n. a beautiful lotus flower Kālac

sú-kambala [ sukambala ]

m. ( ifc. f. ā ) a beautiful dew-lap Hcat

sú-kára [ sukara ]

mf ( ā ) n. easy to be done, easy for ( gen. ) or to ( inf. ) RV. Mn. etc.

easy to be managed, tractable ( as a horse or cow ) L.

easily achieving Vop

m. a good-natured horse L.

( ā ), f. a tractable cow W.

( am ), n. doing good, charity, benevolence ib.

-taraka mfn. very easy to be done Pat.

-tva n. easiness, feasibleness Sarvad. Nīlak

-saṃdhi mfn. easily joined or united Pañcat. ( v.l. )

sú-karīrá [ sukarIra ]

( prob. ) w.r. for -kurīrá MaitrS.

sú-karṇa [ sukarNa ]

m. a beautiful ear BhP.

mfn. having beautiful ears

m. N. of a Rākshasa R.

( ā or ī ), f. a colocynth L.

( ī ), f. Salvina Cucullata ib.

sú-karṇaka [ sukarNaka ]

mfn. = -karṇa MW.

m. a kind of bulbous plant L.

( ikā ), f. Salvinia Cucullata ib.

sú-karṇika [ sukarNika ]

mfn. having a beautiful film ( as a lotus flower ) Hcat

sú-karma [ sukarma ]

m. pl. N. of a class of deities MW.

sú-karman [ sukarman ]

n. a good work Pañcar.

mfn. ( -kár° ) performing good works, virtuous Rājat

active, diligent W.

m. a good or expert artificer or artist or architect RV. VS. Nir

N. of Viśva-karman ( the architect of the gods ) L.

the 7th of the 27 astronomical Yogas. ib.

N. of a king MBh. BhP.

of a teacher of the Sāma-veda Pur.

pl. N. of a class of deities ib.

sú-kala [ sukala ]

mfn. one who employs his property well both by giving and enjoying it L.

m. N. of a man Cat.

sú-kalatra [ sukalatra ]

n. a good wife Kathās

sú-kalita [ sukalita ]

w.r. for next MBh.

sú-kalila [ sukalila ]

mfn. well filled with ib.

sú-kálpa [ sukalpa ]

mfn. easy to be made AV.

very qualified or skilled BhP.

( w.r. for -kalya ) ib.

sú-kalpita [ sukalpita ]

mfn. well equipped or armed MBh.

sú-kalya [ sukalya ]

mfn. perfectly sound BhP.

sú-kavi [ sukavi ]

m. a good poet. VarBṛS. Kathās. etc.

-tā f. the state of a good poet, poetical talent Bhartṛ

-hṛdayânandinī f. N. of wk.

sú-kaṣṭa [ sukaSTa ]

mfn. very painful or dangerous ( as a disease ) Suśr.

sú-kāṇḍa [ sukANDa ]

mfn. having a good stem or stalk MW.

well-jointed ib.

Momordica Charantia L.

sú-kāṇḍikā [ sukANDikA ]

f. id. ib.

sú-kāṇḍin [ sukANDin ]

mfn. having good stems or stalks MW.

beautifully jointed ib.

m. a bee L.

sú-kānta [ sukAnta ]

mfn. very handsome Kathās

sú-kānti [ sukAnti ]

m. N. of a man Cat.

sú-kāma [ sukAma ]

mfn. having good desires MW.

( ā ), f. Ficus Heterophylla L.

( °ma ) -da mf ( ā ) n. abundantly granting desires Hcat

-vrata n. a partic. religious observance Cat. ( v.l. kāmya-v° )

sú-kāla [ sukAla ]

( Hariv. ) or ( Mn. Pur. ), m. pl. N. of a class of Pitṛs

sú-kālin [ sukAlin ]

( Mn. Pur. ), m. pl. N. of a class of Pitṛs

sú-kālukā [ sukAlukA ]

w.r. for -vāl° L.

sú-kāśana [ sukAzana ]

mfn. shining beautifully Nir

sú-kāṣṭha [ sukASTha ]

mfn. having good wood MW.

( ā ), f. the wild plantain L.

= kaṭvī ib.

n. fire-wood A.

sú-kāṣṭhaka [ sukASThaka ]

mfn. having good wood MW.

n. Pinus Deodora or another species L.

sú-kiṃśuká [ sukiMzuka ]

mfn. ( prob. ) ' well made of Kiṃśuka wood ' or ' bright with Kiṃśuka flowers ' ( said of the car of Sūryā ) RV. x, 85 , 20 ( cfṆir. xii, 8).

sú-kīrtí [ sukIrti ]

f. good praise, hymn of praise RV.

mfn. well or easily praised ib.

glorious Śivag

m. N. of the author of RV. x, 131 ( having the patr. Kākshīvata )

of the above hymn Br. Vait

sú-kukṣi [ sukukSi ]

f. N. of a Gandharva maid Kāraṇḍ

sú-kucā [ sukucA ]

f. having beautiful breasts MBh.

sú-kuṭṭa [ sukuTTa ]

m. pl. N. of a people ib.

sú-kuṭya [ sukuTya ]

m. pl. N. of a people ib.

sú-kuṇḍala [ sukuNDala ]

m. N. of a son of Dhṛta-rāshṭra ib.

sú-kundaka [ sukundaka ]

m. an onion L.

sú-kundana [ sukundana ]

m. a kind of plant ( = barbara ) L.

sú-kumala [ sukumala ]

w.r. for -komala Pañcat

sú-kumāra [ sukumAra ]

mf ( ī ) n. very tender or delicate MBh. R. etc.

m. a delicate youth ib.

tenderness L.

sugar-cane and various other plants ( Jonesia Asoka

the wild Campaka

Panicum Frumentaceum etc. ) L.

N. of a serpent-demon MBh.

of a Daitya L.

of various kings MBh. Hariv. Pur.

of a poet Cat.

of a Varsha MBh. MārkP.

( ā ), f. Jasminum Sambac or Grandiflorum L.

Musa Sapientum L.

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis L.

Trigonella Corniculata L.

N. of a river MW.

( ī ), f. Jasminum Sambac or Grandiflorum ib.

N. of a river MBh. VP.

-tanu-tvac mfn. having very soft and delicate skin MW.

-tara mfn. more delicate Sāṃkhyak. Vās

-tā f. ( Kāvyâd. etc. ) or -tva n. ( Kathās. ) delicacy, tenderness

-nakha-tvac mfn. having very delicate nails and skin MW.

-vana n. N. of a forest BhP.

°râṅga mf ( ī ) n. having very delicate limbs MW.

sú-kumāraka [ sukumAraka ]

mfn. very tender

m. a tender youth Hariv. Pañcar.

sugar-cane L.

rice MW.

N. of a son of Jāmbavat VP.

( am ), n. a partic. part of the ear VarBṛS.

a cinnamon-leaf L.

the Tamāla-pattra MW.

sú-kumārīka [ sukumArIka ]

mfn. having a handsome daughter Pāṇ. 6- 2, 173 Sch.

sú-kumāla [ sukumAla ]

mfn. = -kumāra Pañcad

sú-kurīrá [ sukurIra ]

mf ( ā' ) n. having a beautiful headdress VS.

sú-kurkura [ sukurkura ]

m. N. of a dog-demon, Hir

sú-kula [ sukula ]

n. a noble family Kāv

mf ( ā ) n. sprung from a noble family ib. Pañcat

-ja mfn. id. Kāv

-janman n. noble birth ib.

-tā f. id. Prasaṅg

-strī f. a woman of good family, a respectable woman MW.

sú-kulīna [ sukulIna ]

mfn. = -kula-ja Pañcat

sú-kusumā [ sukusumA ]

f. N. of one of the Mātṛs attending on Skanda MBh.

sú-kūrkura [ sukUrkura ]

m. N. of a demon hostile to children, PārGṛS.

sú-kṛ't [ sukRt ]

mfn. doing good, benevolent, virtuous, pious ( compar. -tara

superl. -tama ) RV. AV. VS. etc.

fortunate, well-fated, wise W.

making good sacrifices or offerings MW.

skilful, a skilful worker ( said of Tvashṭṛ and Ṛbhu ) RV.

m. pl. deceased fathers who enjoy the reward of virtue in the other world RV. AV. etc.

sú-kṛtá [ sukRta ]

n. a good or righteous deed, meritorious act, virtue , moral merit ( -tas ind. ) RV. etc.

a benefit, bounty, friendly aid, favour R. Pañcat. etc.

the world of virtue, heaven AV. TS. TBr.

fortune, auspiciousness W.

reward, recompense ib.

( súkṛta ), mfn. well done or made or formed or executed RV.

well arranged, adorned, made good ( with mati f. ' a well-taken resolution '

with anartha m. ' an evil turned to good '

kim atra sukṛtam bhavet, ' what would be best done here ? ' ) RV. etc.

treated with kindness, befriended MW.

well-conducted, virtuous, fortunate ib.

( said to be ) = svak° TUp.

m. N. of a Prajā-pati VP.

of a son of Pṛthu Hariv.

( ā ), f. N. of a river VP.

-karman n. a good or meritorious act ( °ma-kārin mfn. ' performing good acts ' ) Kām. Kāv. etc.

mfn. doing good deeds, virtuous MBh. R.

-kṛt mfn. id. Mn. iii, 37

-dvādaśī f. N. of a partic. 12th day ( -vrata n. N. of a relig. observance ) Cat.

-bhāj mfn. connected with merit, meritorious Vās

-rasa m. the essence of merits or good deeds, JaimtBr.

-vrata n. N. of a religious observance Cat.

°tâtman mfn. one who has a well cultivated or refined mind R.

°târtha mfn. one who has fully attained his object Kathās. ( v.l. sva-k° )

°tâvāsa mfn. having a well-made or well-arranged residence MW.

°tâśā f. the hope of a reward for good acts Āpast

°tôcchraya mfn. made very high, very lofty MBh.

°tôdīraṇa n. the proclaiming or blazoning abroad of good actions MW.

sú-kṛti [ sukRti ]

f. well-doing, good or correct conduct Pañcat

acting in a friendly manner, kindness MW.

virtue ib.

the practice of religious austerities ib.

mfn. righteous, virtuous Cat.

m. N. of a son of Manu Svārocisha Hariv.

of one of the 7 Ṛṣis in the 10th Manv-antara ib. BhP.

of a son of Pṛthu VP.

sú-kṛtin [ sukRtin ]

mfn. doing good actions, virtuous, generous ( °ti-tva, n. ) MBh. Hariv. R. etc.

prosperous, fortunate Amar. Kathās

cultivated, wise Kāv. Hit.

m. N. of one of the 7 Ṛṣis under the 10th Manu MārkP. = 1. [ 1220 , 3 ]

sú-kṛtya [ sukRtya ]

Nom. P. °yati ( fr. -kṛt ) Pat. -2

sú-kṛtya [ sukRtya ]

n. a good work to be done, duty BhP.

a good or correct action Pañcat

( °tyá ), mfn. performing one's duties TBr.

m. N. of a man ( g. naḍâdi )

-prakāśa m. N. of wk.

sú-kṛtyā' [ sukRtyA ]

f. good or clever or righteous act, right or virtuous action RV.

sú-kṛ'tvan [ sukRtvan ]

mfn. acting skilfully or well RV.

sú-kṛṣṭa [ sukRSTa ]

mfn. well-ploughed AitBr. R. Pañcat

sú-kṛṣṇa [ sukRSNa ]

mfn. very black R.

sú-kéta [ suketa ]

mfn. having good intentions, benevolent TS.

m. N. of an Āditya ib.

sú-ketana [ suketana ]

m. N. of a son of Sunītha BhP.

sú-ketú [ suketu ]

mf ( ú ) n. very bright RV.

m. N. of a king of the Yakshas Kāv

of various kings MBh. Hariv. R. Pur.

-sutā f. patr. of Tāḍakā Bālar

sú-ketṛ [ suketR ]

m. a partic. personification ( identified with the sun ) PārGṛ. ( accord. to others su-ketā f. )

sú-keśa [ sukeza ]

mf ( ī or ā ) n. having beautiful hair MBh. R.

( prob. ) thickly overgrown with a species of the Andropogon Siddh

m. N. of a Rākshasa R.

( ī ), f. N. of an Apsaras MBh.

of a Sur^aṅganā Siṉhâs

of a daughter of Ketu-vīrya MārkP.

°śânta mf ( ā ) n. having beautiful locks of hair MBh.

°śī-bhārya mfn. one who has a beautiful-haired wife Vop

sú-keśan [ sukezan ]

m. N. of a man PraśnUp.

sú-keśi [ sukezi ]

m. N. of a Rākshasa Cat.

sú-keśin [ sukezin ]

mfn. = -keśa MW.

m. = -keśi Cat.

( inī ), f. a kind of plant Npr.

sú-kesara [ sukesara ]

m. Citrus Medica L.

n. N. of two metres Ked

sú-komala [ sukomala ]

mfn. very soft or tender Kāv. Pañcat. Śukas

sú-kolī [ sukolI ]

f. a kind of bulbous plant L.

sú-kośaka [ sukozaka ]

m. Mangifera Sylvatica ib.

sú-kośā [ sukozA ]

f. a species of Luffa ib.

sú-kosalā [ sukosalA ]

f. N. of a town Pat.

sú-krátu [ sukratu ]

mfn. skilful, wise ( said of various gods ) RV.

m. N. of various kings MBh.

sú-kratūya [ sukratUya ]

Nom. Ā. °yate, to show one's self skilful or wise RV.

sú-kratūyā [ sukratUyA ]

f. intelligence, wisdom, skill ib.

sú-kraya [ sukraya ]

m. a fair bargain Hcat

sú-kriyā [ sukriyA ]

f. a good action, good work, moral or religious observance MW.

sú-krīḍā [ sukrIDA ]

f. N. of an Apsaras Kāraṇḍ

sú-kruddha [ sukruddha ]

( sú- ), mfn. very angry ŚBr. R.

sú-krūra [ sukrUra ]

mfn. very dreadful MBh.

sú-kleśa [ sukleza ]

mfn. very distressing Kathās

sú-kvaṇa [ sukvaNa ]

m. a beautiful sound L.

sú-kṣata [ sukSata ]

( sú- ), mfn. greatly hurt or damaged AV.

sú-kṣatrá [ sukSatra ]

mfn. having a good dominion, ruling well RV. VS.

possessing or conferring power, strong, powerful RV.

m. N. of a son of Niramitra VP.

sú-kṣatriya [ sukSatriya ]

m. a good Kshatriya Rājat

sú-kṣáya [ sukSaya ]

mfn. well-housed or well-sheltered RV.

sú-kṣití [ sukSiti ]

f. a good abode, secure dwelling, place of refuge RV. VS. TS. Br.

sú-kṣubdha [ sukSubdha ]

mfn. greatly agitated Pañcar.

sú-kṣétra [ sukSetra ]

n. an excellent field RV. Mn. R. etc.

mf ( ā ) n. affording a good field or dwelling-place RV. Hariv.

having good fields R.

sprung from a good womb Suśr.

m. N. of a son of the 10th Manu MārkP.

n. a house with three halls ( towards the south, the west and the north ) VarBṛS.

( °trá ) -tā f. the possession of a good field AV.

sú-kṣetriyā [ sukSetriyA ]

f. ( the same form for instr. ) desire of good fields RV.

sú-kṣema [ sukSema ]

n. great prosperity or comfort or peacefulness ( -kṛt, mfn. ) VarBṛS.

sú-kṣéman [ sukSeman ]

n. water Naigh. i, 12

sú-kṣobhya [ sukSobhya ]

mf ( ā ) n. easily agitated Kathās

sú-kṣmá [ sukSma ]

mf ( ā' ) n. consisting of good earth VS. ( Sch. )

sú-khá [ sukha ]

etc., See sukhá s.v.

sú-khallikā [ sukhallikA ]

f. ( perhaps ) luxurious life Lalit.

sú-khavī [ sukhavI ]

w.r. for -ṣavī L.

sú-khādi [ sukhAdi ]

mfn. ( for sukhâdi See p. 1221, col. 3 ) wearing beautiful bracelets or rings ( said of the Maruts ) RV.

sú-khādita [ sukhAdita ]

( sú- ), mfn. well masticated or eaten VS.

sú-khura [ sukhura ]

mf ( ā ) n. having beautiful hoofs Hcat

sú-khyāta [ sukhyAta ]

mfn. very renowned MW.

sú-khyāti [ sukhyAti ]

f. good report, celebrity ib.